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    Wednesday, December 30, 2015

    Sin Cara Out For Three Months With A Dislocated Shoulder?

    What does 2015 have against shoulders? In a year where we've seen Randy Orton, Cesaro, Goldust, Hideo Itami, and Sami Zayn all go down with various shoulder-related injuries, it looks like we've got a sixth one to deal with.

    The high-flying Sin Cara of the Lucha Dragons tag team took to his official Twitter account to announce a dislocated shoulder following RAW this week.

    The injury reportedly came about during his singles match with Big E, one-third of the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions the New Day, after a massive back-first bump onto the ringside area.

    The Faceless One's shoulder was popped back into place immediately at ringside and he went on to finish the match, even landing a second-rope rolling senton onto the near-300 pound Big E.

    Looks like even after the original Sin Cara Luis Urive passed on his mantle to Jorge Arias, formerly known as Hunico, the Curse of Botch Cara remains. Arias indicates he'll be out for a short time, but doesn't go into specifics.

    A shoulder dislocation is fairly common among athletes in high-impact sports, i.e. pro wrestling, but isn't always the quickest to heal. Surrounding tissues are occasionally torn in this kind of injury, which is what seems to have happened to Cesaro and Orton on their own shoulders.

    Some people tear a rotator cuff tendon (bands of tissue that stretch over the top of the shoulder) as well as the labrum (the cuff of tough tissue surrounding and supporting the shoulder joint) when they dislocate their shoulder.

    At best, Sin Cara will be asked by his orthopedist to keep his arm immobile in a sling for two to three weeks while the soft tissues around his shoulder repair themselves. But even then, he will probably be asked to refrain from in-ring competition anywhere between six weeks to three months. A complete recovery usually takes between twelve to sixteen weeks, meaning there's an outside chance he can be back by WrestleMania season.

    A fan in attendance at the recent SmackDown tapings pointed out that Sin Cara was wearing a sling ringside as he accompanied his Lucha Dragon partner Kalisto, who was competing in a six-man tag with the Dudley Boyz.

    From all of us here at the Smark Henry offices, we wish the man behind the mask a safe and swift recovery.
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