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    Tuesday, February 23, 2016

    #ThemeSongTuesday (2/23/16): Dolla Dolla, Dolla Dolla!

    [2/22/16 RAW spoilers ahead]

    Returning to one of the biggest pops of the past few years, Shane McMahon danced his way down to the ring earlier today and made a few things clear: he’s unhappy with low ratings and the slew of injuries that’s plagued the roster, so he’s back to take RAW over himself. His father, Vince—who is more likely to eat his own head than give people what they want—accepted his request but under one condition: He must defeat the Undertaker at WrestleMania Star inside Hell In A Cell.

    Source: WWE
    First of all, holy fuck. Second, we’re fairly certain now that Vince is lowkey planning a double murder. Third, here comes the money; Shane-O Mac is back!

    Source: WWE
    The McMahon prodigal son was a significant character in the Attitude Era, playing major roles in storylines as a heel in the Corporation and as a face in during the Invasion storyline. Shane continued to be the favorite McMahon as he went on to vicious rivalries with Kurt Angle, Kane, and even Eric Bischoff.

    Through all this, ”Here Comes The Money” by Grammy (not Slammy, Lilian Garcia) Award-winning rap group Naughty By Nature serves as his most memorable theme. There’s a special connection between Shane and this particular song, bringing that patented Shane-O Mac swagger at the start of every one of his brutal matches or game-changing promos. This time around, it was the latter.

    The writing for this track couldn’t be more fitting if they air sealed it at the CDC.

    Success in my bloodCall it home grownPores reakin' testosteronePower and money got me crazy, cocky.
    You mean the crazy, powerful man who fell 50 feet during his Hardcore Championship defense at SummerSlam 2000?

    The crazy, powerful man who took another 50 foot drop from the set the very next year at Backlash 2001?

    The crazy, powerful man who took another death-defying fall just a few years later at Unforgiven 2003?!

    Success does run in his blood, and he’s shed so much of it on every nook and cranny of WWE’s entire set that the first few seconds of his theme means bodies will be broken, and more importantly, tickets will be sold.

    Shane McMahon vs. the Undertaker in Hell In A Cell at WrestleMania Star could either be a severely underwhelming match, or a bloodbath for the ages. Considering that both of these men are over the age of 45, we’re hoping it’s the former. Either way, Shane McMahon’s return and goal to “take over” RAW couldn’t have come at a better time. The fans are furious after Fastlane and want, nay, need change. We have the possibility of a brand split upon us (notice how SmackDown is slowly becoming significant again), and if Shane-O Mac pulls this off, he could successfully turn things around for the company, meaning one thing for them: HERE COMES THE MONEYYYY! MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY

    What are your thoughts on Shane McMahon’s theme? Let us know in the comments below!


    When he isn't writing Smark Henry's #ThemeSongTuesday column, Lorenzo Magnaye hosts the #HomeRun on 99.5 PlayFM. It's a good thing, too, since his childhood consisted mostly of watching professional wrestling and listening to his parents on the radio. He's only recently rekindled his love for the WWE, and has been trying to make up for missing out on everything post-WrestleMania XX by praying to Seth Rollins thrice a day. Follow him on Twitter: @RenzoSaurus!
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