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    Wednesday, October 5, 2016

    PWR Renaissance 2016 Preview—PHX #1 Contendership Match: SANDATA vs. Chino Guinto

    Things finally come to a head for one of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's more exciting beefs at PWR Renaissance this Saturday when the explosive SANDATA and the cocky Chino Guinto finally square off. After months of taunting and countless brawls between the two, PWR management has made this match between the Pinoy Tecnico and the Network's Golden Boy official.

    To spice things up a bit, PWR's Board of Directors has also announced this as a #1 Contender's Match for the hulking Main Maxx's Philippine Hybrid X (PHX) Championship, making victory for either man all the more important.

    Tale of the Tape


    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Hometown: The Deep South
    Championships and accomplishments: None
    Win-loss record: 2-9
    Streak: Two-match losing streak
    Finishing moves: Garrote (mounted cobra clutch), Ankle Lock

    As the Pinoy Tecnico, SANDATA has proven he has the skill it takes to succeed in the PWR ring. Don't let that record fool you—his losing days as part of the struggling tag team Dual Shock are long over.

    Fans may instantly associate SANDATA with the high-flying style of lucha libre, given that he does wear a mask and has shown on more than one occasion that he knows how to fly. However, he's proven that he's more than that. SANDATA has also shown technical proficiency in wearing an opponent down via submission. His ankle lock has put the hurt on more than one opponent before, including the likes of the Fighters 4 Hire's Joey Bax as well as his upcoming opponent, Chino Guinto.

    At last May's Wrevolution X, SANDATA just fell short of capturing a shot at the PHX Championship, putting on a strong showing in the PHX Gauntlet match before being eliminated by Chino Guinto. With another title shot on the line this Saturday, SANDATA aims to kill two birds with one stone—get a PHX Championship match locked up, and shut up Chino Guinto once and for all.


    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Hometown: The Hills of Alabang 
    Championships and accomplishments: None
    Win-loss record: 2-2
    Streak: One-match losing streak
    Finishing moves: Gold Digger (curb stomp)

    As one of the top-performing downlines, Chino Guinto has made a name for himself as a loud, brash, trash-talking member of the Network. He's the type of guy that does something that makes you hate him, gets hated for it, and does something similar all over again. Just listen to how the Revo-nation reacts whenever he's in a match. Of course, it's not like he cares about what fans think of him—he's the Network's Golden Boy, and as long as he's winning matches and making money, then everything's fine.

    The last time Chino Guinto was in action was at Wrevolution X, which was a mixed bag. He won the eight-wrestler PHX Gauntlet match by eliminating Crystal, but was too exhausted to mount a strong challenge later on in the show. Reigning PHX Champion Main Maxx put Guinto away with a savage Blitzkreig, ending the Network's hopes of capturing championship gold (and making a profit in the process.) Guinto will look to rebound after that embarassing loss, and has a golden opportunity to do so when he faces a man he's already beaten before.

    The History

    The two first crossed paths last April at PWR Live: Road to Wrevolution X, when Guinto picked up his first singles victory with a surprise roll-up on SANDATA. Since then, the Network have politely reminded SANDATA about this, popping up every now and then on social media to fire shots at the Pinoy Tecnico.

    Okay, maybe "politely" is putting it nicely. They've actually reminded SANDATA a lot. A whole lot.

    Just one of the many barbs these two traded. Photo from SANDATA's page.

    The two would cross paths again at Wrevolution X in May, but this time as part of the PHX Gauntlet for a shot at the PHX Championship. SANDATA came out in the middle of the match, disposing of Joey Bax and Trabajador Uno in impressive fashion. Chino Guinto was then announced as the next man out, and the two rivals traded blows once more. Ultimately, Guinto prevailed again after a Gold Digger, marking his second pinfall over the masked warrior.

    As the shots on social media continued, SANDATA finally got some payback last July at PWR Live: The ShawDown. He was originally booked for a match against former PWR Champion "Classical" Bryan Leo, but a surprising no-show from the diabolical First World Man resulted in Chino coming out to talk trash once again. This time though he got more than he bargained for, as SANDATA beat him down in the ring before applying his patented ankle lock.

    Thus, we head into Renaissance with a lot of bad blood between these two. Aside from the match being announced as a #1 Contender's Match for the PHX Championship, SANDATA has also campaigned to the PWR Board of Directors for this match also be turned into a Submission Match.

    For his part, Guinto has refused the match stipulation, claiming that he wouldn't want to have said stipulation against someone as reckless as SANDATA. Meanwhile, the Golden Boy continues to clamor for "justice," insisting that he simply be awarded the contendership to the PHX Championship instead of having to face SANDATA for it.

    Our Analysis and Prediction

    "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

    That's where SANDATA is currently at, having come up short twice now against Chino Guinto. On Saturday, he won't be aiming to find out what happens if he gets fooled a third time. If his attack on Guinto at PWR Live: The ShawDown is any indication, expect him to launch a vicious assault on the Network's Golden Boy. He'll come out guns blazing, wearing down Guinto with vicious strikes and hits until he's weak enough to tap out to an ankle lock.

    On the other hand, Chino Guinto has beaten SANDATA two times. Sure, neither time has been squeaky clean, but the Golden Boy clearly has SANDATA figured out to some degree. He has to count on that knowledge once more when he gets in the ring this Saturday, so he can put the proud Southern Soldier away for a third time.

    As of writing, PWR has yet to confirm if this match will be turned into a submission match. Presumably, such a situation would favor SANDATA, as he's shown an affinity for putting people away with a vicious ankle lock. We haven't really seen Chino Guinto play that kind of game yet, so he may have a surprise up his sleeve if ever the match stipulation goes through.

    Smark Henry prediction: SANDATA finally gets one over Chino Guinto, putting away his rival and becoming the #1 Contender to the PHX Championship in the process


    This is one match you won't want to miss, as both men have enough grudges with each other to turn this into an intense affair. Will Chino Guinto reassert his dominance over SANDATA, or will the Pinoy Tecnico finally shut the Golden Boy's mouth up for good? Let us know your predictions and thoughts in the comments section below!


    PWR Renaissance is happening on Saturday, October 8, at the Unilab Bayanihan Center. Tickets cost PHP400 and can be availed in a number of ways. For more information, stay tuned to the official Facebook event page.

    For the latest news and updates on Philippine wrestling, don't forget to like PWR on Facebook, or visit their official site.

    All photos are by "The Phenomenal" Hub Pacheco.
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