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    Sunday, April 3, 2016

    Ruthless Roundtable: WWE WrestleMania 32

    We are in the midst of another spectacular WrestleMania this year, as WWE presents WrestleMania 32, aka WrestleMania Star, on April 3rd at AT&T Center, in San Antonio, Texas! (It airs live Monday morning, April 4, here in the Philippines!)

    What will make this year's Showcase of the Immortals one of the most talked-about WrestleManias of all time? More importantly, who should win on the Grandest Stage of 'Em All?

    Smark Henry's Enzo Tanos, Raf Camus, and the returning Mikey Llorin go through each of the matches at WrestleMania 32 and cast their predictions! Will they get it right?

    WWE World Championship: Roman Reigns vs. Triple H (c)

    Mikey Llorin: Ten years ago, Triple H wrestled the WWE’s top babyface in a WWE Championship match. He made an intense, highly dramatized entrance. He wrestled one hell of a match, trying his damnedest to establish his opponent as the good guy, but not trying very hard to establish himself as a bad guy. Ultimately, he lost, and the winner celebrated to a chorus of boos and eff-yous.

    Three years ago, Triple H wrestled WWE’s top babyface in a match to determine who will join the WWE World Championship Triple Threat match later that night. He made an intense, highly dramatized entrance. He wrestled one hell of a match, trying his damnedest to establish his opponent as the good guy, and trying even harder to establish himself as a bad guy. Ultimately, he lost, and the winner celebrated to a chorus of “Yes!” chants.

    At WrestleMania 32, Triple H will wrestle WWE’s top babyface in a WWE World Championship match. He will make an intense, highly dramatized entrance. He will wrestle one hell of a match, trying his damnedest to establish his opponent as the good guy, and trying the hardest he ever has in his life to establish himself as a bad guy.

    It will not matter.

    100,000 people (or about 70,000 adults) will poop all over Roman Reigns. WWE will realize it is not Hunter’s fault that Reigns’ win will result in a shower of jeers. Here’s to hoping that WWE already knows this, and has something up its sleeve to relieve us from watching the same, old, predictable fluff at its biggest show ever.

    Otherwise, expect Hunter to lose, and the winner to celebrate to a chorus of boos and eff-yous.

    Enzo Tanos: This one was written in stone the moment Triple H won the Royal Rumble, beating Dean Ambrose to emerge as the last man standing. Roman Reigns will be defeating Triple H at WrestleMania 32, cementing himself as the top babyface in WWE, whether the Universe likes it or not.

    And believe me when I say the Universe—the WWE Universe, that is—will NOT like it. I admit that Reigns is not a bad wrestler. He’s actually one of the better big man wrestlers out there, and his mic skills—“sufferin’ succotash” and “Tater Tots” aside—are not as bad as some people (including myself in the past) make them out to be.

    But here’s the thing; fans hate Roman because Vince McMahon keeps shoving him down our throats, like our mothers used to force us to eat our vegetables when we were little. Like Mikey, I hope WWE has some sort of magical rabbit to pull out of its hat, but the chances of that are getting slimmer by the day.

    Raf Camus: Rewind to the Royal Rumble, to the moment you saw Triple H take out Ambrose, and win the championship. Rewind to WWE Roadblock, when it was Hunter vs. Dean-O again. These two matches gave fans a glimmer of hope for the man they want to become champion AFTER making an anointed man The Man.

    Roman is not bad, but his anointed status is. It makes foregone conclusions of where he is going, with a majority of fans acting unexcited about his moments. His 3-year Royal Rumble & WrestleMania story arc should have made him the most sympathetic babyface on the roster. But everything that happens during The Road to Mania and WrestleMania itself has not helped him reach legitimacy in a universally accepted way.

    Roman wins this, but how he wins will define his legacy. It only becomes interesting with the details, but we have come to expect so very little.

    Hell in a Cell Match: Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker

    If Shane wins, he takes control of RAW and it will be Taker’s last WrestleMania.

    Enzo: Finally, I am beginning to appreciate what I originally thought was the height of insanity—46-year-old Shane McMahon, a great risk-taker but never a full-time wrestler, returning to the WWE to face 50-year-old Undertaker at WrestleMania 32.

