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    Thursday, February 24, 2022

    Play Henry: WWE 2K22's Soundtrack Is MGK All F'n Day

    2K just announced that music, film, and fashion sensation Machine Gun Kelly is this year's Executive Soundtrack Producer. As a musician, the game soundtracks are something that I mostly look forward to every year. From the old days of SmackDown vs. RAW where I first discovered Breaking Benjamin, to hearing Post Malone and Eminem on WWE 2K19, I've always enjoyed the menu music for most of the games. MGK himself is not a stranger to the WWE so it's safe to say, he might know what's best for business.

    Admittedly, I'm not yet sure what to think of the soundtrack selection at this time. As one of the older WWE fans, my music taste leans more to the rock side of things. Although, I like the choices of Motorhead, Poppy, and The Weeknd—music acts that are staples of WWE events. I do feel that half of the tracks would have been better suited to a game like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Still, it's yet unknown if we'll be able to use the songs as entrance music or if they'll be relegated to the menus so it's not much of a big deal to me.

    However, the announcement that MGK will also appear as a downloadable playable character in a future DLC pack is a huge deal. It will be interesting how they approach this DLC as I've already got a few ideas wandering in my head. They did say "DLC Pack" which means it might go along with other Superstars. Could WrestleMania standout Bad Bunny be included? Maybe Poppy could finally show her in-ring skills? Can we go as far back as Limp Bizkit frontman (and former playable character) Fred Durst?

    It's less than a month until WWE 2K22's release and we're hoping to relive our favorite moments in-game—including the one above with MGK. With the addition of MyGM and MyFaction, the ever-reliable creation suite, and other updates to gameplay, this will surely "hit different" as the tagline says.

    The WWE 2K22 Standard Edition and Cross-Gen bundle will come out on March 11, 2022, while the Deluxe Edition and nWo 4-Life Digital Edition will be out on March 8, 2022.

    Photos and videos from the 2K website and the WWE YouTube account.


    Miguel “The Migz” Llado is your resident Young Rock reviewer here at the Smark Henry offices. A lover of music, wrestling, videogames, and food, he lives his life tweeting his mind off (@the_migz) Instagramming random food items and locations (@tha_migz), and streaming videogames on Twitch (@the_migz) while he pursues his musical career via his YouTube channel (Migz Llado) and courtesy of his band The Mox (TheMoxRocks). You can also add him on PSN (MigzLlado) to show your WWE 2K (or any PS4) skills.
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