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    Sunday, February 28, 2021

    Live From the 205 (2/26/21): Make This Show About Jake Atlas

    August Grey and Jake Atlas on WWE 205 Live

    This week on 205 Live, the show spins its wheels as the two tag teams force the other cruiserweights to band together just to face them, and the 205 OGs saga continues.

    This show should be built around Jake Atlas

    Because our main event was August Grey vs. Tony Nese and I really don't want to talk about a story that's been run over and over, I'd rather just heap my praises on Jake Atlas.

    Jake Atlas is arguably the best cruiserweight they have on the roster that's either not Santos Escobar or attached to Santos Escobar. I don't know if he's injured or what, but he's dynamic, energetic, and so much fun to watch in the ring—that 205 Live should really be a showcase for him when he's not competing on NXT or for the Cruiserweight Championship.

    This week, Atlas was relegated to ringside as August Grey's backup as he took on Tony Nese. No. This isn't how you use Jake Atlas. Put him on 205 Live's main event every week, especially if the point of the show now is to just give the cruiserweights reps they won't get on NXT.

    Of course, the best use of 205 Live is still to showcase the Cruiserweight Champion and whoever's challenging him. Or to, you know, tell some actual stories instead of chaining matchups together every week. But since the champ was all tangled up with a heavyweight the past few weeks, you might as well start shining a light on whoever's up next.

    205 Live 2/26/21 Final Grade: B

    Photo from WWE


    Romeo Moran (@roiswaris the Editor-in-Chief of Smark Henry and one of the three hosts of the Wrestling-Wrestling Podcast. He gets by in this hard knock life through working in advertising. Smark Henry was his and Stan Sy's original vision of a watering hole for local wrestling fans. He roots for the undersized guys who hit hard, and he likes taking your wrestling questions over on his Curiouscat account.

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