    With all those brand split rumors floating around, I think this match could serve as a good setup for Shane taking over as head of RAW, finally doing away with the tired, been-there-done-that concept of a heel authority figure. That means we’re likely going to see ‘Taker beat the living hell out of Shane, only for Shane-O Mac to pull through toward the end and come up with the big win. Even with ‘Taker wrestling in his home state, the mystique behind the streak is gone. And since he’s way past the average WWE retirement age anyway, he might as well make this his “last” WrestleMania—knowing WWE’s “walang forever” style of story-writing, I don’t discount him coming back to ‘Mania in the future.

    But how can he make this “last” WrestleMania special? I say he congratulates Shane for a match well-fought, and gives Mr. McMahon (and maybe Triple H too), who would definitely be irate over him losing, a chokeslam for the ages. Cue “THANK YOU ‘TAKER!” chants in 3, 2, 1...

    Mikey: The hook of the Shane-Taker program (aside from “Shane is an entertaining suicidal lunatic” and “Undertaker is Undertaker” and “crazy things happen in Hell in a Cell matches”) is that its result will determine the fate of Monday Night RAW. We wrestling fans are supposed to care, because the assumption is that we all agree that Raw could be so much better if only it were run by people other than Vince McMahon. Shane laid out every reason for us to cheer him in this match during his return promo: Cheer for me, wrestling fans, for if I win, Roman Reigns will never have another title shot! Cesaro and Balor and Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will dominate your main events! And no one will ever be injured again!

    I ask you now, RAW viewers. Do you believe any of this is actually possible? Does anyone? And if it is, does anyone believe that any of these changes might last?

    WWE’s biggest problem in booking this match isn’t the booking itself, but their utter lack of credibility in making their hyperbolic consequences stick. Remember Survivor Series 2014, when The Authority was removed from power forever? What about the Hell in a Cell match between Triple H and Undertaker from WrestleMania 28 which was supposed to be The End of an Era? Or the “once in a lifetime” main event of that same show between John Cena and The Rock? Every single one of those self-imposed stipulations and consequences came undone as soon as their weekly narrative needed them to.

    So the issue now with Shane vs. Taker is that no one believes that WWE would stick to the two consequences of a potential Shane victory: it likely won’t bring real, lasting change to the TV product, and Undertaker will almost certainly compete at a WrestleMania again. Meanwhile, the possible consequences of an Undertaker win is woefully "underexplained", and severely lack any sort of meaningful gravitas: Shane gives up his mystery magical lockbox thing (?), he and his children are officially removed from Vince’s last will and testament (?), and Undertaker continues wrestling at all the WrestleManias he wishes to appear in, unless he retires, maybe (?). Who cares?

    This is a match with no real significance. So why the heck is it one of the main events in the biggest wrestling show in front of the largest live crowd ever?

    Because Shane is an entertaining suicidal lunatic, Undertaker is Undertaker, and crazy things happen in Hell in a Cell matches.

    Expect Shane-O to win the match decisively, with the help of a few surprise guests (Shane-anigans!). Also, expect it not to matter in a few weeks.

    (Side note: If you truly want RAW to change, stop watching it. Pretend that NXT, Lucha Underground, or real life takes place on Monday nights instead.)


    1. Whoever thought it was a good idea to pair the oldest part timer of WWE, with the human highlight reel of insane spots (who happens to be the Son of Vince), in Hell in a Cell is a mad man. 
    2. Whoever thought of teasing a WWE brand split 2.0 with a wonky stipulation, is also a mad man.
    This promise of giving fans what they think they want has gone from the dirtsheets to storyline feels like one crazy fan fiction. But it is happening. I feel bad for Taker this year because it feels like he deserved something... more productive. Okay, it's cool that Shane is back in an in-ring capacity.

    Do we need this? Maybe.

    Do we want it? We’ll take it.

    Was it necessary? That's all in the aftermath.

    My only true concern is that this match reeks of future consequences, and not so much of being in the moment. Personally, I would like to see Shane run SmackDown and give The Blue Brand a bit more excitement, but if he runs RAW, this may be fun.

