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    Monday, February 28, 2022

    The Rampage Report (2/25/22): B-Roll City

    I was hoping Rampage gets back to its streak of relatively big episodes, but after an attempt was made, this week's outing made it feel smaller than Dynamite again.

    Andrade El Pobre

    Guess we're back to throwing out perfectly good main events as the opener for Rampage, as Sammy Guevara defends the TNT Championship against Andrade El Idolo.

    It was a good match for as long as they were wrestling, and both men did enough to make it feel like a big championship bout. The only problem is that somehow, the TNT Championship became a stepping stone to a much larger and now-convoluted multi-way feud between the AHFO and Sammy, Sting, and Darby Allin.

    When they were setting it up in the weeks before with defenses against Isaiah Kassidy and Darby Allin, I thought they were building up to Sammy versus Andrade at Revolution—like the dude who just wanted bulalo, the tornado six-man tag between Andrade, Matt Hardy, and Kassidy versus Sammy, Sting, and Darby isn't exactly what I asked for. 

    On top of this messy story, we've got teases of Matt inevitably turning on Andrade, only weeks after they got together as a business unit. I thought they were juggling all these pieces to hone in on Sammy vs. Andrade, but it turns out we're getting Tony Khan's attempt at throwing all of these men in one match. Whatever happened to focus?

    Thunder Rosa is "jealous" of Britt Baker

    Rampage tries to do a lot today by cramming in quite a bit of story progression as they try to run up to the PPV. I've noticed that PPV build-ups are AEW's weakest points, as TK seems to prefer promoting and putting out stacked TV episodes every other week instead of having to deal with a quarterly PPV.

    Anyway, this contract signing between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker is pretty good, with Britt leaning in on how popular she is and how Rosa can't just seem to ascend to the next level. Ironically, however, even though Britt says she ended up more relevant than Rosa after winning the Lights Out match, the good dentist has been pretty directionless until they circled back to this feud.

    It's a good a time as any for Rosa to finally take the Women's Championship, as people are pretty much all in on her and her presentation.

    The Revolution will be Orange

    This week's main event is a Face of the Revolution qualifier between Orange Cassidy and Anthony Bowens, because for some reason TK still thinks OC is still that big of a deal.

    Unfortunately, while Orange is still massively over with the fans, he's been relegated to the background on a lot of things, and I wouldn't put him—and Anthony Bowens, of all people—as more important than the TNT Championship. It's an okay main event, with Bowens pulling out more tricks from his bag to look good, but you could've accomplished this in the opening 10 minutes of the show. It's just not much to write home about. Sorry, not even with Danhausen in the mix.

    Rampage 2/25/22 Report: Sad to report that it's a relatively weaker episode of Rampage than what I've been used to since the start of the year, and it doesn't help that it features a lot of midcard stories. B

    Little rampages

    • Nick Comoroto was a strange choice for Wardlow's weekly squash, as he's the first guy to outside the War Dog and make him look less larger-than-life. I wouldn't have put him as the first dude to actively resist Wardlow's big-man offense, and Comoroto being a big man certainly didn't do Wardlow any favors when the time came for him to hit his Powerbomb Symphony. If Wardlow's not going to work smaller dudes, his finisher (which, by the way, is massively over) will work against him, as you can see him suck wind and almost dump Comoroto on the back of his head at the end of the match. Maybe Shawn Spears had a point there.
    • Hook did a thing, but what we really want are Hook matches.
    • They've really fallen back on Serena Deeb's five-minute challenge as a crutch here. I've mentioned last week why this was a bad idea, and it only gets barely saved because there was a big segment involving the Women's Championship on this episode.

    Photo from AEW


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