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    Monday, April 4, 2022

    The Rampage Report (4/1/22): Rampage Regulars

    Apologies, mga ka-Rampage, if you missed this weekly gathering of fans of AEW's B-show. It's very clearly a B-show now, with a whole host of people who don't really show up on Dynamite anymore main-eventing it.

    Young Bucks and Top Flight have a great match, full stop

    This week's opener is a straight up tag match between the Young Bucks and Top Flight... strictly for the sake of having a great tag match.

    As the Young Bucks are currently moving into a renewed program with a babyface FTR, this is mostly to increase the Bucks' clout. Sometimes this is just what you need to boost their profile, but because this is essentially a glorified enhancement match there's not much to write home about it, other than the fact that Top Flight are a pretty great young team who'll get their chance at gold and glory someday—but you already knew that.

    Women's Owen Hart Cup qualifiers continue

    This week's token women's match is Skye Blue vs. Jamie Hayter to qualify in the women's Owen Hart Cup.

    I wanted Skye Blue to win as I'm a fan of her learning on the job (it's weird, but trust me, I enjoy watching young wrestlers simply get better through the Dark shows) but it's pretty clear that Skye still needs a lot of work. It's okay—she's young, and the reps she's getting will get her the improvement everyone wants.


    Our main event is Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Keith Lee, and it's extremely interesting that an entire subgroup of AEW wrestlers have been relegated to main-eventing Rampage when the show only recently used to cycle between weekly championship defenses, making it feel like a big deal.

    This match between Hobbs and Lee was fine, but the post-match became a mess with Ricky Starks and Swerve Strickland interfering to make yet another AEW-style post-match brawl. Is it impossible to get these guys some time on Dynamite? Are they strictly on Rampage until they've been seasoned enough? If there are going to be some Rampage regulars, we might as well get that AEW brand split already.

    And about that brawl—I'm not sure where this is headed, whether the endgame is a big tag match between these two teams or a big four-way for the FTW Championship, but it's not made any more clear by this segment. Wish we just got a promo battle to end the show, because I don't know why Tony Khan thinks everyone wants to see post-match brawls for every segment.

    Rampage 4/1/22 Report: Okay stuff, but once again, some entirely skippable stuff especially if you're trying to pick and choose which wrestling to watch during this WrestleMania week. B

    Little rampages

    • I gotta say, Sammy and Tay destroying Dan Lambert's car was a pretty good segment simply because it wasn't another brawl between people. Turns out Tony Khan can still get that creative.
    • Another enjoyable squash for the House of Black, but I felt like that spot could've gone to another women's match.

    Photo from WhatCulture


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