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    Thursday, December 31, 2015

    Basic Smarkometrics: The Year-End PWR Power Rankings (#1 to #10)

    What's good, Revo-Nation? Welcome back to Part 2 of our year-end PWR Power Rankings, where we figure out how each wrestler did in 2015 using the power of #MATH! Yesterday, we counted down the bottom half of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's roster of talents, and to keep you filthy animals funky-fresh and up-to-date, here's how the #11 to #19 spots played out.

    19. Rederick Mahaba
    18. Vintendo
    17. James "Idol" Martinez
    16. Joey Bax
    15. Main Maxx
    14. Miguel Rosales
    13. Mark D. Manalo
    12. Kanto Terror
    11. SANDATA

    [Click here to read the full analysis on Part 1 of the PWR Power Rankings]

    Now it's time to measure up how the big boys stand as we count down the top ten performers for the year using our all-new proprietary Smarkometrics 2.0 ranking system.

    How Smarkometrics 2.0 Works

    As we detailed in Part 1, to climb to the top of our PWR Power Rankings, a wrestler needs to demonstrate all-around excellence in four key areas:

    We add up performance across all these factors, and rank each man accordingly based on their total scores.

    Spoiler alert: The year-end rankings were an incredibly close race, and with Ralph Imabayashi's PWR Championship-winning performance at Terminus, we were intrigued whether he'd done enough to leapfrog the topnotchers from previous Power Rankings like Mayhem Brannigan and "Classical" Bryan Leo.

    So enough with all this small talk, let's get this party turnt, young Henrinites!

    Power Rankings: Numbers 1 to 10

    As with yesterday, we've divided the roster into tiers based on a grading curve to help us cluster those wrestlers with similar performance quality throughout the year.

    The C+ Students

    Kicking things off at the #10 spot is the man widely regarded as the "Heart and Soul of PWR," Bombay Suarez.

    It pains us to place the Bitch Killer this low after he'd kicked off the year with such great promise, making it all the way to the PWR Championship Finals where he fell to inaugural champion Jake De Leon in a match we called one of the greatest of 2015.

    But since then, it's been an up-and-down ride for Bombay as he got derailed by the attentions of the Royal Flush. The middle of the year saw him skid into a three-match mini-slump before bouncing back with a satisfying tag victory over the pairing of John Sebastian and Main Maxx at Terminus.

    It's a shame, because one of the biggest thrills of watching a PWR event live is hearing the crowd go nuclear when the trademark "SCREAM MUTHAFUCKAAAAAAA" hook of his theme drops on the PA system and he bursts through the curtains with bad intentions in his eyes. Let's hope Suarez can re-focus and re-tool as we enter a new season, and climb back to the upper crust of our rankings where our hearts believe he should be.

    One slot ahead at #9 is the promising young gun known as Peter Versoza.

    Let's try to gloss over his pitiful win-loss record; the majority of that happened during his frustrating stretch tagging with SANDATA in Dual Shock before he finally snapped and struck out solo. Versoza boasts an all-around game with some of the flashiest offense in PWR, and proved he was the true alpha male of Dual Shock with a convincing win at PWR Live 2. 

    And let's not forget his impressive showing in the Path of Gold match at Terminus, where he was one of the final two participants in the all-star eight-man field after a shocking elimination of Bombay Suarez.

    The sky's the limit for the brash, charismatic P to the V. Armed with his deadly Petegree finisher and some new-found confidence, he has all the tools to be a cornerstone of Philippine wrestling for some time to come.

    The B- Students

    Chris Panzer will be heading to Malaysia to represent the Philippines in the race to be the Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW) Southeast Asia Champion, and we can't think of a better reason to slot him in at #8.

    A crowd darling among the PWR faithful since day one, the high-octane offense of Panzer is always a joy to watch. When he isn't busy eating fried chicken, the man fondly called "Papa P" by his Panzer Army keeps himself productive by fine-tuning his devastating Panzerschreck bicycle kick or his gorgeous frog splash.

    We'd have loved to rank Panzer higher, but we can't help but shake the feeling that he's the ultimate jobber to the stars right now. Chris is the kind of guy who has no problem beating men ranked below him on the regular, i.e. the #11 SANDATA at PWR Live 1, the #14 Miguel Rosales at Terminus, and a pre-PHX Champion Ken Warren at Wrevolution X. But when it comes to facing the big guns, he just can't seem to break through, losing to Jake De Leon at Vendetta, Mayhem at Renaissance, or Ken Warren in a failed attempt to take the PHX Championship at PWR Live 2.

