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    Tuesday, June 23, 2020

    MyPW's Shaukat Announces First "Pro Wrestling Games" Happening in Malaysia

    Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW) announced tonight that pro wrestling is now an official sport in Malaysia and founder and head coach Shaukat said he's leading the very first competitive pro wrestling event happening at the end of 2021.

    "After six years of struggling, after six years of trying our best, we are finally acknowledged as a sport [by the Malaysian government,]" said Shaukat in an Instagram video. "Pro wrestling has been legitimized as sports entertainment by government agencies and this pretty much means that the government supports every single thing we do and our efforts to grow professional wrestling."

    This comes almost a year after Shaukat and Nor "Phoenix" Diana met with Malaysia's Youth and Sports Ministry to formally recognize professional wrestling as an actual sport in the country. Shaukat told Malay Mail, "In the world, only three countries see pro wrestling as a sport—the US, Canada, and Japan. Since there is a high athletic aspect in wrestling, these wrestlers have to be recognized athletes. The same applies in Malaysia because I believe all of us are going through the same training as practiced worldwide."

    As for the first competitive pro wrestling event, which Shaukat called "Pro Wrestling Games," it will be an actual sports tournament-slash-competition happening in Malaysia. He says that he can't share much about it yet, but he promised that it's going to be one of the first in the world and that it will be backed up by the government and sponsors.

    Shaukat ended the video saying that MyPW will also hold shows again once COVID-19 restrictions have eased. But honestly, these announcements are enough to keep us on our toes until this pandemic is over.

    Congratulations, Shaukat and everyone at MyPW! Your hard work has paid off.

    Photo by Asyraf Rasid


    Jackie Arias is a writer and former content creator for a feminist lifestyle website. Aside from casually catching up on wrestling news, you can find her listening to music and playing video games she can never finish while drinking copious amounts of coffee. Her Twitter and CuriousCat are open for story suggestions and comments—or photos of your cats.
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