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    Saturday, October 8, 2016

    PWR Renaissance 2016 Preview: Rederick Mahaba vs. Peter Versoza

    Tonight, the Bayanihan Center in Pasig will bear witness to a match of epic proportions. Epic proportions not just in body mass, but also in the size of their cajones. Seriously, the balls on these two... (I'm going to stop talking about other people's balls now).

    Tale of the Tape

    Rederick Mahaba

    Height: 6’2 (6’4 with hair)
    Weight: 320 lbs
    From: All of your hearts
    Current Streak: Four straight wins since PWR Live: Manila Madness
    Finisher: It’s More Slam In The Philippines (Cradle Side Slam), The Jaccolade (Reverse Camel Clutch)

    As one of the hottest debuts in the PWR's history, it came to a sort of surprise that Mahaba did not start strong. His impressive size and deadly sexy arsenal took a while to gain traction, but when it did, he's been flattening opponents left and right. After letting go of his pursuit for the now-retired Scarlett, it seems like the King of Schlong Style has gained some newfound energy and is establishing himself not just a lover, but also as a fighter.

    Peter Versoza

    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 175 lbs.
    From: Up North
    Current Streak: Three wins since PWR Vendetta 2016
    Finishers: Karne Norte (Double knee Gutbuster), Petegree (Pedigree)

    Peter Versoza used to be one half of Dual Shock with SANDATA. He decided to strike out on his own after a string of losses which proved to be quite successful. This did not go unnoticed as The Royal Flush inducted him as their new Jack of All Babes when he interfered during PWR Vendetta 2015's main event. He attacked then-champion, Ralph Imabayashi, costing him the title. Now, as part of the remaining triumvirate of what's left of the Royal Flush, he has his sights on reestablishing the pecking order that they once ruled.

    The History

    After being the Royal Flush had its ranks thinned by the sudden retirement of Scarlett and the ouster of "Classical" Bryan Leo, the remaining members of John Sebastian, PHX Champion Main Maxx, and Peter Versoza were in need of some reinforcements. Crystal, showing an admirable effort in her matches since her debut, attracted the attention of the Flush, who approached her during PWR Live: The Shawdown event. She was originally scheduled for a contract signing for the inaugural women's match of PWR, but was suddenly left without an opponent. She stated that she was in fact, the true top woman in the PWR, having actually been in matches and was more relevant in her few months than her supposed opponent was in two years. The Royal Flush agreed with her, and offered her the vacant position of The Queen of Pain. However, before she could respond, The Intimate Warrior came out and had his own proposition.

    Months later, and it's still an epic line.

    He had his own words for the other people in the ring, namely Peter Versoza, who he pointed out as seemingly fresh from NSTP. Kinda hard to argue with Kuya Echo rocking the jeans and collared shirt.

    But as Crystal pointed out, she wanted to establish herself as a legitimate wrestler (not that we needed any more convincing) and prove that she can stand on her own two feet. Once again, Mahaba's heart was dealt a severe blow, but he took it in stride. The Royal Flush, however, were not as gracious. Attacking both Crystal and Mahaba, Main Maxx signed the open contract held by Crystal. Meanwhile, Peter Versoza launched himself from the turnbuckle onto Mahaba and the other Young Boys, clearing house and showing that the inmates are done playing nice.

    He's sharing his Saturday with Mahaba and his Young Boys

    Fast forward to the match announcements and we see that all three members of the Royal Flush will be in action later, as the Peter aims to get a V...ictory against The Best in the Bird.

    Our Analysis and Prediction

    Both men are rocking near-identical win streaks, with Mahaba leading by one. However, Mahaba's seen more action in consecutive events than the stop-and-start Versoza. The momentum is there, the size advantage is there, hell, you can bet that the intensity to beat someone who looks like Jericho Rosales in spandex will definitely be there as well. On paper, Mahaba has this win tucked into his boxers.

    But of course, this is Peter Versoza, The Royal Flush's Jack of All Babes we're talking about. He's no slouch himself, being crafty and dangerous in his own right. dispatching of various PWR wrestlers. Not to mention that he has the weight of the Royal Flush behind him, ones who have not been shy in lending a hand to ensure their victory.

    It all boils down whoever gets to end the fight as soon as possible. The match can easily erupt in action spilling everywhere with no one left unscathed, bodies writhing and numerous people involved. Ang kinky, bes.

    Prediction: Peter Versoza wins. The inmates are bound to make a statement tonight.


    PWR Renaissance is happening on Saturday, October 8, at the Unilab Bayanihan Center. Tickets cost Php 400 and can be availed in a number of ways. For more information, stay tuned to the official Facebook event page.

    For the latest news and updates on Philippine wrestling, don't forget to like PWR on Facebook, or visit their official site.

    All photos are by "The Phenomenal" Hub Pacheco.
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