    2016 will be a make-or-break year for Panzer, and let's hope his trip to Malaysia will bring out the true warrior in him.

    At #7 is the agent of chaos named Mayhem Brannigan.

    You know that new-fangled Internet craze where you're supposed to find some damn panda in a crowd of other things? What we really need is a "Where's Mayhem?" search. We haven't heard a peep from the normally outspoken star since that brutal assault by Fighters 4 Hire at Renaissance knocked him out of action with a broken nose and a dislocated shoulder.

    Mrs. Brannigan's baby boy still has unfinished business in PWR. Although he lost in humiliating fashion to his archrival Bryan Leo at Wrevolution X, Mayhem could have been the first ever PHX Champion after qualifying for the finals, where he would have been heavily favored against the eventual champion Ken Warren, were it not for this beatdown. It's a waste of an otherwise great year that saw him pick up the league's third-best winning record against the third-toughest level of competition.

    Mayhem is local wrestling's equivalent of a car wreck—ugly, brutal, but completely fascinating. We can't wait to see him back in action to sow his unique brand of anarchy.

    At #6 is the loud-talking, kendo stick-swinging Asshole Acehole of the Royal Flush, John Sebastian.

    Everyone thought Sebastian would be the big breakout star of 2015 early on as he shot to the #2 spot in our first Smarkometrics run this year. At one point, the Cutthroat was red-hot with a three-match winning streak, debuting his Killshot knee strike to fell such big names as eventual PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi and Bombay Suarez.

    But Sebastian looks like he peaked too early, and his winning ways have fallen back to earth as of late, failing to stop Imabayashi from becoming #1 contender for his boss Bryan Leo's belt at PWR Live 2, and a disastrous run at Terminus where he couldn't take care of business with Bombay and JDL.

    Nobody riles up the Revo-Nation like John Sebastian on the mic; his grating accent and incessant prattling have legitimately caused people to get up and leave. In 2016, let's see if he can translate his main event-worthy charisma into a main event run as PWR Champion.

    The B Student

    The Apocalypse is here at #5.

    If you had to measure PWR dominance by the number of broken bodies left in one's wake instead of our Panalo-Puso-Pasok-Puri formula, Apocalypse would be the undisputed #1. His countless run-ins to drop unsuspecting talents with his feared Death Bell finisher and his trademark crowbar have single-handedly sent more men to the hospital than anyone else in Philippine wrestling history. Just ask Main Maxx and Kanto Terror.

    But at the same time, we wonder if his path of destruction is going to be enough to take him to eventual PWR gold. He had one shot in a three-way match for "Classical" Bryan Leo's belt at Renaissance, but couldn't get the job done then—the only blemish in an otherwise flawless year.

    There's a big difference between being a destroyer of men and becoming a champion, and the masked terror is going to have to figure out the right balance as he aims for new heights in 2016. Winter is coming, and the PWR roster isn't going to like it.

    The B+ Players

    And speaking of becoming a champion, how about PHX Champion Ken Warren at #4?

    What a tumultuous year it's been for the Social Media Sinister, current owner of the longest active winning streak in PWR at three wins. After consecutive losses to Chris Panzer at Vendetta and Wrevolution X to open 2015, he's found his footing, his focus, and some bad-ass bodyguards in the form of the Fighters 4 Hire to dominate the PHX Tournament and become its first ever champion.

    The self-declared Human Trending Topic could actually have ranked higher were it not for his absence at Terminus to take some well-deserved downtime; in fact, with one more quality defense of his title, he could have risen all the way to #2. But that's how it is when you're Ken Warren: you get to pick your spots, Netflix and chill when you feel like it, and sit pretty while the rest of the roster scraps for the right to face you.

    Keep plugging away, Ken. The wrestling world is yours for the taking.

    From out of nowhere, it's new PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi at #3!

    Who would have thought this young, undersized runt of a kid would climb to the top of the wrestling world in 2015? In the words of the champ himself:

    Well there's that the closing image of PWR for 2015 . It was a roller coaster of a year for me going back on forth on my...
    Posted by Ralph Imabayashi - PWR on Wednesday, 30 December 2015

    It's been that kind of year, that kind of life for the most unlikely champion in Philippine wrestling history. He's never been the prettiest, the strongest, or the most talented, but he's got that one intangible that 99% of all wrestlers out there never find: heart. He may have fallen short of topping our 2015 Power Rankings, but momentum is on his side, and we're betting on bigger things for the Fil-Jap Sensation in 2016.

    Stay #unkabogable, Ralph. You shocked us all, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

    Hailing from Hacienda De Leon in the Visayas, it's "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon at #2!

