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    Thursday, August 11, 2016

    A Look at Lucha Underground's Season 3

    In today’s dose of a #goodluchathing, Lucha Underground just released their trailer for Season 3:

    Now, it’s just a trailer and it doesn’t indicate whether the actual thing will be great (Suicide Squad, how you doin'?), there’s still a lot to pick up from here. The last season's trailer was pretty lit, and this one seems to have topped that. We managed to pick up a couple of new faces and teases at potential storylines and feuds, so let’s take a look at what Lucha Underground’s third season has in store for us.

    New Faces

    The Temple is about to reopen, which means that people from all over the world are going to come in once again for a shot at glory. Last season saw the debuts of names such as Rey Mysterio, Matanza Cueto, Daga, Joey Ryan, Taya, Kobra Moon, Mariposa and Dr. Wagner Jr., among others, and this trailer drops several hints as to who'll be coming in starting next September.

    Well, that's a familiar face! Fans of WWE should recognize Paul London, former cruiserweight and tag team specialist. The vibe I get from this cut is that this your dose of weird and bizarre, especially seeing as he's surrounded by a pair off odd-looking misfits. One looks like a dark, festive luchador, the other looks like a chessboard version of the Rubber Man from American Horror Story. Conveniently, there's three of them, and Lucha Underground does happen to have a Trios Championship. Perhaps that's what they'll go for, or maybe those two are just there to make sure London wins whatever feud he's in.

    Also, it's nice to see that in 2016, Paul London and Brian Kendrick are still making waves.

    This one is also another familiar face: indy standout Sami Callihan. If you watched NXT, you might have seen him as Solomon Crowe, although he never really got off the ground there. Callihan is known for his work in promotions such as CZW and PWG, and is as solid a wrestler as they come. Here's to hoping that we see more Callihan and less Crowe (and that shitty pendulum splash.)

    Another name indy fans should know is AR Fox. Like Callihan, Fox has spent time making a name for himself on the independent circuit, competing in promotions such as PWG, CZW, Evolve, Dragon Gate USA and GFW. He's branded as "The Whole Foxin' Show", which should tell you just how much this guy loves putting on the style in his matches. He doesn't look to be in good shape in the trailer, though, so let's see just who is beating the crap out of him.

    Also, what is that around his neck? Is that a dog tag? If so, that might be a sign as to who he'll be involved with here in Lucha Underground. That would be some great continuity right there.

    These three are just the recognizable faces from the trailer, and knowing Lucha Underground there's bound to be a lot more. Just from the minute or two of teasers above, there are ninjas, a redhead, a bunch of clones (more on this later), and what looks to be some fans of Kobra Moon. Time will tell just how big of a role these people will play.

    Catching Up With The Rest

    Of course, while the new faces are something to get excited about, let's not forget the people who made the show into what it is today. Here's a quick peek at what some of our favorite regulars will be doing come Season 3:

    We start with the reigning, defending, undisputed (so far) Lucha Underground Champion, Matanza Cueto. The big bad is unfortunately behind bars again, so I'm not sure how he's going to defend that belt. Perhaps someone might break him out of there?

    In what is sure to break the hearts of many, many fans, here's ring announcer Melissa Santos having what seems to be a good time with Fenix. I can't imagine this'll win him more fans. Also, what would perennial Melissa fan Marty "The Moth" Martinez think about this?

    El Dragon Azteca Jr. isn't looking too good here, as a mysterious man in a serape looks down on him. The only guy who wears that in the Temple is Chavo Guerrero, and indeed you can see them later on in the trailer fighting. This should be a nice continuation to Dragon Azteca Jr. avenging his mentor. Remember, Chavo was involved in the events that led to the original Dragon Azteca's death.

    Black Lotus is back, and she's got ninja backup! She traces her roots to some triad families in Hong Kong, so it looks like she's called in reinforcements for whatever her problem is now.

    Here's crowd favorite Son of Havoc fighting what looks like to be himself. Uh, Other Son of Havoc? Clone of Son of Havoc? Identical Twin of Son of Havoc? Son of Havoc-cito? I'm very interested to find out what leads to this.

    Oh, hey, even more fuckery going on! All of the Worldwide Underground will be back for Season 3—Taya, Jack Evans, PJ Black, Johnny Mundo and, uh, Johnny Mundo. Okay, he's Earth-2 Johnny Mundo for now. This is all very confusing. Has Mundo picked up the magical ability to duplicate himself? Will he be using Twin Magic shenanigans now? Did fucking Flash ruin the timeline of Lucha Underground?

    We're just at the tip of the iceberg here, folks. There's a lot more Lucha Underground is teasing in the trailer, and they look just as amazing. Daga is wielding a sword. Marty "The Moth" Martinez is tied up somewhere. King Cuerno is alive (YES!). Vampiro is choking out Prince Puma.

    Overall, it's still too early to say whether Season 3 will be a good show or a bad show. But as far as this teaser goes, it did exactly what it had to do—get people talking and excited for the coming show. And that's exactly what fans are doing right now.


    Lucha Underground returns in a month's time on September 7. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the trailer. Are you excited to see the new faces in action? Who else do you think will make their way to the Temple? Let us know what you think!
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