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    Friday, January 15, 2016

    #FinisherFriday (1/15/16): #TRENDING with the Social Outcasts

    Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to another special edition of Smark Henry's very own happy balance, your literary legdrop, and intellectual brain chop, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttssssssss.....


    A lot has been happening these past few weeks in the wrestling world, mainly because of overworked brittle bones, defecting factions, and a true one-versus-all storyline. But what has been lost in the process is an interesting direction that the WWE has been traversing recently. It's no secret that the biggest wrestling promotion has been lagging in the creative side of things lately and that upper management has been trying to shake things up a bit with recent hirings and movements behind the curtain.

    And with this new creative direction births one of the most absurdly logical booking decisions the WWE has made. By taking four of their most talented half-baked superstars, giving them the most self-aware gimmick out there, and their own touch of creativity, the E has found a way to (1) sate the IWC, (2) keep their disgruntled superstars to a minimum, and (3) create a potential gold mine of uber-over talents and sold merchandise. You could even probably call this the New Day formula.

    With a motley crew consisting of a never-lonely journeyman, derailed party fiend, inspiration junkie, and uhm, an off-the-chain lunatic, you can only expect the beauty in chaos or a much glorified train wreck. Either way, it makes great TV!

    And in typical, #FinisherFriday fashion, we introduce to you, our Smark Henry fanatics, this newly introduced stable, along with their members' signature (or lack of) moves.

    Spoiler Alert: Generic Finishers galore!

    Here we go!


    From the Nexus to 3MB, Heath has always found himself alongside buddies that can watch his back. Of course, all groups fell to avalanches from men who cannot be seen, whether in upper management or some cartoony character. You have to wonder though whether Heath being called the One Man Band has something to do with these disbandings.

    Either way, Mr. Slater has had a bevy of finishers worthy of an article in itself. In the video below, he showcases four of his main moves:
    1.  A jumping Sleeper Slam
    2. Spinning Spinebuster
    3. The Sweetness, which in the video shows an inverted DDT, but is also named after his version of the Edgecution
    4. Paydirt, a leaping reverse STO

    He should add School Boy to the list, IMO.


    Weeeeell bay-beeeeh, the former Exotic Express conductor has now found himself under the rose bush in his latest entanglement with the #SocialOutcasts. Don't get me wrong, he's the perfect fit for this band of scalawags with his off-the-rails druggie gimmick now. Maybe he could transcend to become the Robert Downey Jr. of wrestling and unleash his Cravate Facebuster finisher, the Party Foul to all his bunnies buddies.

    Adam Rose can forget about being a bitter lemon for now and finally bloom for the rose that he is.


    Mah man!

    With arguably one of the toughest gimmicks in the roster and difficult-to-pull-off ring gear, Bo Dallas has been salivating for this opportunity to showcase his skills. This man is too talented to be a glorified whipping boy to the legends. Joining up with Heath and the guys, as well as changing his finisher (nope, not the lame-ass Bo Dazzler), to an Au Revoir-ish spinning suplex, Bo really has something to Bo-lieve about.

    Now if he can just find a way to Bo-wear something else..


    Probably the most solid wrestler of the bunch (can't discount his impressive Royal Rumble stint), this dude has jumped from the best manager in the biz to the hungriest wrestler out there. Even barring his Axelmania stylings, Axel is really lost up there, #iykwim. But what he offers to the #SocialOutcasts is the unpredictability and unstability. Not sure if that fits in the group's mission and vision, but hey, I doubt they even have a direction.

    Interestingly enough, his Hangman's Facebuster (hilariously named "The Axehole") mirrors Adam Rose's Party Foul.

    Perfect. I guess great minds really do think alike.


    Now while this does not guarantee that this new 3 4MB gimmick will bless these men with skyrocket pushes or wrestling gold, what we can expect is a whole lot of fresh content, overdue mic and ring time, and a whole new level of wrestling fun! 

    Now, where is my RiteMed penicillin, 'cause this ish is about to get viral!

    This guy doesn't need this group.


    Lynch Imbat (@imbatlynch) has a few constant things going on in his life: his family, his comics and his wrestling. Through taking plastic chair head shots and Pedigrees on schoolyard concrete, Lynch's discovery of pro wrestling has altered his understanding of the intricacies of the world through finely crafted storylines and savagely fought feuds. Now that he has found a community of wrestling marks, he continues to learn and understand more while waiting for the right crowd to do a suicide dive onto.
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