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    Monday, September 5, 2016

    #MustWatchMonday (9/5/16): AAA Tag Title Match: Angélico & Jack Evans (c) vs. Garza Jr. & Hijo del Fantasma vs. Aerostar & Drago vs. Paul London & Matt Cross (AAA Triplemania XXIV)

    For most people who visit this site, and for most of the writers on here to be honest (I for one am mostly guilty of this as well), the biggest exposure we have to lucha libre is watching Lucha Underground, which is a shame because Mexico has a storied culture of professional wrestling as well. So today on #MustWatchMonday, we take baby steps to remedy that.

    The two biggest promotions in Mexico are CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre), and AAA (Asistencia Asesoria y Administracio). Today, we'll be tackling a match from the latter. On August 28, AAA held their biggest pay-per-view of the year, the 24th edition of Triplemania. While last year's event featured the former Sin Cara going up against Rey Mysterio in a pretty good match (you can watch the match here), the event as a whole was panned, as there were huge issues with regards to both the in-ring work, and problems with broadcasting and production. These issues ended up souring a lot of fan's impressions of the promotion, and so people looked at this event with raised eyebrows, and pitchforks at the ready.

    It seems that AAA was able to right the wrongs from last year's Triplemania this year, with the only truly bad match being that of the main event between Psycho Clown and Pagano (in WWE terms, imagine if they headlined WrestleMania this year with New Jack vs. Sabu or something like that).

    What I'll be showing you this week is not that horrible match, but what I thought was the best match on the show instead, and that was a four-way tag team match for the AAA Tag Titles, and the names of the participants should be familiar to those of you who watch Lucha Underground. The match had Angelico and Jack Evans defend their titles against El Hijo del Fantasma (also known as King Cuerno) and Garza Jr. (who was replacing Fenix), Aerostar and Drago, and lastly the team of Paul London and Matt Cross (Son of Havoc). I should note that while Lucha Underground is a part of AAA, AAA does not consider Lucha Underground part of their canon when they make their matches. Instead, it merely acknowledges that LU exists, and that the wrestlers are part of AAA as well.

    The match isn't very long, it goes around 11 minutes, but the tornado rules implemented as well as the fast pace of the match makes for a very exciting sprint. As you would expect from the participants, the match was filled with dives, flips, top rope moves and was in general a great display of chaos and the athleticism of all the wrestlers. In the end, Aerostar and Drago would come out victorious after pinning Paul London, but somehow in the short time they were given, all eight men would come out looking really good.


    Brandon Sy is a PhD student in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics currently based in Sydney. Since he wasn't allowed to watch wrestling as a kid, he's been overcompensating ever since. Despite being a huge fan of Japanese wrestling, he still holds a soft spot in his heart for WWE's Kane. He's good for recommending matches from pretty much anywhere, whether it be Japan, Europe, the US or Mexico. He'd be ecstatic if you watched Dragon Gate though.
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    Item Reviewed: #MustWatchMonday (9/5/16): AAA Tag Title Match: Angélico & Jack Evans (c) vs. Garza Jr. & Hijo del Fantasma vs. Aerostar & Drago vs. Paul London & Matt Cross (AAA Triplemania XXIV) Rating: 5 Reviewed By: bodonium
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