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    Sunday, October 10, 2021

    NXT in the UK (10/7/21): Supernova in the Sky

    Noam Dar

    This week on NXT UK, we crown a new #1 contender to the United Kingdom Heritage Cup Championship in a great episode.

    Heritage supernova

    We're honestly at a point where the British Rounds matches are a little played out with all of the possibilities, but I still daresay that the NXT UK guys are so good that even the most meh British Rounds match is still a good one. Not to say that the main event between Wolfgang and Noam Dar was anywhere near meh, however—it's still pretty good, and you should go check it out.

    Both men trade pinfalls in the first half of the main event, then does something pretty novel—they end back-to-back rounds with a bell save for each man. Saving both guys by the bell twice is not only a different approach to the British Rounds match, but it also says a lot about their impeccable timing and professionalism. I don't think you could see something like that done again; it's just too difficult to pull off, I think.

    That said, Noam Dar is absolutely the right guy to proceed to a championship match against Tyler Bate. The guy has been toiling away in the shuffle of WWE since 2016, and with a bigger look and some of the best skills on the roster, it is about time he gets a championship. That's right, I'm predicting him to beat Tyler Bate whenever that match is, even though Triple H and Shawn Michaels really love Bate. I'm ready for the Supernova. You better be, too.

    NXT UK 10/7/21 Grade: A

    Bits and pieces

    • This week's episode is lean and mean, with another fun match in Sam Gradwell vs. Mark Andrews. NXT UK is never short on great matches, but sometimes they have a tendency to not stand out because each episode is so overloaded. With this week's outing only being less than an hour, it's easier to digest a good match in Gradwell/Mandrews. Go watch it.
    • The same could also be said for Emilia McKenzie vs. Jinny. They've kind of lost their way when it comes to the women's division as Meiko Satomura is now just there, waiting for people to challenge her, and before they challenge her they have to build themselves up. I get that the women have to get built up, but that shouldn't come at the expense of Meiko not doing much.
    Photo from WWE


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