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    Tuesday, July 7, 2020

    #SGQ: There's A New Winged Eagle In Town

    WWE United States Championship

    After WWE redesigned the Intercontinental Championship earlier this year with a modern (yet uninspiring) new look, everyone knew it was only a matter of time until the 17-year-old United States title design was getting an overhaul.

    In retrospect, it wasn't surprising why that look was the major look for pretty much all of its entire WWE run since 2003 (save for the Cena spinner detour in 2004): the old design was vivid, colorful, and emblematic of the geographic division it was supposed to represent in the United States of America.

    That would all change today, July 7 (July 6, U.S. time), after MVP and Bobby Lashley revealed a new look (even though Apollo Crews is still champ). Before we talk about the new look, let's take one last gander at the classic design: 

    Many of us saw the new design off a screenshot of the RAW segment it was revealed in, and when it comes from the TV screen, it almost always looks quite unflattering. 

     The big "CHAMPION" in navy blue immediately sticks out, and the lighting makes the bird look like it's an owl with googly eyes. Thankfully, WWE released a clearer product shot that makes it way more respectable:

    A couple of observations:
    1. There's a lot more gold on here. Some might miss the dominant blue and red of the American flag (they're now just accents here) but the gold goes a long way in making this title look like a worthy prize to fight for.
    2. This is the last WWE title to finally make the cross from a nameplate to identifying sideplates.
    3. We get a winged eagle back!
    Given a better look, it's certainly not a bad title—perhaps the only gripe here is that the word "champion" is the first thing you notice about this title. That isn't necessary because mere possession of this belt tells everyone that you're a champion, so why hammer it home? 

    A better centerpiece element would be the eagle itself made even bigger, with more stripes and stars (and perhaps a blue field for the stars, but that's a smaller nit to pick).

    All in all, though, this looks to be a clearer upgrade to the title than the Intercontinental Championship redesign. If you took someone who didn't know anything about the WWE, the sheer detail given to this belt might even make them think this was the top title. Okay, maybe that's taking it a little too far, but you can't deny that it's got that potential.

    Photos from WWE
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