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    Monday, January 4, 2016

    The #DivasRevolution in 2015: What Happened?

    With the so-called #DivasRevolution having seemingly fizzled out in late 2015, it seemed like there was no point anymore in keeping tabs with the win-loss records of the three Diva trios, like what we did back in August, when this storyline was three weeks old.

    But the data might still tell us how each of the nine Divas were handled in the last half of 2015, and offer a peek into what could be their fate in 2016.

    We'll delve into the stats on how each Diva had been booked, as well as the collective efforts of Team PCB, Team B.A.D. and Team Bella (as if it were a serious affair). But first, a quick recap on the history of the #DivasRevolution.

    Hoping we'd be able to capture this exact "OMG!" moment again...

    July 2015. WWE was running out of ideas on what to do with its Divas division and how to call up three of the best women wrestlers from NXT. So they figured, why not do everything in one go?

    With Stephanie McMahon doing the honors—because, why not—she introduced Paige (who at the time was pursuing Nikki Bella and her Divas Championship), followed by Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks. They joined a gloating Nikki Bella, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox in the ring. Shortly after, Naomi and Tamina headed out.

    Battle lines were quickly drawn. A brawl ensued. Submissions were applied. Hands were raised. And the revolution was on with Team PCB (Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch), Team B.A.D. (Sasha Banks, Naomi, and Tamina) and Team Bella (Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, and Alicia Fox).

    WWE fans were treated to exciting permutations of match-ups among the trios, but it was soon evident that the matches were just that: random matches out of the WWE Creative slot machine.

    Then Charlotte won the Divas Title at Night of Champions, Paige betrays her teammates, Natalya joined the fray but was quickly left out again, Nikki Bella got injured, and Charlotte was slowly turned heel at the end of 2015.


    Convoluted, isn't it? Now, let's look into the status of each Diva while this Revolution rolled on.

    Based on data from the trusty Internet Wrestling Database, there were 66 televised matches between any (or among all) of the three teams in 24 weeks since the Battleground PPV in July.1

    Here are their win-loss records of the Divas for those matches:

    Leading the pack in total win percentage was Charlotte, the current Divas Champion as of this posting. She had 27 matches over-all and won 19 of them, for a 70.37% total win percentage.

    Charlotte won in almost all of her singles matches, with a whopping 87.5% win rate, the only green-colored cell in the table above. She had only one loss (versus Brie Bella on the 11/24 Main Event) and incurred only one draw (versus Naomi on the 8/6 SmackDown). However, she fared low in tag matches, at only 45.45%, which should not be case in this "revolution."

    Heck, despite a major win at SummerSlam against the other two teams, Team PCB lost in all four six-Diva tag matches they were in, all against Team Bella. In fact, all three Team PCB members got the lowest team percentages, with Charlotte only slightly ahead of Tamina.

    Not far behind Charlotte in the leaderboard is her NXT colleague, Sasha Banks. She was victorious in 2/3 of her total matches (66.67%), with the same win rate for her individual and tag matches.

    Notice that she also logged the highest win % in tag team matches, with an 8-4 record.

    But, despite all these, and a terrific showing at NXT in her feud against Bayley to hand over the reins of their women's division, she was lost in the mix in the main roster and ultimately in the #DivasRevolution.

    She and Charlotte had the same # of total matches, and only both of them had more total wins than total losses. Plus, she was the top performer among Team B.A.D., yet she wasn't given the ball to show off her skills.


    Tying in third at 47.62% are Nikki Bella and Naomi, two emerging stand-outs even before the Revolution started.

    As the Divas Champion in July, Nikki (alongside her twin sister Brie and cohort Alicia) was seen to take on challenges from Team PCB and Team B.A.D. Sadly, that didn't happen.

    Throughout the course of this storyline in 2015, only Charlotte then later Nikki Bella and Paige got to face the Divas Champion on TV.

    Plus, Nikki was only in six singles matches, and won only two: on the 9/14 RAW when he surpassed AJ Lee's record for longest Divas Title reign (heck, it was a DQ win) and on the 10/12 RAW versus Naomi. Unfortunately, she only logged 21 matches in 2015, no thanks to a shoulder injury in November.

    Speaking of Naomi, despite a low singles win rate (28.57%), she made up for it in tag matches, winning in eight of 14, and ranking behind Sasha for the highest tag team win rate. She had shown signs of improvement, but has yet to be given the chance to step up.

    Team PCB, Team Bellas and Team B.A.D. in the only time (so far) all were in the same ring for a match.

    Another tie in 4th place at 40%, with Nikki's partners in crime, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox.

    Brie seems to be the underrated Diva in this storyline. Look at her numbers: she had the most # of matches, at 35, well ahead of Charlotte. She may have lost in nearly 3/4 of her matches, but tag team wins gave her a boost.