    No Holds Barred Street Fight: Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar

    Enzo: In a perfect world, it would be Ambrose vs Reigns for the WWE Championship, with Reigns playing the Authority’s chosen heel. It would be Lesnar vs Wyatt in a feud that I could have sworn was coming based on what I saw at the Royal Rumble. But this is not a perfect world we’re living in, it’s Vince’s world. Besides, Bray Wyatt is injured and the Wyatt Family is down to two men, so we might as well appreciate the slobberknocker that is the Beast Incarnate vs the Lunatic Fringe, BRRRRROCK LESNAR vs Dean Ambrose.

    I’m torn as to whom I should be picking here. But I’m going to put my money (no, not literally) on the Beast, as he takes Ambrose on a trip to Suplex City. He won’t have an easy time doing that, though, what with all the implements of destruction Ambrose has in his arsenal.

    Mikey: Finally, a main event match that no one has to think too deeply about. No unsustainable stipulations, no meta-narrative-shifting drama—just the promise of violence and suplexes, and a hint of chainsaw-related gore.

    Expect Brock Lesnar to win and Dean Ambrose to become the most undeniably popular male performer in the company.

    Raf: Turn your brain off. Enjoy two hell-bent men push the envelope of violence.

    Dean can take it. Brock can dish it. Simple as that. Dean wins in a star-making bloody spectacular.

    The top will come off the stadium, as well as the collective heads off all hardcore wrestling fans.

    Intercontinental Championship - Ladder Match: Zack Ryder vs. Stardust vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sami Zayn vs. Sin Cara vs. The Miz vs. Kevin Owens (c)

    Enzo: #RyderForICChamp. There. I said it. It may sound like the craziest prediction ever, but I believe there is a chance—not the best of chances, but still a chance—that the long-buried Long Island Iced Z would woo-woo-woo his way to his first title since God knows when. I see Creative banking on the element of surprise if Ryder’s going over at ‘Mania, because there’s a huge part of me that believes it’s time to take the belt off of Owens and have him move up to a main event push, and that the KO vs Zayn feud doesn’t need a piece of gold to make it more meaningful.

    Still, that doesn’t change my more realistic forecast of Sami Zayn winning the belt. If Zayn wins the title, he and KO could feud over the belt for about a month or so, with Zayn winning the feud and Owens moving on to those main event pursuits I mentioned earlier.

    Mikey: To many of us, this match serves as little else but a (potentially show-stealing) backdrop to the pipe dream Owens-Zayn “May Forever” Blood Feud. The question is if WWE sees value in that feud and sticks with it, or if they see it as merely an add-on to their new tradition of the IC Title Multi-wrestler WrestleMania ladder match.

    I would certainly hope that they stick with it. Don’t ruin Forever for us, Vince.

    If they do, then I would agree with Enzo’s more realistic forecast, except for the winner. I bet Owens retains in the scummiest of ways, and he and Zayn can feud for the title until WrestleMania. Then they cool off until they cross paths in the main event scene in a year or two. Kind of like Roman and Bray in 2015 Triple H and The Rock in 1998.

    Of course, those two are good enough (and have enough momentum) to remain relevant even without the IC Title. So, assuming neither of them would win, what kind of mindset should we use to predict the winner?

    Should we use “the title elevates the wrestler” logic? If so, look for Ryder or Stardust to win it.

    Or should we use “the wrestler elevates the title (or, at the very least, maintains its prestige)” logic? If so, expect Ziggler or Miz to win (and tread water for another year).

    If we use “they want to take eyeballs away from Lucha Underground but they don’t want to be too obvious” logic, look out for a surprise Sin Cara win, and expect him to feud with US Champion Kalisto for two years until Rey comes back for his retirement tour. (Unless Sin Cara gets injured again. In which case, John Cena will save the day.)

    Raf: It's the Second Annual "Let's Put the IC Title in a Multi-man Match because LOL Creative Didn't Give Them Good Storylines Leading Into Mania..." Ladder Match.

    1. All of the performers here are talented. All of them are worthy of getting mini-Mania moments. They're not fodder, they're playing their roles.

    2. As someone who has seen the blood feud of Owens and Zayn develop on the indies, and in the WWE, I can say neither is winning at Mania. Expect 2016, however, to see new chapters of this beautiful unicorn of a feud be written, beginning in this match.

    Blood feuds don't need championships to be compelling. The fact that these two men are going to punch each other in the face at WrestleMania Star is reason enough for some, myself included, to care about this match.

