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    Friday, October 14, 2016

    #FinisherFriday (10/14/16): SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR!

    SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR! One of a few finishers any average Juan like you and me can do. In light of the returning Bill Goldberg, it’s about time we rank who executes the move the best.

    What you ask is the Spear? Here it is in mathematical form:

    Shoulder + Abdomen = SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR!

    Technically known as a diving shoulder block takedown, the spear is executed when a wrestler charges towards his opponent, brings his body parallel to the ground, and finally drives his shoulder into the opponent’s midsection with a powerful full-body thrust.

    In order to assist the receiving wrestler in selling the move, the spearer also executes a double leg takedown which forces his opponent to fall back first, making the move look more devastating.

    Really a basic move, when executed well, the Spear is impressive, night-stealing, and iconic. So now the question is: Who does it best?


    The man who made the move famous, the former NFL defensive tackle, used his sacking prowess offensively when he left the gridiron for the squared circle.


    The Rated-R Superstar didn’t possess the most impressive physique but his unique skill of pulling the Spear out of nowhere led him to become the wrestler with the most WWE Heavyweight Title reigns on this list.

    While often derided as nothing more than a "running hug," there's do denying how it's been the spear featured on more highlight reels than any other.

    Roman Reigns

    Roman Reigns, currently the world's most favorhated wrestler, has a remarkable take, as he uses all of his momentum towards his opponent, which makes him resemble Superman flying through the air.

    Explosive, athletic, and fueled by Samoan ferocity, Reigns does his like he's performing in an NBA Slam Dunk contest, getting more air than Zach LeVine.


    A shout-out to The Animal, best-known for the Batista Bomb, his Spear (sometimes done as more of a Spear-Buster) also left many wrestlers walking alone after going through Batista’s pit of danger.


    Rhyno calls his version of the Spear a Gore, the main difference being that he doesn’t execute the move with the double-leg takedown. But that doesn’t matter as it still gets the job done. Which, really, should come as no surprise, considering how he's built like a bowling ball on two legs.



    One of the faces who lifted women’s wrestling, Charlotte makes use of the Spear more like a taunt rather than a finisher but nevertheless makes a good addition to her bag of tricks.

    Big Show

    Back to math: 500 lbs + your midsection, who’s next?


    Did I miss out on anyone? Who do you think has the best Spear?


    Gene Ferrer (@thegeneferrer) is Smark Henry's newest contributor, and the new king of finishing moves. He isn't actually a wrestler, but is pretty good at figuring out what would hurt like hell in real life.
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