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    Friday, January 29, 2016

    #FinisherFriday (1/29/16): A LIVE to look forward to!

    For the thousands in attendance and the millions that have yet to see this, we welcome you, dear Henrinites to your weekly dose of literary legdrops and intellectual brain chops with...


    Now while we have been in the midst of an immense #Markdown week in wrestling, we find ourself mere days away from Philippine Wrestling Revolution's 2016 kickoff show with PWR Live: Road to Vendetta happening on January 31st!

    With big developments from the last show of Terminus, we are expecting a whole lotta tsuuus, meayows, along with hard-hitting and slobber-knocking in-ring action from vengeful bitch-killers, product orientations, and returning champions, Truly, it gets better as it ages as this fourth installment of PWR Live has a lot in store for the Revo-nation!

    Of course, not you Bryan Leo..

    With a stacked card from top to bottom, there is definitely a lot to look forward to, especially with a lineup stacked with potential highlights and show-stealers from budding PWR stars and their respective top moves. For this show specifically, we look at FOUR moves that play a big narrative for the upcoming shows. Excited? Let's go!

    Chris Panzer's Panzerschreck

    The leader of the Panzer Army has been riding on a high these past months as he ended 2015 strong by earning a shot for the Malaysia Pro Wrestling Regional Championship. He literally booted himself into the match by taking Miguel Rosales of the Fighters for Hire in a grueling match in Terminus. Will we see this beautiful specimen of a man carry over this hot streak as he takes on the other half of F4H in "Coldhearted" Joey Bax?

    John Sebastian's Killshot

    In every PWR show since his debut, John Sebastian has been continuously knocking it out of the park in both exceptional ring work and annoying the PWR crowd, well, at least until Terminus. With the Royal Flush reelings, can the Cutthroat pull out another ace up his sleeve and continue his resurgence by looking to smash everyone's favorite promdi, Mark D. Manalo with his trademark running knee strike, the Killshot? Now that's something I'm sure we can see.

    Peter Versoza Swing

    Actually this is only one of the many devastating and innovative moves from the Man from the North, which we here at the Smark Henry boiler rooms would loooooooove to see again! 

    After finally moving on from SANDATA and a strong showing at the Path of Gold, it seems like Mr. Versoza is taking the keys to the VIP and moving up the ladder to take on the heart and soul of PWR, "Mr. Bitchkiller" himself, Bombay Suarez. Aside from his double knee gutbuster called the Karne Norte and his Petegree, we can only anticipate more moves that Peter will bring to the party.

    Ken Warren's WIFI

    Thank the internet gods that the #‎KWsUSAHolidayTour ‬is finally over, which means we will be catching a glimpse of the elusive Social Media Sinister, Ken Warren this coming Live!

    Now while this PHX Champion has a lot of things to say #obvs, we cannot wait to see him back in the ring and putting his feet to good use, which is through his Winning Finish combo of a spinning back fist to a superkick to the back of the head. Will he teach us the ways of GIF making or Facebook algorithms? We hope so. As long as he is back, #withFNfilter of course.


    Enjoy Sunday's best with PWR LIVE: Road to Vendetta happening on January 31st, at the iAcademy Auditorium! Check out their official Facebook event page for more details!

    GIFS taken from the Youtube pages of PWR, Rappler, and Solar Sports.



    Lynch Imbat (@imbatlynch) has a few constant things going on in his life: his family, his comics and his wrestling. Through taking plastic chair head shots and Pedigrees on schoolyard concrete, Lynch's discovery of pro wrestling has altered his understanding of the intricacies of the world through finely crafted storylines and savagely fought feuds. Now that he has found a community of wrestling marks, he continues to learn and understand more while waiting for the right crowd to do a suicide dive onto.
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