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    Monday, September 12, 2016

    #MustWatchMonday (9/12/16): DELETE or DECAY

    Without question, what's giving TNA any amount of positive chatter right now has been the excellent character work of "Broken" Matt Hardy.

    Most people by now should be aware about how this iteration of the Matt Hardy character came into being, but for those who don't, here's a quick explanation. Matt and Jeff Hardy had quite a bit of tension for a while, mostly due to Jeff's concerns regarding Matt's behavior. Reby Sky, Matt's wife, was a negative influence on him, and convinced him to ruin Ethan Carter III's championship match. Matt Hardy got a bit too big for his britches following that, and eventually Jeff apparently put him in his place by beating his brother in an I Quit match.

    You would be inclined to think that the feud would be over following this match, but that's where you would be wrong. Not long after Matt's loss, Jeff began to be haunted by one of his personas: Willow. This time however, under the Willow mask was Matt, who was coming to get back at his brother. Only this time, Matt was broken. He spoke in prose, using voices and accents not commonly associated with the older Hardy. Matt played mind games with his younger brother, and began calling him Brother Nero.

    Eventually, a Full Metal Mayhem match was set up for Slammiversary, with the contract signing taking place in odd fashion in Matt's personal home.

    The match was actually really good despite the silliness that came along with the story, and Jeff beat his brother by jumping off really high things, as he is wont to do. Despite these losses though, Matt kept coming back, assaulting his brother and continuing to toy with his mind. Eventually, Matt vowed to delete his brother once and for all, and challenged him to a match called the Final Deletion, which would occur at the place where both men started their careers: their childhood backyard.

    We cover the Final Deletion in detail here. What you basically need to know that while it wasn't a match per se, it's still a great watch, and you should take the time to see it for yourself. It ends with the deletion of Brother Nero, and Broken Matt Hardy standing tall.

    This wasn't the last we would see of Jeff however. As a consequence for losing, Jeff had to drop the Hardy name, and was essentially a slave to Matt, trying to prove himself to his brother to try to bring him back from his state of brokenness. Some of the things he does include wrestling a kangaroo, and doing stunts with a dirt bike. Eventually, Jeff himself breaks, reintroducing himself to the world as Brother Nero. Finally, the two brothers are on the same page again, and now Jeff wants the TNA Tag Team Championships, which was held by the team known as the Decay. The two teams feud, and Matt Hardy eventually finds that his son, who he's dubbed King Maxel, has been kidnapped by the Decay. Reby Sky declares war on the Decay, and that sets up Delete or Decay.

    This is definitely more of a spectacle than a match. Jeff sacrifices himself for his brother. Senor Benjamin gets kidnapped. Mist gets sucked up. Vanguard-1 comes out of nowhere to save the day and the Hardy logo gets emblazoned on the battlefield. All in all, it's something you should take the time to watch, it's definitely something.


    Brandon Sy is a PhD student in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics currently based in Sydney. Since he wasn't allowed to watch wrestling as a kid, he's been overcompensating ever since. Despite being a huge fan of Japanese wrestling, he still holds a soft spot in his heart for WWE's Kane. He's good for recommending matches from pretty much anywhere, whether it be Japan, Europe, the US or Mexico. He'd be ecstatic if you watched Dragon Gate though.
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