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    Wednesday, January 13, 2016

    Impact Wrestling Results (1/12/16): Angle vs. Galloway, EC3/Hardys

    It's high drama and an exciting main event match on this week's Impact Wrestling!

    Angle vs. Galloway

    In the first leg of Kurt Angle's "Farewell Tour", TNA fans were treated to a wonderful match between Angle and Drew Galloway at the main event.

    In the end, Angle hits a Super Olympic Slam on Galloway to win!

    Jeff Hardy Back in Action

    The new TNA World Champion Ethan Carter III, along with Tyrus, started Impact Wrestling with a speech on how winning the TNA World Title Series was vindication for him.

    Jeff Hardy then emerged to hand EC3 a letter, saying that he's been cleared by doctors to wrestle! Jeff followed it up by challenging EC3 to a World Title match!

    EC3 denied his request, and instead started an "open challenge" for Jeff. The champ introduced Jeff's opponent: Shynron from CHIKARA! As a bonus, EC3 provided entrance music for him:

    The newcomer held his own, but Jeff took care of him with a Twist of Fate for the win!

    Matt Hardy's Offer

    Meanwhile, in the debut of Mr. Anderson's in-ring segment, "Huh?!", Matt Hardy was accompanied by wife Reby Sky and their son. After saying he wants another shot at the World Title, Matt announced he'll make an offer EC3 can't refuse.

    In another segment, that offer was revealed: If Matt loses in his World Title Match vs. EC3, he'll leave TNA forever. EC3 then upped the ante: it will be a Last Man Standing match! And it happens next week!

    Beer Money Drinks, EY Steals

    Bobby Roode and James Storm held a "Beer Money Drunk & Ready Show" in the ring to bury the hatchet between them and start anew as the best tag team in the business.

    But Eric Young and Bram were having none of it. He recalled his beef with Roode, then challenged him to put Roode's King of the Mountain title on the line against him!

    In the final moments, Roode caught EY from up top and hit the Roode Bomb, but Bram pulled the ref out as he counted the pin. Storm then spit beer onto Bram's face and he and Roode laid him out with a double suplex!

    But EY attacked Storm from behind and kicked Roode in the balls! One piledriver later, and Eric Young is the new KOTM Champ!

    Knockouts Street Fight

    The Dollhouse took on The Beautiful People once again, but this time in a Street Fight! Awesome Kong imposed her will on Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky, while Jade (and Marti and Rebel at ringside) provided back-up. In the end, Jade hit the Package Piledriver on Madison to prove that The Dollhouse is unstoppable!

    EC3 meets The Miracle

    Backstage, "The Miracle" Mike Bennett and Maria approached Tyrud and EC3. After praising EC3, Bennett talked about going after the TNA World Title, but EC3 warned him to be careful what he wishes for.

    Champs vs. X Division

    TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves teamed up with X Division Champion Tigre Uno to face Tigre Uno's 3 other opponents at the One Night Only PPV.

    The X Division team was not a cohesive unit, unfortunately, and things only got worse when Jessie Godderz accidentally hit teammate DJ Z!

    DJ Z later cost his team the match after superkicking Jessie outta nowhere. The tag champs took advantage, and they pick up the victory!

    Quick Results:

    1. Jeff Hardy def. Shynron

    2. Street Fight Match: The Dollhouse (Awesome Kong and Jade) (w/ Marti and Rebel) def. The Beautiful People (Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky)

    3. King of the Mountain Championship: Eric Young (w/ Bram) def. Bobby Roode (w/ James Storm) via a low blow and a piledriver to win the title

    4. Six-man Tag Team Match: X Division Champion Tigre Uno and TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards) def. DJ Z, Jessie Godderz, and Eli Drake

    5. Kurt Angle def. Drew Galloway via the Super Olympic Slam
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