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    Sunday, March 7, 2021

    Live From the 205 (3/5/21): No One Can Beat Mansoor

    Mansoor and Curt Stallion on WWE 205 Live

    This week on 205 Live, the show kind of takes my advice from last week, even though Jake Atlas isn't main-eventing.


    Instead, this week's focus is once again on Mansoor's ridiculous winning streak in the cruiserweight division, which we still don't know if it's to rub the Saudi Arabia audience the right way. In any case, unlike Goldberg's streak, Mansoor is actually a pretty good wrestler, so I don't mind the streak so much.

    With 41 wins in the streak, I think it's time for the Powers That Be to give Mansoor a clear path to the Cruiserweight Championship. I'm not entirely sure he should be champion at the moment, but all these wins have to mean something, right? If you don't reward Mansoor with something to show for all his wins, you effectively tell all of us that 205 Live and all the Saudi shows he's been on mean absolutely nothing. (Of course, they really don't mean anything, but we're running a suspension of disbelief business here.)

    It should be a fun match with Santos Escobar, so go ahead and pull it off since Escobar doesn't have any new cruiserweight challengers at the moment. Oh, and the match with Curt Stallion is pretty good—after everything, 205 Live is still a show full of hungry young guys, and 10-15 minutes is enough for them to showcase their stuff. Go watch it.

    Being a 205 Live OG still means nothing

    August Grey and Jake Atlas beat Nese and Daivari. Jake Atlas pretty much takes Curt Stallion's place as Grey's friend on the show. Told you being a 205 OG is meaningless—give these guys a new gimmick already.

    205 Live 2/26/21 Final Grade: B+

    Photo from WWE


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