    3. Zack Ryder’s addition to this match could be the best thing we never knew we wanted for this Mania. That being said...Wooo Wooo Wooooooo, you know he’s the dark horse favorite.

    4. Anyone can win, and make this match a show-stealer. It really is anyone's ballgame, because LOL ladder match. But truthfully, all men winning have great scenarios moving forward... if they treat this right.

    Divas Championship - Triple Threat Match: Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte (c)

    Enzo: After last year’s terrible attempt to get the Divas Revolution over, it looks like WWE is finally getting it right. They’re pitting three of the most talented women on the roster in a Triple Threat Match, and the buildup to the match has actually been decent. I’m expecting this to be one of the highlights of a ‘Mania I’m less excited about than most previous ‘Manias, and with the Divas Championship apparently to be renamed into the Women’s Championship (thank God for that), I expect all three ladies to give it their 100 percent in the ring.

    But who’s going to win it? Definitely not Charlotte, for me, as she’s held the belt long enough. I personally prefer Becky Lynch, but realistically speaking, I think it’s time for Sasha Banks to show everyone who’s Boss.

    Mikey: As much as I am enjoying the emergence of women’s wrestling in mainstream wrestling, I just can’t wait until WWE moves past its masturbatory "Look at how much we appreciate women in sports!" phase.

    Maybe then, the mainstream excitement for a WrestleMania Women’s Triple Threat would be more about the awesome wrestlers who are competing instead of, you know, "Wow, cool, WWE is promoting a women’s match and are, like, super progressive... btw, who are the women again?" A world where awesome women wrestlers are just, well, awesome wrestlers who are women. But I suppose that is a society problem more than a WWE problem.

    In any case, these ladies will try their damnedest to steal the show. And this time, unlike many of their post-NXT Divas Revolution exploits, they might actually succeed.

    Expect Sasha Banks to make a tremendous entrance, deliver a star-making performance, and become the WWE’s first post-Diva Women’s Champion.

    Raf: This is another match where whoever wins can be great for the company. All three women present great options as the new standard bearer of the Divas’ Division, post-Bellas dominance.

    Charlotte, Becks, and Sasha are all a cut above the rest and are all deserving of their spot. Give them 15-20 minutes to put on the best WWE Women's match we may see all year, and you have a star-making moment.

    As a big fan of what each individual was able to contribute to NXT, I can say without fear, this can be better than anything they've ever done.

    Sasha stands to gain the most by winning on the night, becoming a universally beloved bad-ass. Becky may not win it this year, but she will make sure that casual viewers know that she is the best redhead worth watching in WWE. Charlotte will enter with much pomp, and leave looking like a million bucks.

    If only there was a way to book Bayley in all of this... but that's for another time. Maybe for WrestleMania Sun.

    AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

    Enzo: So AJ Styles and Chris Jericho are battling it out for the 4th time in recent months and I’m not minding it one bit. Why? Because Y2J heel turns are simply the best.

    No, it’s not as good as when Jericho turned on Shawn Michaels back in 2008, but it told a great story nonetheless—veteran thinks his fellow veteran (albeit a WWE rookie) doesn’t deserve the adulation, praise, and recognition, so he flips out at just the right time, continuing the feud and setting up the big blow-off at the grandest show of them all.

    You may remember how Jericho gave Fandango his WrestleMania moment three years go, putting the youngster over and seemingly setting Curtis Hussey on the path to stardom. We all know how that turned out, right?

    In this case, AJ Styles is no young buck looking to make a bigger name in the world of wrestling. People know him, and people know he can wrestle. That means Jericho’s going to get it right at WrestleMania 32, give Styles the biggest fight he’s seen in his short WWE career thus far, but end up losing, thus giving the Phenomenal One a WrestleMania moment that could really catapult him to the top echelon.

    Mikey: This match seems like it’s Jericho’s graduation into the upper echelon of transcendent veteran wrestler. The kind that can start a rivalry with any wrestler in the company, and, with little effort (and WrestleMania magic), can turn the feud into a red hot main event-caliber match at WrestleMania even if we’ve already seen it several times before (see: Michaels, Shawn; Undertaker, The; H, Triple).

