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    Tuesday, April 7, 2020

    Cafe Puro (4/7/20): More Free Puroresu Videos to Watch Under Quarantine

    With the community quarantine officially being extended, we find ourselves with more time being confined at home looking for ways to entertain ourselves. Today, I'll be showing you another round of fun and free puroresu videos to stave off boredom.

    From watching a day in the life of legendary wrestlers to finding an alternative to popular joshi puroresu companies, we have more free puroresu videos to keep us entertained.

    1. Jushin Liger's Morning Routine

    The legendary Jushin Liger retired on January 5 in the Tokyo Dome last January. What has he been up to post-retirement? Well, Liger has the answer for us in this free video via his own YouTube Channel!

    I was surprised to see that he still resides in the NJPW Dojo. The man just loves wrestling so much. We see Liger feed a frequent feline visitor, cook miso ramen with pork and cabbage, mold Godzilla figures, and much more. If you have always wanted a glimpse into Liger's life beyond the ring, this is a good place to start.

    2. Cooking with Masahiro Chono

    Continuing the theme of cooking with legendary wrestlers, we have Masahiro Chono cooking with Japanese comedian Kajisac. Chono creates fried rice and more in the video above.

    As always, Chono has his trademark sunglasses on as he makes the rice. We also get reviews of the fried rice from what looks like Kajisac's kids. The video is an enjoyable glimpse into what a legend like Chono is like outside of his wrestling career. 

    3. Andreza Giant Panda vs. Matsuno

    I don't even know if I can describe this video. Andreza Giant Panda is named after the legendary wrestler, Andre The Giant. He's humongous, fluffy, and participates in wrestling matches. What else is there to explain?

    His opponent, Gorgeous Matsuno, is a 58-year-old wrestler, as of this writing. That's right. Andreza is facing a man who's almost 60 years old. When you're watching a DDT match, it's best to let the action speak for the wrestlers.

    4. Dragon Gate Wrestling from Kobe Sanbo Hall

    For those looking for an alternative to NJPW, let me introduce a free show from Dragon Gate. Many familiar wrestling names have gone through Dragon Gate such as LIJ's Shingo Takagi, Daniel Bryan, Ricochet, and of course, PAC (formerly Neville). 

    What made this show unique was the fact that the public was not the audience. The roster of Dragon Gate became the audience for this show and that made each segment just a little more entertaining. 

    There's no need for subtitles here as the video has English commentary available. 

    5. Hiroshi Tanahashi and YOSHI-HASHI Play NJPW Collection

    Fans who want to see more of the real-life versions of the NJPW wrestlers can look at this 40-minute instructional video on NJPW Collection, the official card game app of the company. Tanahashi and YOSHI-HASHI joke around about two goofs who need to be guided by a host but, they manage to find a way to entertain us for the entire length of the video.

    We get a closer glimpse into what the wrestlers' personalities are like when drunk. YOSHI-HASHI ends up creating a folder of wrestler cards filled with the fun drinkers, which was an interesting look at what happens with our favorite stables in the karaoke bar and much more.

    The game is available on the Google Play Store and is free with an option to purchase diamonds.

    6. TJPW Highlight Reel

    If you're looking for an alternative to the hard-hitting style of Stardom, TJPW is one of the best alternatives to watch. TJPW is most famous for being the sister company of DDT. However, there is more to TJPW than meets the eye.

    The highlight reel of this entry gives us a glimpse at the quality of wrestling you would expect from TJPW. When they want to deliver a hard-hitting match, TJPW can easily do that with the likes of Miyu Yamashita, Yuka Sakazaki, and more. You also get comedy matches from wrestlers such as Maki Itoh, Yuki Kamifuku, and many others.

    I hope this list of videos will help keep your puroresu fix satisfied for the time being. See you next time!

    Steven Tan is a writer and podcast host of The Geeky Juans. He's a data encoder by day and wrestling fan at night. When he's not watching the latest NJPW World video, he's reading comics or listening to music with a CD Player. You'll see him sharing his thoughts on comic books, video games and other topics on his Twitter account (@steviesaidyup).
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