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    Friday, January 1, 2016

    Just Announced: PWR Live for January 2016

    Heads up, Revo-Nation! The Philippine Wrestling Revolution is exploding back into action on January 31, Sunday, with their ninth show, PWR Live. And thanks to the wonders of the Internet (not to mention their brand-new official website), we've got our first look at the complete show card.

    The events at last year's Terminus show left us with lots of juicy threads to pick up in the new year, and we were mighty intrigued over how PWR would resolve these moving forward.

    Some of the most burning issues:

    • Ralph Imabayashi is the new PWR Champion, but what does the deposed champion "Classical" Bryan Leo have planned for the Fil-Japanese Sensation?
    • Chris Panzer is going to Malaysia to represent the Philippines in the battle for MyPW's Southeast Asia Champion, but not before leaving Miguel Rosales of the Fighters 4 Hire with a major concussion. Will the other half of F4H, Joey Bax, be gunning for revenge?
    • Reigning PHX Champion Ken Warren was notably missing in action while on vacation in the United States. How is the champ going to kick off 2016?
    • Bombay Suarez finally got his comeuppance over the Royal Flush, but in one of the most shocking moments of the night, he was eliminated by Peter Versoza in the Path of Gold match. Will the "Bitch Killer" be looking to redeem himself from this embarrasing loss?
    • We've seen James "Idol" Martinez of The Network make his debut in the PWR ring, but comedy spots and downline run-ins aside, what exactly is The Network up to?
    • Will Mark D. Manalo's surge into the upper card continue? He put up an honorable showing in the Hair-versus-Mask match against The Apocalypse, but we're pretty sure he didn't appreciate the Royal Flush's John Sebastian running in to complete his humiliating head-shaving. How will the Pride of Batangas bounce back?

    We're in luck, because these are exactly the same questions that PWR Live seems like it will address.

    The Champ Is Here

    How damn happy were you to see Ralph Imabayashi knock "Classical" Bryan Leo out with his Sonic Crusher to win the PWR Championship? Leo had been an insufferable elitist throughout his reign as champ, and was madly in need of a good dressing down to put him in his place.

    Imabayashi's championship win doesn't just put him on top of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution, he also made history by being the first man to pin Bryan Leo in a one-on-one match since Jake De Leon pulled off the feat in 2014. That alone deserves a big-ass celebration. Let's see how the Pocket Rocket welcomes in the Age of Imabayashi in style.

    Classics Never Go Out Of Style... Or Shut Up

    And speaking of Bryan Leo, it looks like he'll be getting the chance to vent off some steam after what must have been a frustrating holiday season for him.

    All champions are entitled to a rematch clause, and the Classical One never struck us as the man with the most EQ; will he be looking to invoke his stipulated rematch against the new champion that same night? Our money says yes. Leo lives and breathes to be PWR Champion, and we're sure each day that the gold has been out of his grasp has been pure torture.

    Look for major repercussions coming out of this, folks.


    And speaking of major announcements, it looks like Ken Warren will be returning to the ring to defend his PHX Championship.

    If you've been checking out his official Facebook page, the Social Media Sinister has been having the time of his life during his holiday tour in the USA. As owner of the longest active winning streak in PWR at three wins, we're sure the Human Trending Topic is raring to put his stamp all over 2016 right from the get-go. Let's see what the #OGofIG has planned.

    Open-Minded Ka Ba?

    Let's all be honest: After all the expenses and spending over the Christmas holidays, January just sucks from a financial point of view. But The Network just might have the answer for anyone feeling the pinch as the new year starts.

    That's right, downlines! It's time for the one event we've all been waiting for—the official product orientation for The Network's portfolio of goods! After seeing how those Idol Supplements helped James "Idol" Martinez pick up a win over JDL, or how that PoWeR Drink helped him topple the 300-pound Rederick Mahaba in his first two in-ring showings, we can't wait to see what kind of business opportunity they've got in store for all of us.

    Will Peter Versoza Be Bombay's Next Bitch?

    If there's one thing you don't do when you're a PWR star, it's crossing Bombay Suarez's path. And it looks like Bombay is out for blood after getting embarrassed by Peter Versoza in the Path of Gold match.

    Bombay and Versoza are two of the greatest pure athletes in PWR today, coming in at #10 and #9 respectively in our 2015 PWR Power Rankings. They should have no problem putting on the match of the night. We have to wonder how smart Versoza is though by signing this match; we get that he's looking to make a name for himself after breaking free from Dual Shock, but couldn't he have chosen a safer target to make an enemy of? Here's one great chance for Bombay to prove once and for all that he is the Big Dog of the PWR ring, and Peter Versoza is just one more bitch.

    The Promdi Meets The Ace

    You know who isn't a bitch? Mark D. Manalo. After beginning 2015 as a comedy talent partnering with the buffoonery of Kanto Terror, Manalo authored an end-year surge that showed everyone he's got the goods. John Sebastian wants to be the big spoiler in his surprising rise to the upper-midcard though, and has challenged Manalo to a match.

    This should be a highly entertaining contest. Manalo has one of the best submission games in the country today, while Sebastian's strong-style offense has taken him to big wins over such men as Imabayashi and Bombay in the past. The Ace of the Royal Flush is nursing a bruised ego after coming up winless at Terminus and will be looking to bounce back with a win over a dude he shamelessly belittles as a "carabao" or a "squatter" on social media. But never underestimate the hunger of Mark D. Manalo; he's got something to prove, and 2016 just might be his year.

    Joey Bax Crush!

    In a nice little nod to continuity, we're in for a high-octane contest as Chris Panzer brings his crowd-pleasing skills against the dangerous Joey Bax.

    The Fighters 4 Hire, if you'll recall, laid a brutal beatdown on Chris Panzer at PWR Renaissance last year after his balls-out battle with Mayhem Brannigan in the PHX Championship semifinals. And just like the North, Panzer remembers. Apart from winning the chance to represent the Philippines in a Malaysian inter-promotional match, we're pretty sure he got some major satisfaction out of kicking Miguel Rosales' teeth out of his skull with his Panzerschreck kick at PWR Terminus 2015, and is totally #sorrynotsorry over leaving him with a concussion. Joey Bax is obviously not happy with that, and will be looking to carve Panzer up with his trademark submission repertoire to avenge his buddy. This will be a hard-hitting match-up with no survivors, but we expect Panzer to pick up the win and ride the momentum into his trip to Malaysia.


    What match are you most looking forward to at PWR Live this January, Revo-Nation? Do you think Bryan Leo will be ending Imabayashi's reign before it can pick up steam, or will the Fil-Japanese Sensation swat down his challenge one more time? Do you think Peter Versoza can topple the Big Dog, or will he be just another bitch? Leave us your thoughts below, and hey, if you've got time, click on over to PWR Central for more news and updates on your favorite PWR superstars.

    PWR Live will be on January 31, 2016 at the iAcademy Auditorium in Salcedo Village, Makati. Availability and pricing of tickets will be announced soon. For more details, stay tuned to the official Philippine Wrestling Revolution Facebook page.
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