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    Thursday, March 9, 2023

    Play Henry: WWE 2K23 Reveals Its Post-Launch Superstars

    After each yearly roster reveal, most fans are excited to check out who made it in as downloadable content just to see if more interesting characters got in. Those who usually debut after the cut-off or additional legends are the usual additions to the already huge roster. This year is no different as WWE 2K23 has just unveiled all upcoming available Superstars who will come to the game as part of DLC and can also be unlocked via the Season Pass add-on.

    The DLC is separated into five separate packs which are wittily titled to match the characters in it. With release dates starting from April 19 up to August 16, the DLC packs will sporadically release within the timeframe so users may be able to add a few more names to their list.

    First up is the Steiner Row Pack which comes out on April 19. It's time to add another Bloodline-type faction to your playthrough as Scott and Rick Steiner make their way to WWE 2K23. Pair the two with Bron Breakker and we have yet another variation in the generational faction. But also, latecomers Hit Row will be making their official WWE video game debut as they are also included in this pack. Surprisingly, B-Fab is listed as a manager only, but the truth is, the WWE Community Creations uploaders have found resourceful ways to make it otherwise.

    Next comes the Pretty Sweet Pack which arrives on May 17. The returning Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows make the first half of this pack, while three debuting NXT talents complete the set. Pretty Deadly's Elton Prince and Kit Wilson join Tiffany Stratton in this pack. While I'm not a fan of Pretty Deadly, it's always great to see current talent get that bag. Tiffany Stratton might be the most interesting one here just because her move set might introduce some crazy new additions too.

    The Race to NXT Pack releases on June 14. The Harley Race inclusion is a little surprising, but it is nice to see some new legends grace the WWE 2K arena this time around. The NXT group fills up this pack as Ivy Nile of Diamond Mine, Wendy Choo, Trick Williams, and Tony D'Angelo round out the release. 

    While I'm happy to see these four names as playable characters, this is a case of "They should've been part of the base roster, to begin with." All four NXT Superstars have been around as long as most of the base characters so I'm not too happy about this decision. Plus, Ivy Nile's here, but where's Tatum Paxley?

    In what would perhaps be the most awaited set in the Season Pass, the Revel with Wyatt Pack comes out on July 19. The long-awaited return of Bray Wyatt should be reason enough to get this one. Zeus doesn't make too much sense, but at least, that's another different legend. Sarah Logan returns albeit in her Valhalla gimmick so that helps complete the Viking Raiders. Joe Gacy is the odd one out because, without Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler, it does make it feel like something's missing. Blair Davenport's addition does make an interesting choice as well. While I'm not unhappy about it, I do wish we got Meiko Satomura as well.

    The last one is the Bad News U Pack which will be available on August 16. Wade Barrett heads this release along with Eve Torres, Damon Kemp, Andre Chase, and Nathan Frazer. Honestly, this pack does feel a little random but Barrett's return to the series is interesting, to say the least. Damon Kemp and Andre Chase are names that should've been included from the get-go.

    The selection of inclusive Superstars really does give out a big-time feel. However, one could wonder why some name teases from the cryptic clues led to nowhere. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot names like Carlito, or a tease for Mia Yim, or the probable Luna Vachon graphic. And like most fans, we were all hyped at the possibility to see these names, but alas, they're not present. Some gamers are still hopeful we'll get surprising news such as when we got Tyler Breeze, but I doubt that.

    That said, the roster doesn't seem bad. The post-launch roster seems interesting enough that it will definitely entertain fans of the series. Hopefully, with the promising gameplay updates, WWE 2K23 turns out to be the one that will keep fans glued.

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