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    Tuesday, September 20, 2016

    #SGQ (9/20/16): Your New Cruiserweight Championship

    As we've seen a few weeks ago, with the New Era comes new championship belts. We've seen the new SmackDown Championships get crowned at Backlash last week, and last week, we got a huge surprise for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic: our boy TJ Perkins not only won the whole thing, but he gets to be the first new WWE Cruiserweight Champion after seven years.

    The new Cruiserweight Championship belt was heavily rumored after the debut of the Universal Championship and the blue belts. According to the grapevine, it was going to follow the convention set by the Universal title and the Women's Championships, only that it would be purple to reflect the official color of the Cruiserweight Classic.

    Given that information, people thought it was gonna look like this:

    While that's a noble attempt (it gets the color scheme, including the silver plating, correct), it's not something we personally would have wanted as the WWE Championship design is already getting way too redundant.

    We got something better:

    The fact that they went with a completely original design already makes it a lot better than the Universal and both Women's Championships. And it definitely looks better in person than in an image:

    To our knowledge, this is the first time a heptagonal (seven-sided) centerplate has been used in a pro wrestling championship, and it definitely looks a lot better in person than in concept art. Although the plating is silver, clearly denoting that the Cruiserweight Championship is a second-tier title, the details of the centerplate look really, really intricate.

    The choice to use purple for the strap is going to turn off some fans who don't like anything that isn't black or gold. It wouldn't be my first choice for a title belt, but giving the leather the same texture around the center as the one on the SmackDown Tag Team Championship makes the material look less cheap.

    One last thing; we're really glad that the championship belt's size is much, much bigger than the old Cruiserweight Championship belt. That belt looked considerably smaller than even the second-tier championships, and making it look roughly as big as, say, the United States Championship implies that the division won't be an afterthought in today's WWE.

    The SmackDown Tag Team Championships are still the best new title the company's put out this year, but this new Cruiserweight Championship easily takes second place. Like the aforementioned title, it's a belt that looks good enough for champions to be proud of winning, and that's what's most important for a pro wrestling championship.

    Let us know what you think of the new purple title in the comments!

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