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    Friday, October 14, 2016

    Good Lucha Things (10/12/16): Dario Soaring Eagle

    Last week was a stellar episode of Lucha Underground, with Prince Puma taking on Matanza Cueto as a result of Dario’s Dial of Doom. The two put on an amazing match with Prince Puma looking set to regain the Lucha Underground Championship, but a timely attack from Mil Muertes meant that the Monster would retain. Meanwhile, Cage went 2-0 up over Texano in their Best-of-Five series, while Ivelisse found a new problem in the form of the Moth tribe.

    Lying, Cheating and Breaking Knees

    This week, we were all set to get the long-awaited grudge match between El Dragon Azteca Jr. and Pentagon Dark. Unfortunately, our young dragon didn’t actually compete due to an attack courtesy of Chavo Guerrero. This led to Rey barging into Dario Cueto’s office to demand a match with that “piece of shit” Chavo, so instead our main event turned into a three-way with both men against Pentagon Dark.

    The match itself was a decent main event. We’ve seen how Pentagon Dark and Mysterio work well together, and we got something similar this week except there was Chavo breaking things up from time to time. Pentagon Dark got some payback by pinning Rey Mysterio for the win, but had his arm-breaking ritual denied as Rey was prepared for the attack this time.

    What he wasn’t prepared for, though, was Chavo’s post-match assault. Chavo proceeded to the the worst possible thing you can do to an aging Rey Mysterio—smash his knee with a steel chair. It’s not even the first time he did it, as Mysterio suffered a similar fate when he and Chavo had their “I Quit” Match when they were still in the WWE several years ago. As someone familiar with Rey’s long history of knee problems, this attack just felt nasty to watch, and I swear my knee felt a little sore after watching that. Poor Rey’s going to kneed some time off for that.

    Chavo came out of that segment looking as big a rudo as he ever has in the Temple. He’s always been great at it, and it’s nice to see that Lucha Underground is giving him the perfect role to showcase it. With both El Dragon Azteca Jr. and Rey on the shelf (for now), Chavo can turn his attention towards finally getting revenge on Pentagon Dark, so expect that to play out in the next couple of weeks.

    Dragon Slayers and Star Destroyers

    Sexy Star’s war with the Worldwide Underground continued this week, with Jack Evans facing her for the Gift of the Gods Championship as a reward for pinning the champion two weeks ago.

    Notably, Evans has found his voice again, and he kicked things off by branding himself as the Star Destroyer. That’s something only Jack Evans can pull off, and his gift of verbal jabs was present the whole match. This was a much better Sexy Star match than her recent matches, especially since that meaner, aggressive streak makes her look more competitive in the ring. It’s not the same level of rage she had against Mariposa in their feud last season, but she’s finally showing frustration at the Worldwide Underground’s bullshit. That makes a lot of sense, and is a nice edge to add to her character.

    Both the Worldwide Underground and the Trios champions got involved in some match-ending antics, and Sexy Star escaped with a win after giving Evans a taste of his own medicine. With Drago, Fenix and Aero Star getting involved again, that means this feud is far from over. We’re likely headed towards some big fancy match involving the two sides, which should suit the Worldwide Underground’s shenanigans perfectly. I’m not sure if Johnny Mundo eventually gets his title shot, but either way these guys are going to continue being at each other’s throats for a while longer. I don't mind, seeing as how the Worldwide Underground have been very entertaining in this run.

    One thing that occurred to me this week was that this feud is the entirety of the current Trios scene. You have the AAA masked trio as champions, the Worldwide Underground opposing them, and that’s it. Outside of the two teams, there’s really nothing else. The Dysfunctional Trio—Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico—are all doing their own thing at the moment. Same thing with last year’s big trio of El Dragon Azteca, Rey Mysterio and Prince Puma. The Disciples of Death are all, well, dead. The Crew have less people than the requisite three members required to compete. There’s some hope with Lucha Underground hyping up the coming Rabbit Tribe (I’m assuming they’re more than one person), and hopefully we see some more trios show up in the Temple.

    The Rest:

    • For the first time since Lucha Underground began, Famous B picked up a win! He and his client Dr. Wagner Jr. beat the pair of Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada in a match where the good doctor did everything except the final pinfall. Looks like Havoc and Mascarita are going to need more than some Bagel Bites to get one over their rivals. Also, hearing the Beautiful Brenda yell stuff throughout the whole match is cringeworthy and I hope to never experience that again.

    • Another vignette for the Rabbit Tribe aired, which was pretty much the same thing last week except the cute bunny wasn’t there this time. For obvious reasons, this was much less interesting than the first.

    • Matt Striker likes dropping names and making wrestling references, but he may have just dropped his most obscure reference to date. In the middle of the main event, he referred to Chavo Guerrero as the “Swagger Soaring Eagle.” Wow. Way to shatter that illusion, man.

    Overall, this was a decent episode of Lucha Underground. The matches didn’t come close to last week’s spectacle between Prince Puma and Matanza, but they were fine and made for a good show. All matches progressed existing storylines, although it felt like we didn’t get those excellent backstage and lore segments Lucha Underground usually puts up. That puts this week’s episode somewhere between C+/B- for me.

    What did you think of this week's episode of Lucha Underground? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


    Anthony Cuello is an HR professional and training designer. When he’s not sleeping or reading the Harvard Business Review, he covers Lucha Underground for Smark Henry. A psychology nut, he tends to watch wrestling looking for these small nuances of in-ring behavior. He dreams of a wrestling business with good people management practices, and hopes to help make that happen one day.
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