    This story is even more special, because the three (!) matches between Jericho and AJ all took place just in the past couple of months. And yet here we are, fully expecting these two to put on yet another barn-burner of a match. Think about it: when was the last time that you really wanted to see the fourth match in a Jericho rivalry? The only one I can think of is from the 2009 feud with HBK—but that was also because Jericho was working with the greatest artistic wrestling performer of all time. This story with AJ Styles seems to be following the same pattern, but the emotional weight of this feud is being carried almost exclusively by Y2J.

    The question, then, is about whether or not the story ends at WrestleMania. If it does, expect AJ Styles to win decisively, and for both men to move on.

    If it doesn't, expect AJ Styles to win decisively, only for Jericho to kick him in the balls immediately after. Or, expect Jericho to win a major championship soon after, and the two can resume their feud over that.

    Either way, the Phenomenal One will win his WrestleMania debut.

    Raf: Y2J vs AJ, Round 4. This is a feud that feels organic, and feels right, all things considered. Two of the coolest men in wrestling who never (EEEEEEEEEVER) got to face each other before the year began, are now putting on a compelling series of matches. With this feud having a WM blowoff feels apt, as long as it means AJ gains legitimacy with WWEs casual fanbase.

    Jericho is a pro amongst pros, and is putting together some of his best work as a part timer. But seeing him play the heel role that made him one of the BEST IN THE WORLD, he is now at his most entertaining.

    Expect a technical clinic from two of the best veteran ring generals out there, with AJ coming out on top.

    Handicap Match: WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. The League of Nations

    Enzo: Ordinarily, I love The New Day. They turned garbage into gold last year, turning heel and becoming the only reason for me to watch RAW on many an occasion. So why can’t I get excited about this match? Three words—League of Midcarders Nations.

    Let’s face it. The League of Nations are two aging vets (Del Rio and Sheamus), one guy who’s on his way out (Barrett), and one guy in the doghouse (Rusev). Save for the beatdown that turned them face, New Day has looked strong all throughout this feud, so I see no reason for the champs to lose at WrestleMania.

    Mikey: Last year, New Day was on a throwaway match on the pre-show WrestleMania match. The next night, they experienced their Die Rocky Die moment as the RAW crowd absolutely ravaged them. That seemed to light a fire under their (or WWE Creative’s) butts and they soon became among the hottest acts on the show.

    At WrestleMania 32, by sheer undeniable overness, they were plopped into the middle of an already-packed WrestleMania card to compete in a match we’ve already seen several times.

    This match is little else but a “Congratulations on getting yourselves over” match. Expect silly promos, a short match, and an inconsequential ending. [Vince flips a coin on the afternoon of the show] wins.

    Raf: I'm here in the event Booty O’s are available.

    New Day. This reeks of lazy booking. Next match please.

    Kick-off Show: The 3rd Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

    Enzo: So it can finally be said—this battle royal is virtually the same as the “participation badge” battle royal from late-2000s and early-2010s ‘Manias, only it’s got Andre the Giant’s name attached to it.

    With three giants who have been wrestling since Abe Lincoln was president, and a cavalcade of jobbers, I’m actually hard-pressed to make a pick here. But why not have Damien Sandow win this year’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal for a change? He might as well be called Waldo or Carmen Sandiego because he’s hardly ever on TV these days, and he’s too good and too talented to be even lower on the card than The Social Outcasts or The Ascension because, well, those guys still appear on RAW, you know?

    If WWE can bring Zack Ryder’s push back from the dead (or so we hope), why don’t they do the same for Sandow? Winning the Andre battle royal after last year’s near-win would be a good start, I’d say.

    Mikey: Maybe this is the The Rock will be involved in. He and Big Show can recreate their failed Royal Rumble 2000 finish and get it right this time.

    Expect a wrestler to win.

    Raf: I blame the injury bug/curse going around for this year’s ARMBAR being...well... meh. This could have been someone’s time (maybe Neville, maybe Cesaro, maybe Nakamura?!?!) to win something shiny, start a Mania legacy.

    WWE Network Pre-Show: United States Championship: Ryback vs. Kalisto (c)

    Enzo: This could’ve been worth watching, you know? With Ryback a heel once again and focusing on the fact that he’s “The Big Guy,” you’d think that a feud for the US Title against the smallest man on the WWE roster not named Hornswoggle would be exciting, right? Wrong.

