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    Wednesday, December 30, 2015

    #WTFWednesday (12/30/15): Unlikely Tag Teams

    Welcome, Henrinites, to another edition of #WTFWednesday!

    This week brings us a little result of some crowdsourcing. Over at the Smark Gilas-Pilipinas Facebook group, one of our editors asked this question:

    Well, leave it to the good ol' SGP braintrust to come up with some very interesting combinations. We've picked out the cream of the crop, gave them a nice picture, and put them below for the world to see. Presenting: Unlikely Tag Teams!


    First up, George Pastor's Lock & Lock, featuring dual submission specialists in Kurt Angle and Chris Masters. Just like the Korean plastics company, this duo ensures that nothing escapes your grasp, whether it be your baon to work or the ankles/arms of your worst enemy. 

    Meanwhile, Leonard Carrasco came up with American Idol, comprised of The All-American American Jack Swagger and PWR newcomer James "Idol" Martinez. Geographic boundaries aside, this one makes sense. You've got Swagger, who has been nothing more than a footnote in the WWE as of late, teaming up with Idol, a local wrestler who's gaining a huge fanbase (or rather, downlines) online. The highly acclaimed Idol Supplements may be just what Swagger needs to push him back into the limelight. Idol, meanwhile, gets a new downline, and the chance to share his gift of prosperity to a wider audience across America.

    Okay, how about one that's actually feasible? Rennell Salumbre went with Sandatang Mahaba, an all-local tag team featuring local pro wrestlers SANDATA and Rederick Mahaba. With both men yet to pick up a win in their PWR careers so far, teaming up together may be just what they need to get the ball rolling.

    Also, we're not going to ask what exactly is mahaba here. SANDATA probably already knows what it is. Or not.

    More local (technically, it is) combinations: Jhace Jhace came up with Bo's Kofi, starring, well, Bo Dallas and Kofi Kingston. Heh. Well, bolieving and positivity are pretty similar, after all. Also, these two could pass for your friendly coffee shop barista, giving you coffee that keeps you bolieving in a positive day at work. This one made some of us a the Smark Henry offices chuckle.

    ..... yeah, this doesn't need any explanation, does it? You can thank Igi Espeleta for the idea.

    Mark De Joya came up with Adventure Time, based off the popular television series. Starring Jake the Dog Senyorito and Finn the Human Demon. Come on and grab your friends, because with these two, the fun will never end.

    Anthony Cuello, on the other hand, took a classic film and gave it a smark-y twist. Booty and the Beast pairs up Big E and Brock Lesnar for a duo full of power moves and ballroom dancing hip gyrations. These guys are more of a cross between Beast and Gaston, though, but points for the clever Disney reference.

    And finally, Enzo Tanos came up with a wrestling twist to one of the nation's most popular love teams, #JaDean, starring James Storm and Dean Ambrose. Naniniwala na ba kayo sa forever?

    Got any other unlikely tag team ideas? Let us know in the comments section below!

    Photos taken from WWE, PWR and TNA.
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