    As for Foxy, their booking of her compared to that in her pre-Revolution days was no different. Out of five singles matches, she won zero. Her eight victories were from tag team matches; a nice consolation, but not the way to rebuild Alicia as an asset.

    And then we go to the bottom three: Becky Lynch (at 38.46%), Tamina (33.33%), and Paige (17.65%).

    Becky, Paige and Charlotte—teammates, partners, NXT batchmates—were in a storyline that seemed like a spur, but later became the main road.

    Team PCB broke up shortly after Charlotte won the Divas Title at Night of Champions, and the focus shifted from all 9 Divas to just these 3 women. Quite frankly, the in-fighting among Team PCB replaced the Revolution.

    And yet, look at their win rates. Paige, unbelievably, had red cells for singles, tag team, and over-all win rate. Becky, on the other hand, had a string of losses and win rates only hovering around 40% that are not helping her case.

    As for Tamina, I'm really not sure what's WWE's plan for her or even what's up with her. She joined a match only on the 4th week, and only had a total of 9 matches since.

    Could you believe it: The biggest, most imposing Diva among all 9, but not making the most out of it?


    So, what happened during the #DivasRevolution in 2015?

    What it could have been: a classic "one-upswomanship" affair among all nine Divas in a series of matches, an excellent way to exhibit each Diva's talents equally, and a strong show of force by the Divas Division.

    What it turned out to be: a lame excuse to push a select few, a poor handling of the supporting cast, and a disgrace to the other hashtag movement in 2015 that should have equally mattered, #GiveDivasAChance.

    Bonus content!!!

    In spite of what happened in the #DivasRevolution in 2015, we'll pretend each match-up among any (or all) of the Diva trios is contested as if this was a game of "one-upwomanship." At least for this bonus content, every win or loss by any of the members will be tallied to her group's record.

    The leader among the three: Team B.A.D., with 20 matches won, 15 lost, and 3 ending in a draw, for a collective win percentage of 52.63%.

    Not far behind is the now-defunct Team PCB, with a 26-22-3 record (50.98%). Before Paige's betrayal in September, their record stood at 16-9-3 (57.14%). But since then, their "collective" performance tumbled, winning only 10 matches and losing 13 matches.

    Team Bella remained at the bottom of the rankings, with a measly 17-31 record (35.42%).


    How about when we pit each team against one another?

    * Team B.A.D vs. Team PCB (18 matches: 11-4-3) - Even before Night of Champions, Team PCB was on the losing end against Team B.A.D., winning only 4 matches (all one-on-one) and having 3 matches ending in a draw. Six of the 7 losses (and 2 of 3 draws) at this point involved Paige.

    In fact, Team PCB was winless versus Team B.A.D. since the September 7 episode of RAW.

    * Team B.A.D. vs. Team Bella (16 matches: 9-7) - Tamina finally joined the revolution on August 10 at RAW. Their first match as a trio was against Team Bella. They lost. Nevertheless, Team B.A.D. recovered and won in the next three six-Diva tag matches against Team Bella.

    Naomi and Sasha Banks were the workhorses for their team, with Naomi in 12 matches and Sasha in 11. But Naomi was only in five Team B.A.D. victories, while Sasha was in eight.

    * Team PCB vs. Team Bella (28 matches: 19-9) - Until Night of Champions, Team PCB had only one loss in 10 matches against any (or all) of Team Bella. That loss, curiously, was in the sole 6-diva tag match at that point, on the August 24 RAW.

    The two teams would have 3 more 6-Diva tag matches against one another, but Team Bella still prevailed in every single one.

    Note: The bar/border after Night of Champions marks the point when Team PCB broke up.

    OK, so we did the math, and 18+16+28 = 62. What were the other four matches? These were the ones involving representatives from each of the 3 teams.

    1) In the opening salvo at Battleground, Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks and Brie Bella.
    2) On the 8/20 SmackDown, Brie Bella def. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.
    3) At SummerSlam, Team PCB def. Team B.A.D. and Team Bella in a tag team elimination match.

    The fourth match, on the 11/2 RAW, saw Paige defeat Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Brie Bella to become the #1 contender to Charlotte's Divas Title. This was well into the Team PCB break-up, but we still included it because, yes, Paige and Becky were already feuding, but Divas from other teams were there, too, and they faced each other.

    1Notes on what matches were counted:

    - We excluded matches with Natalya, esp. when she teamed up with Becky Lynch and Charlotte, because she didn't officially become Paige's replacement. Sorry, Nattie, we love you, but Creative didn't put you in the #DivasRevolution. Again.

    - Of course, we excluded live events from the count, as well as the seven matches where Team PCB faced each other.

    - Lastly, the eight-Diva match at Tribute to the Troops was not counted, too. Because WWE forgot about the #DivasRevolution and randomly teamed up all Divas (sans the injured Nikki Bella).
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