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    Monday, June 15, 2020

    Smark Healthy: Trying Out Grapple MAX's New KICKOUT! Program

    Hello marks and smarks! GCP here, back from hibernation once again.

    With gyms closed in various parts of the globe due to the current pandemic, people are feeling the itch to still keep fit. After all, exercise helps keep your immune system strong. There are various approaches out there to adapt with the times, with some building home gyms (ugh, which I envy). Others, however, without the extra financial means or the space for it, have resorted to making do with bodyweight workouts on yoga mats. But let's face it: its boooooooring to keep doing the same old routine over and over again. We're wrestling fans, after all, and we need something that can tickle our fancy.

    Enter KICKOUT!

    The KICKOUT! Workout

    So it just wouldn't be right to write about it without experiencing the workout firsthand. So this past weekend, I joined the Grapple MAX crew for an hour-long session led by Grapple MAX co-founder Endboss Gregory. 

    Suffice to say, it was not boring at all. There was a great mix of fundamentals, wrestling drills (both standing and on the ground), with core work to finish things off. It kicked my ass, but it was fun. I got to chat afterwards with Greg to discuss their new product.

    What is KICKOUT! exactly, and how did it originate?
    KICKOUT! is Grapple MAX’s new solo pro wrestling workout. All its drills are 100% no-contact, and can be done in the physical Dojo, or via online classes.

    Just like other promotions, our operations were put on ice due to COVID-19. This was disappointing, as 2019 was our most profitable year yet, including an expansion to new premises in February, and we had announced a whole calendar of shows through 2020. With COVID-19, suddenly pro wrestling trainees around the region had nowhere to train and hang out.

    The KICKOUT! concept has been in development since 2016. We saw that there was a market that wants to experience some aspects of pro wrestling training, but not as far as grappling and actually taking bumps. The downtime was seen as an opportunity to accelerate development of the concept with test classes almost daily since April, and using the feedback to improve the product further.

    What makes it different from the other online workouts available?
    KICKOUT! was designed for pro wrestling fans—for example, our most recent workout featured a superkick drill to develop hip flexibility.

    This is the place where you can work up a sweat moving like a pro wrestler while catching up with other pro wrestling fans. Our coaching team has drawn on a combined 20 years of performing experience, to produce a workout that’s challenging, being authentic wrestling, and most importantly fun.

    What is the future of KICKOUT!?
    Our immediate goal is to get everyone around the world experiencing KICKOUT! We soft-launched the online classes, and are running public previews on a weekly basis. The coaching team is developing new exercises regularly, and are looking into digitizing the library, finding new ways to deliver these workouts to their customers.

    Once the Singapore government reopens gyms, there is also an option where participants can choose to come to the Dojo for KICKOUT!, where the ring and other equipment will further enhance the workout experience. Of course, social distancing measures will be enforced.

    KICKOUT! is a product designed for the post-COVID-19 world. Every promotion will have to evolve to stay safe and relevant, and Grapple MAX intends to lead the way with KICKOUT!


    Take advantage of the free classes that Grapple MAX is offering right now by clicking here to get invites through their mailing list.

    Photos and videos from the Grapple MAX Facebook page
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