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    Wednesday, October 26, 2016

    #WTFW (10/26/16) : Three Things Mike Madrigal Can Spoil

    Ever since his main show debut, "The Walking Death" Mike Madrigal has been known by one simple adjective: kupal. He went up against everyone's favorite Tito, Joey Bax during PWR Live: Shawdown and gave a decent showing. We in the audience were ready to give him the credit he was due, but he went ahead and attacked our beloved Bax after the match. Tito's mistake? Offering his hand for a match well fought.

    Walang respeto sa nakatatanda. What a dick.

    Fast forward to Monday. Aka, The Walking Dead season 7 premiere. After a cliff hanger of a mysterious death from the last season, there were sure to be many TWD fans eagerly awaiting to watch the episode. And in this age, it was an unwritten law that one does not simply post spoilers on social media. It's common courtesy, It certainly wasn't cool to ruin the experience for everyone else just because you got to watch the episode a few minutes earlier than the rest. That's just...well, kupal.

    ...punyeta. (Also, spoilers. Oops.)

    Hay nako... Despite that, we here at Smark Henry believe that people deserve a second chance. In his case, a shitload of chances. We understand that his kupal-ness is a deeply-ingrained flaw that may take years and hundreds of thousands of pesos worth of therapy to even slightly dent. Therefore, we aim not to prohibit him from spoiling endings but instead deflect it to shows that we find to be acceptable targets of his shenanigans.

    1) Most MMFF Entries

    The Metro Manila Film Festival was meant to be the arena wherein different locally-made films could showcase their mettle and come up with engaging and thought-provoking works set in various genres. There were a few stellar works of art, arguably ones you would be proud to show the world.

    If you didn't cry when you found out Jericho's character was dying, pusong bato ka.

    The majority, however, consisted of this:

    That's one way to stay in character.

    Truth be told, the only real fairy tale here is how the MMFF keeps harping on about it being an avenue for artistic development instead of merely being a way to generate money with movie franchises that just won't die, die, die. We hereby propose a sponsorship drive for Mike Madrigal to watch all the MMFF entries in a span of one day and provide spoilers for each and every one of them. He buys his own popcorn, though.

    2) The Final Episode of Kris TV (or any of the Birthday Specials)...Basically Everything About Kris TV.

    Besides the extension of our Driver's License validity from three years to five, one of the generally accepted benefits of the eventual proclamation of Duterte as President of the Philippines is how Kris Aquino lost most of her power to hold on to ABS-CBN's morning talk show slot. In its very core, Kris TV was a confusing show, mainly because you were left to wonder what the hell was it supposed to be. Was it travel and culture, food, or simply as a means to put her face on that time slot?

    Kris: Ano ka bawh? Of course it's about me. Awhahahahaha

    She was a terrible host, and you could often see the guests try not to cringe and merely dance around whatever came out of her mouth. That being said, I'm legitimately curious as to whether or not the The Walking Death can bear listening to the self-proclaimed Queen of Philippine Talk Shows while she disposes of love advice to people who must be paid extremely well to sit down and listen to her. I'm honestly surprised as to why John Sebastian hasn't tried to recruit her yet. She's the true Queen of Pain.

    Kris and the Kupal - Instant new tag team right there.

    3) The Passion of The Christ 

    Unlike the other two previous entries here, this movie is actually worth seeing. The Passion of the Christ was a well-made movie depicting the final hours of Jesus's life. It showed how The Son of God was betrayed, put on trial, and ultimately suffered before his eventual death on the cross. It's a jarring movie that does not gloss over the brutality of the process of crucifixion.

    Now why should Mike Madrigal watch The Passion of The Christ? Two things.

    First off, everybody already knows the ending.
    Second, Madrigal seriously needs some Jesus in his life,

    Watch Mike Madrigal in action live on November 13, 2016 on PWR Live: Suplex Sunday. The PWR's resident kupal will go up against the Fighters 4 Hire with a mystery partner. Follow our pre-event breakdown as we discuss the possible teammates for Madrigal, as well as the other matches on the card. Check here on how and where you can get your tickets early!


    George Pastor writes our weekly #WTFWednesday column. He got into judo because it was the closest sport available where it was perfectly fine to slam someone without getting expelled.

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