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    Tuesday, May 17, 2022

    The Rampage Report (5/13/22): The Heel Turn Nobody Asked For

    Last Friday's episode of Rampage would've been okay, but then that ending happened. Is Tony Khan slipping?

    Death Triangle is back in action

    The opener is a six-man tag match between the Death Triangle and the Andrade Family Office.

    This is admittedly a mostly meaningless match meant to tune up Death Triangle, and build Fenix up for his quarterfinal Owen Hart Tournament match next Wednesday on Dynamite. Still, it's really fun to watch him wrestle and give him more wins. Penta is also in such good shape, while PAC never seems like he misses any steps.

    Ruby Soho advances to the semis

    We get our second women's Owen Hart Tournament match in Riho vs. Ruby Soho. Honestly, the opening match should've been another women's tournament match, because I'm not sure how they're going to make the finals in time for the PPV next week (unless they're going to load up on more matches on either Dynamite or this Friday's Rampage).

    Anyway, have I mentioned how much I love watching Riho work? I'd put her on Rampage every week and do a second women's match, too. She and Ruby have a nice little tournament match and one has to go; Ruby advancing is the better (yet more painful) choice here. Solid stuff all around, and either of these women instantly elevate a card anytime they're on it.

    Scorpio Sky is heel again

    Scorpio Sky defends the TNT Championship against his friend and SCU partner Frankie Kazarian, telling his current Men of the Year boys Ethan Page and Dan Lambert to stay in the back tonight. The heels interfere on behalf of Scorpio, and he retains the title via inadvertent cheating. He tries to argue with his camp for getting involved, but then... he ends up turning against Frankie.

    If you've been following along since Sammy Guevara turned heel and Scorpio Sky (and the rest of Men of the Year) seemingly turned face, congratulations, we're all super confused. 

    Tony Khan has this tendency where he just keeps trying to buck pro wrestling tradition, and this is one of the times where tradition exists for a reason. You don't flip-flop a wrestler's allegiances every few weeks. If he was committed to having a babyface Scorpio Sky (a role that works really well for him, might I add) then absolutely nobody wants to see him go back to being a heel, especially when the original heel that forced him to turn face is still involved. I'm not sure what TK is trying to play at here, but the TNT Championship scene is officially a bigger mess in 2022 than it was when Darby Allin kept beating everyone.

    I'll give credit where it's due—most of the time TK finds a way to tie it all together, and maybe there is some grand plan for all of this. But as far as I know, the original Sammy and Tay heel turn was an audible called to address the overwhelmingly negative fan reaction they were suddenly getting, so I'm not sure there is a long-term master plan for all of this. As much as I want to let it play out, TK seems to be slipping under the weight of everything he has to write, and I would love to see him try to explain his way out of this without throwing anyone under the bus.

    Rampage 5/13/22 Report: It was a solid episode until the heel turn at the end, which soured it a lot. B

    Little rampages

    • The obligatory Shawn Spears tune-up win is back, and they still have the problem of trying to play the momentum card for their short-term matchups. Again: if they really wanted to write anyone up as a threat, they would have them do sustained long-term winning streaks... like they originally did with Wardlow. It's funny just how selective Tony Khan seems to be with his booking techniques.

    Photo from AEW


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