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    Friday, May 8, 2020

    Reviewing the Elite (4/6/20): Come Alive

    Not gonna lie to you folks, it can be kind of hard to care about wrestling right now. While the pre-taped episodes of AEW Dynamite have managed to do a solid job of keeping things a bit lively with wrestlers in the audience, events around the world have just been too depressing. If you’re a Filipino—and there’s a very good chance that you are, given this blog—you know why.

    To credit this stick of Dynamite, it did feel like a very lively wrestling show. Kenny Omega and Matt Hardy’s DDT-style antics during the main event put a smile on my face. Jon Moxley and SCU’s Frankie Kazarian put on an excellent wrestling match, which had to be Moxley’s best match since the COVID-19 era started.

    Unfortunately, things also took a turn for the worst when Jake “The Snake” Roberts attacked Brandi Rhodes with his (ugh) snake. I feel dirty just writing that. Can we please be done with women being pawns in a men’s rivalry? I didn’t like it when PAC threatened to attack Riho during his beef with Omega months ago and this was much worse.

    Even though that angle happened, I was glad that it made me feel something. Watching these empty arena wrestling shows can feel like a chore so the fact that this episode made me feel excitement and disgust is commendable, for better or worse.

    DDT on TNT


    Judging by the online reactions to this match, plus the amount of GIFs and memes that have been made, this comedic tag team bout was a big success. Many thought that comedy matches had no place in AEW after Michael Nakazawa and Kenny Omega’s polarizing tag team contest with The Best Friends so it’s good to see the company prove those critics wrong.

    You already know about that hilarious image of Hardy and Omega chasing Sammy Guevara. It’s honestly amazing and was one of the many reasons why this show felt lively (hahaha, because it’s live). It was also nice seeing Hardy and Omega do some of the moves Matt usually does with Brother Nero.

    Despite being hit by a golf cart, Le Sex Gods were able to pick up the win when a Proud and Powerful pair of Inner Circle members made their return. That’s right, Santana and Ortiz are back and boy-howdy were these two missed. This should add some fuel to the delayed Blood and Guts event so I’m excited about that.

    Honestly, even though he’s a bit past his prime, it is nice seeing Matt Hardy play a prominent role in wrestling. The Broken One has proven numerous times that he can be a star in various promotions like Impact and Ring of Honor so seeing him unleash his creative side with Chris Jericho should be worth a watch.

    Too Soon


    Really enjoyed Jon Moxley vs. Kazarian so it was a shame that they immediately had to move to the AEW World Champion’s next feud. Not gonna lie to you guys, while I’m sure Moxley and Brodie Lee will put on one hell of a match, this feud is happening way too quickly.

    It’s clear that the Coronavirus put a damper on AEW’s plans since the original goal seemed to be MJF vs. Moxley. Still, after a solid month of Moxley feuding with The Inner Circle’s Jake Hager, they now have to build an AEW World Championship rivalry between him and Mr. Brodie Lee in TWO WEEKS.

    As a big fan of the former Luke Harper, this is happening way too soon. The man has only ever beaten jobbers and Marko Stunt. His biggest challenge has been Q.T. Marshall, who might be my main man but is clearly not in the high ranks of AEW. If anything, Lee should be feuding with Christopher Daniels but hey, Corona happened.

    Just to be clear, this is no one’s fault. They have a pay-per-view to sell and with limited options in a dangerous climate, this was one of the only things that could be done. Sure, they could have gone for a Moxley/Jericho rematch but that arguably deserves a crowd, and Le Champion is busy with Damascus right now anyway.

    Still, what a mess. Moxley vs. Zakarian is a must-watch match but the build to Double or Nothing isn’t looking too good.

    Final Grade: There was definitely more effort put here than in previous weeks and having wrestlers, along with other workers, acting as a crowd in a bigger building helped liven things up a bit. B+.

    Elite Thoughts:
    • Don’t have much else to say about that Brandi Rhodes/Jake Roberts angle. I’m sure she agreed to it and had no problems taking part in the snaking but I just wasn’t a fan. 
    • Speaking of the Rhodes family, Cody had a weird match with Joey Janela. It wasn’t downright awful but there were some awkward moments throughout. That moonsault spot was pretty cool though.
    • It’s nice seeing Shawn Spears try to add tension between Cody and his brother Dustin Rhodes. He made good points but was such a dick about it that you didn’t want to give him the credit. HEEL!
    • The MJF video promo was good but I had to wonder why they had him in the crowd this week. It took a lot of oomph away from his return next week.
    • Nyla Rose squashing talent is nothing new but it’s good seeing the women’s division again. The four-way dance next week to determine her presumed Double or Nothing opponent should be a good one.
    Images from All Elite Wrestling

    Nico Parungo is a writer for Epicstream.com and has contributed several reviews for PWR and MWF. When he isn't frustrated about the WWE, he's playing video games at home and is bugging his friends with glorious puns. He's new to the world of Twitter drama but is quickly getting hooked.
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