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    Saturday, February 27, 2016

    SmackDown RunDown (2/25/16): Welcome Back, Mauro!

    And that’s why I’m the chump! Welcome to another smacktacular edition of SmackDown RunDown. I’m your host, Ricky, and this week was the return of the smooth, buttery voice of Mauro Ranallo on commentary. So what’s in store for Super Mauro’s return? Let’s get down to it. 

    The Hottest Tag Team Today… Plus Mark Henry

    Chris Jericho and AJ Styles, two of the best wrestlers today, formed a super tag team last Monday on RAW and it was awesome. They can either form the best tag team of the year and win the bronze titles come Wrestlemania Star, or Y2J can just turn on AJ and face each other on the Grandest Stage of Them All in a more personal rubber match. We’ll always see sparks fly when these two share a squared circle.

    We got a sample of how well Y2AJ gel as they teamed up with the almighty Mark Henry to face the New Day in this week’s fun main event. Before the match, Mark Henry volunteered himself as Y2AJ’s partner in a backstage segment that let Styles show us his lighter side. We got more of Styles’ comedic chops during the match when the trio did an impression of the New Day by gyrating their booteys. That made me chuckle.

    Look at Mizark get jiggy with it. Shake it, big guy!
    It was a solid match with fast-paced action towards the end. Jericho sacrificed himself to save Styles from a Trouble in Paradise and Styles, for his part, made Xavier Woods tap with a Calf Crusher. I think I’m starting to like the Calf Crusher as a finisher more than the Styles Clash. I guess that’s now his WWE finisher. No complaints here.

    The bronze titles might be AJ's first taste of WWE gold.
    Express Thoughts:

    • Triple H opened the show with a lackluster promo that could’ve been written better. His speech felt like that Jericho promo when he was channeling his 1999 persona. He just enumerated his monikers towards the end and he didn’t really say anything substantial. I still appreciate his appearance, though. That bloody bandage was a nice yet disgusting gesture. I’m not really hyped for the Wrestlemania Star main event, but I’d still watch it.

    • Becky Lynch faced Natalya in a match… And that’s about it. TamiNaomi interfered and attacked poor Natty and Becky but ZsaZsa Banks came in for the save. Please, Creative, make the Divas match at WM 32 a triple threat. Don’t try and throw us a twist of some sort. Just a triple threat Divas title match. Thank you.

    • R-Truth got some airtime by defeating Heath Slater with an assist from Goldust. This segment was supposed to be a pee-break match, but it was actually more decent than the other matches. It was well-structured and it was given enough time to flourish. Now that Goldust redeemed himself to Truth, will it finally kickstart Golden Truth?

    • Kevin Owens and D-Von Dudley both won in their respective matches in the crappiest of ways. D-Von defeated Jey Uso in a very short match via rollup. They couldn’t work a decent match for at least a little longer? I get it, the Dudleyz are heel now, but that doesn’t mean their matches have to be that short. Meanwhile, Kevin Owens defeated Big Show via count-out. This was an interesting matchup but the match itself was awfully executed. Why would Big Show climb to the top rope anyway? Was he that desperate to murder KO with his humungous body and get a shot at the I.C. title?

    • SmackDown currently has the best commentary team. Mauro Ranallo is the man with the golden voice, Jerry Lawler is the annoyingly awesome wisecrack, and Byron Saxophone is the whipping boy. I love it.  
    SMACKDOWN RUNDOWN: From a very premium episode last week, this episode felt short. The only stand out match was the fun main event and most of the matches were either way too short or way too sloppy. Good thing Mauro is back. I’ll have to give this episode a B.

    Did you enjoy this week’s SmackDown? Were you impressed by AJ Styles’ dance moves? Vent out your comments down below. Peace!

    Photos from WWE.com

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