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    Monday, February 15, 2016

    PWR Grapevine (2/15/16): Major Star Rumored To Return At Vendetta?

    Five days from now, the Philippine Wrestling Revolution returns to war with PWR Vendetta 2016 at the iAcademy Auditorium in Makati City. But amidst all the buzz building over the announced matches, the rumor mills are whirring at high gear over the supposed return of a major PWR star at the show.

    We’ve heard a lot of names being floated—some of them very familiar to current PWR fans, while others may seem downright obscure to anyone who wasn't following the promotion in its early years. Let's take a look at some of the more memorable talents who's gone missing in action, and figure out who this supposed balikbayan could be.


    Mayhem Brannigan

    Photo by Hub Pacheco.
    The leader of the Ryot Squad seemed destined for great things in PWR after rocketing to a 5-1 win-loss record to start his career. But after being taken out by the Fighters 4 Hire Miguel Rosales and Joey Bax at PWR Renaissance 2015 last September, we haven’t heard a peep from the masked marauder. We seriously miss the brand of chaos he sows; his infamous second-floor balcony dive will live on forever as an iconic moment in Philippine wrestling. But even his own official Facebook page has gone mostly dark, and he’s nowhere to be found on the list of active talents on PWR’s roster

    Perhaps his shoulder rehabilitation isn't going as smoothly as hoped. Perhaps his daredevil antics have taken a greater toll on his body than anyone knew. Perhaps we'll never see him again in a PWR ring. Who knows what's next for Mayhem Brannigan?

    THE Nelson Jr.

    Screencap from the official PWR YouTube channel.
    Raise your hand if you remember THE Nelson Jr., the affable hoopster-cum-grappler who made his flash-in-the-pan debut at Renaissance 2014 against Kanto Terror in a two-on-one Kanto Kaos Klassic match, only to slink away in defeat and never be seen again. While there may have been more Santino Marella in him than Montel Vontavious Porter, we always felt there was promise in a wrestler who could represent the deepest passion of our basketball-crazy nation.

    Mike Vargas

    Graphic via GeekyPinas.com.
    Depending on who you ask, Mike Vargas was supposed to be either the next big thing in Philippine pro wrestling, or its biggest flop. Despite his unimpressive everyman appearance, the man was booked like star in his one and only PWR appearance at PWR Renaissance 2014, going undefeated (fine, it’s just 1-0, but still), inciting a deafening “Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks” chant from the crowd, and running in to make the save for “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon with Bombay Suarez and Mayhem Brannigan during a massive beatdown by the Royal Flush. 

    Could “The Maverick” be making a comeback in 2016? We don't know if he's got the fire (or even the real talent) for the sport, but for one night he was a star—who's to say lightning can't strike twice?

    Kanto Terror

    Photo by Hub Pacheco.
    "Ang Siga ng Kanto Tinio" was one of the most beloved PWR talents among casual fans. His iconic drunken entrance to the strains of The Teeth's "Laklak" was local wrestling's equivalent of ECW's Sandman coming out to Metallica's "Enter Sandman" back in the day—infectious, catchy, and ridiculously over-the-top. Never mind if he couldn't wrestle his way out of a paper bag and spent half of his matches laid out on the apron; the dude had the rare gift of connecting with wrestling audiences. 

    Kanto Terror has been out of action since August, when a gruesome attack by The Apocalypse left him with a lacerated eyeball. Eye injuries are notoriously tricky—either you recover from them, or you don't. We're optimistic on this one, and hope that Vendetta marks the end of KT's six-month hiatus.

    Robin Sane

    Photo via PWR.
    Before there was John Sebastian, before there was Main Maxx, "Classical" Bryan Leo's running buddy in the Royal Flush was a man called Robin Sane. Though little was ever revealed about the OG Jack of All Trades, we do know he was a heavily-inked, high-flying hand in the ring, going move for move in his one match in PWR history against Mayhem Brannigan until getting rushed to Makati Medical Center with a nasty concussion. We haven't seen him since then, but think he'd be an amazing fit in the PHX division. After all, he does own the distinct honor of being the first man in PWR to attempt a top-rope move: a missed Swanton Bomb that ultimately led to his defeat.

    We do know one thing: There's a gaping hole in the Royal Flush right now after Sebastian's promotion to Ace. With Maxx filling the Perfect 10 slot, and Leo and Scarlett reigning as King and Queen, why not award the role of Jack to the man who never lost it outright?


    Who do you think is making his big return to PWR, Revo-Nation? Could we finally see the return of Mayhem Brannigan? Will Kanto Terror have straightened his issues out? Or are we getting obscure returnees from the annals of PWR's early history? Let us know in the comments, and we'll see you at Vendetta this Saturday!


    PWR Vendetta is happening on February 20, Saturday, at the iAcademy Auditorium in Makati City. Gates open at 6PM, with the main show starting at 7PM. Ticket prices are at P400 for VIP seating inclusive of a meet-and-greet with your favorite PWR stars, with standard seating at P300. Tickets can be purchased at The Appraisery at Cubao Expo starting today until February 19, or at the show venue itself on February 20. For inquiries, go to the official PWR Vendetta Facebook event page.
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