    If Bombay Suarez is PWR's heart and soul, then the Senyorito is its bedrock and its untiring workhorse, bringing the goods each night in unique smashmouth fashion while winning over the support of the Revo-Nation one and all.

    Ask any opponent JDL has faced in the ring, and they'll tell you he leaves you breathless; with hard-hitting attacks like his corner cannonball, his soaring Hampas-Lupa splash, his cartwheel presses, or his legendary Alipin Drop, the Heir to Hacienda De Leon knows how to throw his weight around. And that's exactly how he leaves us feeling as witnesses to his greatness: breathless.

    First ever champion in PWR history? Check. First ever winner of the Path of Gold? Check. Mid-year four-match hiccup aside, Jake De Leon had one of the finest years of any wrestler on the planet, and we can't wait to see what's in store as he challenges Ralph Imabayashi to reclaim the PWR Championship at Wrevolution X 2016.

    The A Student

    And with that, was there ever truly any doubt as to who the #1 wrestler on our year-end rankings would be?

    No matter where you were on the card, from curtain-jerking jabroni to championship contender, all roads led to "Classical" Bryan Leo in 2015.

    While he may have lost his prized PWR Championship on the last show of the year, the Classical One set a standard for excellence throughout 2015 like nobody else. Whether he was ending Mayhem Brannigan's undefeated streak at Wrevolution X, outsmarting PWR General Manager Mr. Sy and Jake De Leon to claim the big gold belt that same night, winning a record-setting five straight matches, or taking on all comers in an unprecedented seven-month reign as champion, Bryan Leo defined what it meant to be the true king of the local wrestling industry.

    And just look at his report card. The man did it all. He won 70% of his matches. He took on the best competition. He brought it to every show. He earned the biggest championship bonus by a wide margin. All that's left for us to do now is wonder how he's going to outdo himself in 2016.

    "Classical" Bryan Leo likes to open his promos saying "One, two, three, will you please look at me?". We say there's no need for that; with the influence he cast on pro wrestling in 2015, our eyes never left.

    In Closing...

    2015 was a spectacular year for Philippine wrestling as PWR continues to break new grounds with some of the best athletes in the country today.

    Here's how all nineteen wrestlers' scores compare in a single chart, and you can see here what a massive lead Bryan Leo had over the rest of the field.

    Even without a single championship bonus, Leo would have still been the #1 wrestler in the Philippines. That's amazing, and the most convincing sign of his superiority. JDL, Imabayashi, and Ken Warren have a lot of ground to make up in 2016.

    As you can see as well, consistency counts for a lot in each wrestler's final scores; the men with the fortitude and resilience to bring it each night are going a long way, and that means those dudes who take loads of VL like Mayhem and Kanto Terror will have to make a bigger show of commitment in the new year.

    We'll close the 2015 Year-End Power Rankings with one last chart which profiles the PWR roster into quadrants depending on how much they won, and what kind of opposition they fought.

    Not only is "Classical" Bryan Leo the king of our rankings, he's also the king of this chart, with his performance earning him a solid spot in the Warrior quadrant together with Mayhem and Ken Warren.

    Ralph Imabayashi is slowly creeping into that quadrant as well; one quality defense is all it will take to move him out of the Big Fish In Small Ponds sector, where he holds court with Kanto Terror, Chris Panzer, JDL, Manalo, Idol, and Joey Bax.

    The Fighting Gamer is also the sole occupant of the Fighting Spirit quadrant. Vintendo is going to have to step up his game and win some big matches if he wants to be recognized as a Warrior as well.

    Tons of Underachievers in PWR this year, with John Sebastian, Bombay Suarez, and Main Maxx as the most prominent names in this section based on their underwhelming losing records. We bet they won't be happy about this, and are going to put up a hell of a fight in 2016 to climb out of the dregs of the PWR win-loss standings.


    And with that, we've come to the end of our 2015 PWR Power Rankings featuring our all-new Smarkometrics 2.0 engine. Do you agree with how the list turned out, or do you think Ralph Imabayashi deserves more credit for being PWR Champion? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll see you all in 2016!

    Stay smarky, Revo-Nation!


    Mark De Joya (@MDJSuperstaris an advertising professional and brand strategist by day, but dreams of being the Vince McMahon of the Philippines by night. He writes anything to do with numbers for Smark Henry: People Power (our weekly fan survey), Best For Business (our regular financial report), and Basic Smarkometrics (our PWR Power Rankings). With 18" arms and a 300-pound squat, he is also the official bouncer of the Smark Henry offices.

    All photos are by the talented and stunning Hub Pacheco.
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