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    Sunday, September 26, 2021

    The SmackDown BreakDown (9/24/21): The Blue Brand Gets Smoked

    It seems that RAW is getting a lot of love these days and I hate to admit it, but I'm jealous. I'm Ricky Publico, and this is the SmackDown BreakDown. 

    Last week, RAW began with a PPV-worthy match and ended with a WrestleMania-worthy main event. If you told me last year when I was still the RAW reviewer that they will one day book a bunch of dream matches in a single episode, I would've slapped your face and still abandoned my reviewing duties. C'mon, people, how can you not pop for New Day vs. Bloodline? Call it random, call it hot-shotting, but that's an epic booking decision right there and WWE should really do it more every week.

    And that was only the opening match? Unreal. After giving us a great moment two weeks ago in Big E winning the WWE Championship, RAW followed it up by an exhibition triple threat match that was also a showcase of big meaty men slapping meat. They might as well have booked Big E, Bobby Lashley, and Roman Reigns in a winner-takes-all match that day and everyone's heads would've exploded. So yeah, RAW is suddenly firing on all cylinders like never before and once again, we have AEW to thank. 

    Because holy shit, AEW is out here dishing out instant classics on their opening matches as well. Kenny Omega vs. Bryan Danielson kicking off Dynamite? Un-fucking-real. That match amazingly gave the fans what they want while not giving them what they want and I fucking love it. The Meltzer rating isn't recognized in these parts, so this match definitely gets a solid five stars out of five from the #NitPickRick star rating system. Because that's what I do, I nitpick, nitpick, nitpick every week. Thanks for the shoutout, Dominik Mysterio.

    And just an hour ago before writing this review, I witnessed CM Punk's first TV match in seven years, a set of action-packed tag matches, the continuation of the Dark Order drama, and three hard mofos and one murder grandpa just murdering each other on free TV. How exactly do I write a SmackDown review now after watching all these hours of great wrestling? Do I really want to comment on Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Apollo Crews for the 30th time? Liv Morgan and Zelina Vega at it again? Riveting. /s

    At least last week's main event was fresh as a cucumber: Roman Reigns vs. Montez Ford. This could've easily been a Ford vs. Uso singles match but the Tribal Chief working a match days after pulling double duty on RAW was such a nice touch. It's rare for the top champion to mix it up with other divisions these days so to see SmackDown book a unique main event felt refreshing AF. Again, they should do this more often so we can at least get a show that doesn't feel like on loop. It was a fun match, too! Montez Ford pretty much guaranteed himself a promising solo career just for making Roman Reigns sweat.

    And I appreciate the post-match beatdown that saw Demon Finn Balor beat the living daylights out of The Bloodline, making him look stronger for once. There's this shot of the Demon standing tall on top of the ring post before launching himself down to topple Roman Reigns and The Usos and looked sick af. Now I'm curious how they're going to book Finn Balor's loss at Extreme Rules while also protecting the mystique of the Demon. Let's just hope they won't bury him too deep or something. 

    Other than that, this week's episode of SmackDown was lukewarm at best. As if the lame segments and repetitive matchups weren't enough, almost all the matches didn't even cross the five-minute mark, especially the women's matches. And while it's nice to see Nikki A.S.H. grace the Blue Brand, did she really have to face Natalya in a heatless singles match? Wasn't Toni Storm backstage? Why is it hard for SmackDown to give us fresh match-ups? I guess it's good that Shotzi and Nox are confronting the tag champions but I bet we'll see yet another contendership match next week. Lord, help us all. 

    FINAL BREAKDOWN: Despite the rare exhibition match that closed the show, last week's episode of SmackDown was just a disappointing watch, which is a shame compared to the other shows from last week. It just didn't offer anything out of the ordinary and it made it wish I skipped this episode just so I can enjoy RAW, Dynamite, and Rampage more. C'mon, SmackDown, step up your game! 

    Show Grade: C+

    BreakDown Thoughts Also Tried to Assert Their Dominance but Got Embarrassed in Front of Their Family and Friends by Becky Lynch

    • I love Bianca Belair, but man, the way they're writing her as a character is just lame. All her rebuttals against Becky Lynch's straight facts involved stating she's the EST of WWE and it sucks that Becky had to act really offended and scared by pouting super hard. I love how Alexa Bliss had more material during her segment with Charlotte Flair than Bianca. I think I entered the wrong timeline by accident. 
    • Riddick Moss is back. Yey? I guess he's a welcome addition to Happy Corbin's entourage. They must really have something big planned for Corbin if they're giving his already stale gimmick this amount of power. Poor Kevin Owens, though. Maybe the rumors of him itching to go to AEW to reform his old ROH stable is true.

    • Is Adam Pearce really that incompetent that he's allowing Sonya Deville to disrespect an actual talent? It's not like we didn't see him backstage before this segment happened. And since he hasn't reacted yet, it just means he's okay with this power trip. I get that this is setting up Naomi vs. Sonya Deville, but everything just feels too random and illogical to justify the matchup. 

    Header image taken from WWE.com


    Ricky Publico (@nyamnyamgarbage) is Smark Henry's seasoned veteran and resident SmackDown reviewer. He's a sucker for well-written promos and fast-paced matches. While he enjoys nitpicking shows, he now prefers enjoying wrestling for what it is instead of stressing himself over things he can't control. He's anxious about the future, now more than ever. His potential haunts him.  

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