    If Ryback’s old bully gimmick was too cartoonish, this one is too, how shall we put it, lazy. There’s not enough build leading up to this David vs. Goliath encounter and as such, it looks like Creative is again failing to make the most out of Kalisto’s run as United States Champion.

    That said, I think this could go either way, but I’m leaning toward picking the Big Guy to win the US title at ‘Mania. The catch here is that I think he’ll lose it back in a couple of weeks to Kalisto, and if and when that happens, I hope WWE could give that little big man some feuds that are well-thought out and worth watching.

    Mikey: Is WWE so tone-deaf that they would build up a WrestleMania David vs. Goliath story and not have David win?

    Sure, if it’s the pre-show. Ryback wins.

    Kalisto will win it back, don’t worry.

    Raf: Classic wrestling booking story of big guy, versus plucky Mexican underdog in a mask.

    The US Title was already elevated last year by a Bulgarian/Russian on a tank and John Cena. To see it relegated to the pre-show is disappointing. This at least should be the curtain jerker.

    Big Guy wins, becomes a bad guy, is fed more. Kalisto will be back in a few, and will be winning the hearts and minds of all in due time. Or you know,

    Kick-off Show: The Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz

    Enzo: With D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley now in their mid-40s, their role in the WWE, whether we want to admit it or not, is to put the younger guys over. But not at WrestleMania 32. I say the Dudleys win this one over The Usos, but it’s not because I’m like many a member of the IWC who’s getting sick and tired of Rikishi’s kids.

    If the Dudleys beat the Usos, I think this would be a good opportunity to redo the Dudleys vs New Day feud. It was the whole “Save the Tables” campaign that helped The New Day make their heel turn work beautifully, but with the Dudleys eschewing the tables, it would be interesting to see how Kofi, Big E, and Xavier troll Bubba Ray and D-Von with their alignments reversed.

    Mikey: In an endless, meaningless, consequence-less tag team feud like Brothers Uso versus Brothers Dudley, what does “getting over” mean?

    Does anyone truly “get over” (at least, more so than before the match began) in a pre-show, with thousands of audience members still parking their cars and filing into the stadium?

    You know, a lot of you us wrestling Internet experts give WWE a lot of grief for not featuring talented wrestlers on the card for the sake of stubbornly telling their stories. This match, maybe more so than the Andre Battle Royal, seems like it’s evidence that WWE will set up matches that serve no other purpose besides getting talented wrestlers on the card! So maybe we should just let these guys wrestle and earn their payday.

    Expect a tag team to win. Clap your hands for them. They work hard.

    Raf: This is sad to see. Both teams deserve better, and shoulda, coulda, woulda been fine for the main show. But shoulda could woulda are the last words of fools.

    Damnit, sayang lang.

    Kick-off Show: 10-Diva Tag Team Match: The Total Divas vs. B.A.D. and Blonde

    Enzo: Good thing this match is on the kickoff. I totally shit on this match, no pun intended. You want to know why? Two words—Eva Marie. And a few questions, too, for Creative.

    One, why Eva Marie, who is, as far as I’m concerned, the least talented, most botch-happy Diva in wrestling history? Two, why book her as a face when she gets tons and tons of heat for being a talent vacuum? Three, what the hell were you guys smoking? And four, where can I get some?

    Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I might as well give my pick for this “participation badge” match for the non-title-chasing Divas. I’m going with Team Total Divas because Brie needs to retire on a high note, and because Paige needs to break out of her slump as she’s too good to be counting lights as a jobberette.

    Mikey: I was almost going to say that this is the female version of the Usos versus Dudleys match, but then Enzo reminded me that this might just be Brie Bella’s WWE swan song. This is probably the only reason this match matters (aside from more points for WWE’s self-congratulatory We Love Women in Sportz campaign), so why not go all the way with it?

    Brie Bella wins with a decisive, emotional pinfall in the middle of the ring.

    Raf: Brie gets her swan song. Everyone will shit on Eva Marie. No one will come out looking like anything more than soldiers of a failed Divas Revolution.

    It is difficult to get invested in a match like this, because really, the feud is just made up, and the points don't matter.

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