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    Saturday, January 23, 2016

    SmackDown RunDown (1/21/16): May the Odds Be in Roman’s Favor

    When my hand goes up, it’s time to smack things down! Welcome to another edition of SmackDown RunDown with the ever-so-sleepy Ricky. It’s that time of the year again. Rumble season is one of my favorite wrestling seasons. You just never know what’s going to happen. This week, SmackDown was certainly bitten by the Rumble bug as the competitors plead their cases for the last time before entering the biggest Royal Rumble match in recent memory.

    Bray Wyatts’ Second Coming

    Last year when I told the Wyatt Family to look for a bigger fish to fry, I never thought they would fry a fish as big as Brock Lesnar. That certainly kept my mouth shut. This week, the domination of the Wyatts continue as the head of the Family defeated Ryback earlier during the show. That match has the sole purpose of pushing Bray Wyatt back to the monster he was last year and I have no complaints there. Ryback was also impressive during the match with his updated moveset but he was there to lose anyway. It’s also interesting to see Wyatt aspire for the world title. Now he's chasing something more feasible. Maybe that will garner him more success.

    Roman Reigns faced the entire League of Nations in this week’s main event and as always, it ended in a chaotic brawl. The match was so-so at best, I didn’t expect a straight-up conclusion. What made this interesting was who came up on top and it’s the Wyatt Family. This sudden Wyatt push may be late at this point, but this adds another dangerous torrent to Roman Reign’s already stacked odds. Now we have more candidates to win on Sunday. The more, the merrier I say.

    The Very First Episode of DeanTV

    The last confrontation of Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens wasn’t chaotic but it was still decent. Dean Ambrose was the guest on MizTV that clearly no one cares about and after interrupting The Miz, Ambrose went on and hosted the debut episode of DeanTV (an improvement from MizTV, I say) where he gave us a tour of his roller coaster of pain. Kevin Owens then came out and after some banter, The Miz attacked Dean Ambrose from behind. KO gave Miz a pop-up for his efforts, but Dean Ambrose was able to recover and fought off KO. The last man standing match will definitely steal the show on Sunday. I feel slightly bad for The Miz though. Just slightly.

    Triple Superkicks Should be a Thing

    This week’s episode only had one match that stood out. The New Day faced the Usos and honorary Samoan Dolph Ziggler in a fun 6-man tag match. That triple superkick was awesome. These three always put on a good show and I’m glad they let Dolph Ziggler win again. I have to ask though, what happened to New Day’s mean streak? Remember when they were dominating big stars like John Cena and Ambrose? I’m just reminding Creative that these three could be the meanest heel group in the roster.

    SMACKDOWN RUNDOWN: This week’s SmackDown was pretty match just a throw-away go-home episode with a few statements being made. I didn’t bother rating all the matches since only one match was given enough time to develop and that wasn’t even the main event. I can understand that, everyone just wants to see the Rumble already. I’d give this episode a C.

    The off-cam birthday celebration was fun, though. I enjoy moments like that where everyone in the locker room breaks kayfabe for one special occassion. I guess R-Truth is a really important figure backstage. Happy 50th birthday, R-Truth. That's what's up.

    Express Thoughts:

    • Becky and Charlotte’s last interaction before the Royal Rumble was disappointing. I get it, Becky Lynch has to look strong and hey, Alicia Fox wrestled, but I was expecting more. This should be a big deal, right? No contract signing or an epic verbal back-and-forth? Yeah, this episode felt lazy.

    • Another O’Neil vs Stardust match? Really? This rivalry means nothing. NOTHING.

    • #Kalisto2016 was taken out by the League of Nations. Yup, #Kalisto2016 is dead.

    • I like Roody Tooty Booty. It’s a fun chant. Hate me.

    Did you enjoy this week’s SmackDown? Are you excited for the Royal Rumble? Let me know down the comments below.

    Photos from WWE.com

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    Item Reviewed: SmackDown RunDown (1/21/16): May the Odds Be in Roman’s Favor Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Ricky Jay Publico
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