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    Friday, January 1, 2016

    PWR GM Mr. Sy: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

    A few hours before the world rang in 2016, Smark Henry talked to Philippine Wrestling Revolution General Manager Mr. Sy for a quick interview.

    He shared his favorite PWR moments in 2015, and sent a message to everybody on the year ahead.


    Smark Henry: First off, Mr. Sy, Happy New Year to you!

    Mr. Sy: And a Happy New Year to you, too!

    SH: What a 2015 it had been for you and for PWR. You mentioned at Terminus that it was your 1st year anniversary in PWR. How does it feel?

    Mr. Sy: I'm pleasantly surprised I've been able to keep control of the ship for this long! You'd have thought the inmates would have run the asylum already. But not on my watch.

    I'd say that in itself is an achievement worth celebrating.

    SH: Congratulations on that regard, Mr. Sy! Now, with that said, how will you describe PWR's growth in 2015 in one word?

    Mr. Sy: Rapid.

    SH: How so?

    Mr. Sy: Six shows in one calendar year, a new venue since November, several sold-out shows, 5 Bootcamp batches, and a loyal fanbase in the Revo-nation... That's way more than we imagined before 2015 even began!

    At some point, I was actually scared we were growing too fast.

    If we couldn't keep up with the pace we were growing, it would have been a huge problem. Thank goodness that wasn't the case.

    SH: Indeed. Speaking of growing fast, would it be difficult to name your Top 5 PWR moments?

    Mr. Sy: Quite, but I'll give it a try. These are my Top 5 moments, and mine alone, so go easy on me, Revo-Nation. In no particular order:

    1. JDL winning the PWR Championship at Wrevolution X and CBL's subsequent championship match. That just kickstarted the Bryan Leo era in PWR and it finally gave all the wrestlers a championship to aspire for.

    2. Ken Warren winning the PHX Championship. Even though he won it via questionable means, much to my chagrin, he breathed life to the PHX Championship by being the inaugural champion.

    3. Ralph Imabayashi winning the PWR Championship. Nobody, not even I, saw it coming. I knew he'd put up one hell of a fight, but when he actually got the pinfall, I was legitimately stunned on commentary. I was speechless for a good three seconds. That was one hell of a win!

    4. Chris Panzer beating Miguel Rosales to represent PWR and our country in MYPW as the #1 Contender for their Regional Championship. There are those who have written Chris Panzer off as an afterthought after losing to Ken Warren. And yet, he redeemed himself at Terminus and is now going to Malaysia to represent all of us. We hope his luggage is 25 pounds heavier after his trip to MYPW.

    5. For my last moment, I'm going to have to cheat and give it to both Mayhem Brannigan for his second-floor leap and Bombay Suarez for his flaming hand chop.
    Both guys pushed the limits to which our boys would compete, and they showed that sometimes, taking things to the extreme is the only way to get things done. They also showed just how tough and gritty the Filipino spirit is. We already know that from all the storms (both literal and figurative) our country has weathered. But to see these guys give it their all and risk life and limb for the Revo-nation, you can't teach that.

    SH: Great choices! Now from the moments to the wrestlers themselves. To borrow Booker T's favorite phrase, who are in your Fave 5 for 2015?

    Mr. Sy: You know I can't do that, Smark Henry.

    SH: Even in your personal opinion?

    Mr. Sy: I get enough heat for being fair already. And I'm supposed to be a man of opportunity. So, nope.

    SH: Fair enough. So, this question instead: is there anyone who had made your 2015 difficult?

    Mr. Sy: Of course there is. Or rather, are. Sometimes, I feel more like a school principal than a general manager with all these personalities I juggle on a daily basis.

    The Royal Flush can be a pain in the neck for everyone they come across. But they're one solid group, and they back it up in the ring for the most part. So it's safe to say I can expect more of the same next year.

    The Network is another obstacle. I mean, Idol tried to win Path of Gold to sell one of the championships. That's insane! And it's also disrespectful to everybody who's ever held a championship

    And then there's the Apocalypse who is just a different monster altogether.

    SH: It may or may not be those wrestlers you just mentioned, but on the flip side, some are saying that you made their 2015 difficult. How would you respond to that?

    Mr. Sy: My dad always said, "You can't expect everyone to react the way you want them to."

    All I do is set the rules and follow them. And if you don't play by the rules, then you're going to suffer the consequences. It's as simple as that.

    SH: Last question, Mr. Sy. 2016 is looking to be another great year for PWR. Imabayashi as the new PWR champ, Panzer going to Malaysia, Jake de Leon winning the Path of Gold, "Classical" Bryan Leo seeking to take back the gold...

    What can you say to the PWR stars and to the Revo-nation about what's in store for them in 2016?

    Mr. Sy: If you thought 2015 was an explosive year for PWR, then you have no idea what 2016's about to bring. We've set quite the bar for ourselves, but as a company, PWR is going to eclipse that and do even better by this time next year.

    There will be more opportunities, more surprises, more PWR wrestlers, and more of PWR in 2016, so you better be watching!

    And of course, I have to leave a message to my wrestlers in PWR. Whatever you've got planned for 2016, heed my warning and my challenge. I'll be watching.

    SH: Thank you very much, Mr. Sy! Cheers and more power to PWR in 2016!

    Mr. Sy: Cheers to that!

    All photos by Hub Pacheco.
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