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    Wednesday, February 24, 2016

    #WTFWednesday (2/24/16): The 'DO YOU WANT TO DIE, SHANE?!' Compilation

    Here's what usually goes into coming up with a WTF Wednesday article.

    Step 1: 
    Let the crazy lotto in my head come up with an idea

    Step 2: 
    Flesh out said crazy idea

    Final Step:
    Put crazy idea onto paper and add funny pictures.

    As my fellow members in the WTFW group chat were percolating this week's segment, the bomb dropped that Shane O' Mac was booked for WrestleMania.

    While many were scratching their heads on the odd choice of opponent, others were simply orgasmic that the WWE's version of Joey Tribbiani was back and on the grandest stage of them all.

    And just like Joey, you never thought he could grow old

    To those who wonder why grown men were jumping for joy that Shane had returned, allow us to educate with a little something I'd like to call

    The 'DO YOU WANT TO DIE, SHANE?!'  Compilation

    1. The Fall That Started It All

    Before you can fly, you have to learn how to take baby steps. And that's what he did. While feuding with Triple H and the rest of D-Generation X, one of their segments ended with Shane being thrown off of the stage into some debris and tables below.

    You just never know if that may have ignited his inner sadomasochist. Because seriously, he built a damn fine legacy of getting his hang time. Speaking of hang time...

    2. He Has A Titantron Suki Card

    This crazy son-of-a-McMahon has not one, not two, but three TitanTron jumps under the garters of his jogging pants. I mean for realsies, is there a prize that he collects backstage from the redemption booth to take that big of a leap? Will he kayfabe get his father's love if he completes five?

    "Man That Gravity Forgot? Ha, I took Gravity by the nostrils and said 'Fuck you'."

    3. He'll Pretty Much Jump Off Of Anything

    In life, you can't keep going balls to the wall, full metal maniac. Sometimes, you gotta take it slow. Shane O' Mac has his own version of that important mantra. He calls it "I will jump from places that aren't as high as a TitanTron" Seriously.

    I can never stop using the word "seriously," because in all honesty, Shane will pretty much do just that. Enough talk. More clips and GIFs!

    This is what a hostile takeover looks like

    "You must be this hurt to ride the ambulance."

    4. He's Also Willing To Take One As Well. Or Two. More Than Three.

    It must seem that being the real life son of the Chairman means never having to take the same kind of punishment you dish out, right? Hell no. If Section 2 was any indication at all, Shane is unlike many COOs (Children Of Owner). He's very much ready to take the bumps and the hard shots to make others shine.

    In case it wasn't clear, the spot didn't go as planned because the glass panel didn't break. So they did the only sensible thing left to do. They tried again.

    Men worldwide could only look and gasp as someone's family jewels were lit up like Christmas.

    As COO, he got the slightly thicker tables to break his fall

    At 46 years old (wait, what?!), it's unlikely that we may get to see Shane fall off an oversized TV anymore. However, it goes without saying that no sane person would subject himself to that kind of physical stress at that age.

    But he's no ordinary sane person, is he?

    Only time will tell if we'll still see the Shane O' Mac of old, flying through the air and then crashing horribly back down. It's his trademark brand of quality after all.

    Did we miss any of Shane's insane stunts? Let us know in the comments section below!
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