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    Thursday, September 3, 2020

    "Jabroni" Is Officially in the English Dictionary

    We did it, wrestling community. We made "jabroni" so popular that the dictionary has officially recognized it as a legit word.

    The word is part of Dictionary.com's massive September update, which includes 15,000 entries covering topics from race to internet culture. They even tagged Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who's known for saying "jabroni" in his promos, in their announcement tweet on Sept. 1. The Rock responded by saying he was honored to have the word make it in the dictionary, but also noted that The Iron Sheik is the one who "made it famous in our wild wrestling locker rooms!"

    The Iron Sheik also made sure to threaten, er, remind Dictionary.com and other publications to rightfully credit him.

    And if you still think jabroni was added in as a joke, I actually checked. The first definition is it's a slang word for "a stupid, foolish, or contemptible person."

    The second definition goes into its origin word, "jobber" which is "a wrestler whose purpose is to lose matches against headlining wrestlers in order to build up the status and fame of headliners." This is further backed up by how The Iron Sheik refers to jobbers as jabronis. The Rock also told Esquire that the word used to be a derogatory term in the locker room before he started saying it in promos in the '90s.

    So, it's official: Jabroni is now part of the English vocabulary. Everybody thank The Iron Sheik and The Rock.

    Photo from WWE


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