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    Thursday, April 7, 2016

    The Best Entrances of WrestleMania Weekend

    One of the best things about pro wrestling is its sense of theater and drama. Especially during ring entrances. From flamboyant rockstars to skeleton kings, you can't help but feel like you're watching a real-life video game every time you see your favorite superstars marching down to the ring with some bad-ass pyro and a sweet theme blaring in the background.

    We caught tons of insane ring entrances over the course of an amazing weekend of wrestling spanning from NXT TakeOver: Dallas to a record-setting WrestleMania 32. Here's a list of the ones that caught our fancy the most for their sheer spectacle.


    Finn Balor

    Nobody quite does theatrics like the reigning NXT Champion, and Balor didn't disappoint us last weekend. People have always loved how he evolves his "Demon" character from show to show, with his "Jack the Ripper" version from NXT TO: London being a sentimental favorite here at the Smark Henry offices.

    We gotta say though, the cleverness of his latest entrance was something else. Finn knew he was in for a massacre against the hard-hitting Samoa Joe, and what does one bring to a Texas massacre? A chainsaw of course!

    Never mind that it meant he was unable to do his splayed-arms pose on the entrance ramp due to the weight of the thing; this was the perfect combination of theater, violence, and wit to start off his biggest championship defense in a big way.

    Asuka & Bayley

    Someone once said the lovable Bayley was "John Cena done right," and we've got to agree. She's a good-hearted, squeaky-clean young lady you can't help but adore. Her pay-per-view entrance drives this point home, with technicolor balloon dancers lining the entrance ramp, giving all of us warm and fuzzy feelings in our hearts.

    Contrast that against the sheer psychedelic danger that fills the air when Asuka approaches the ring; her theme music shows how unhinged the Japanese star can be, while the kabuki mask and falling cherry blossoms make her matches feel like a climactic fight scene in Kill Bill.

    Bayley may have lost her prized NXT Women's Championship that night, but she still comes out equal to Asuka in terms of amazing entrances.

    Shinsuke Nakamura

    If there's one thing long-time fans of Shinsuke Nakamura were begging for when news broke out over his WWE signing, it's that he be allowed to retain his NJPW theme, "Subconscious." In the words of Lorenzo Magnaye, our resident theme song reviewer:

    To musically package him, you need to know who you’re dealing with. Not only does his persona demand a theme fit for a force to be reckoned with; it demands a theme fit for a world-class performer that oozes confidence literally all the way to the tip of his fingers.

    Nakamura may not have kept his theme from Japan, but you know what? We don't care. His new theme, "Rising Sun" by CFO$, kicks twenty kinds of ass. It sounds like a freaking final boss fight in a Capcom game.

    If there was ever any doubt about the charisma and showmanship of the man fondly called "Swagsuke," it's all gone for now. After all, how many other dudes can you name who can get a "Holy shit! Holy shit!" chant started just by stretching in the corner? Nakamura is one of a kind, and we're looking forward to this entrance for years to come.

    New Day

    Don't you dare be sour! The New Day had probably the most crowd-pleasing entrance of the whole weekend with their Booty-O's themed introduction. From the moment we all saw that 20-foot tall cereal box at the top of the ramp, we knew we were in for a real treat.

    While our inner Dragon Ball Z fanboys were squealing over the Ginyu Force cosplay action going on, we do have to think there's something scary about a dude the size of Big E popping out as a prize in a box of cereal. We love us some unicorn-powered positivity in life, but that's a little bit too much tricep meat than we're prepared to swallow.

    Sasha Banks

    What's WrestleMania without a live celebrity musical performance? Sasha Banks brought down the house not just with her Eddie Guerrero-inspired ring gear for her WWE Women's Championship Triple Threat, but for the fact that she had her cousin, WWE Hall of Famer and rap legend Snoop Dogg, dropping a verse for her.

    Raven Felix may not have done the best job with the hook of the BO$$'s theme, but we were hyperventilating too hard to notice. We were 100% sure at this point that Sasha was wresting the strap from Charlotte that night.

    Triple H

    WrestleMania 32 may have been a disappointment for a sizable portion of the WWE Universe, but the entrance that still has everyone talking was that of 14-time World Champion Triple H. Haitch is no stranger to epic entrances, with last year's Terminator entrance and WrestleMania 22's Conan-themed spectacle ranking as among the coolest we've seen.

    With Stephanie McMahon delivering a crazed monologue and 13 other sock puppet-a-likes joining the procession to remind us of all the other times The Game has been champion, this entrance was deliciously evil, and should have been enough to get the crowd solidly behind his opponent, Roman Reigns. That clearly didn't work out as planned, but hey, the production values behind this were superb. Easily one of HHH's top five greatest entrances of all time.


    What was your favorite entrance from WrestleMania weekend, Henrinites? Do you think we're scum for snubbing Roman Reigns pretty sweet entrance? Or perhaps you felt WWE Women's Champion Charlotte should have been on this list too. Let us know in the comments section below!
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