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    Thursday, April 30, 2020

    #CafePuro: Cooking with Wrestlers

    During this extended community quarantine (ECQ) period, some people can get bored and read books, play video games, or do other things to pass the time. Many people have taken to cooking food to improve their skills while waiting for the quarantine to end. Even our favorite puroresu and joshi stars have taken time to showcase their cooking skills during their respective stays at home.

    On this edition of #CafePuro, we take a look at a different side of our favorite puroresu and joshi stars. We usually see wrestlers as these out of this world, cartoon-like figures. Today's article is all about seeing their skills in the kitchen and not in the ring. Here are 5 puroresu and joshi wrestlers and their respective cooking videos.

    1. Mei Suruga & Gyudon feat. Baliyan Akki & Emi Sakura (Gatoh Move)

    We begin our list with gyudon or "beef bowl" by Mei Suruga of Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling. She is one of Tita Emi's students and we see her cook a mean bowl of gyudon for herself, Sakura, and Akki.

    This video stands out because we don't just see Mei Suruga cooking in this video. Besides cooking gyudon, the Gatoh Move crew also answers questions from fans as part of their initiative to stay connected with them.

    2. Sayuri Makes Curry (Gatoh Move)

    Sayuri is one of the newest wrestlers to join Gatoh Move, and in this video, she introduces viewers to her curry cooking technique. You may find cooking curry to be difficult, but Sayuri gives us a quick and easy way to make delicious curry. We see a lot of vegetables and sesame sauce in her bowl along with slices of chicken to balance things out.

    At the end of the video, she even encourages the viewers to make their own curry. Viewers get a quick and easy breakdown of how to make Japanese curry for everyone to enjoy.

    3. Yuna Mizumori & French Toast (Gatoh Move)

    One of Gatoh Move's Powerhouse Wrestlers is Yuna Mizumori, who is affectionately called Yunamon. Having learned from the best, the former idol started out as an Emi Sakura trainee and has worked with another familiar name to Filipino fans, Riho.

    In her quick cooking video, Yuna showcases how she makes french toast. You will also discover her recommendations, from basic ones like maple syrup to more unique choices like apple jam. Whatever pairing you go with is sure to satisfy those taste buds.

    4. Jushin Liger's Special Hotpot Sauce (NJPW)

    Ever since he retired, Jushin "Thunder" Liger has been doing a lot of activities ranging from commentary on Stardom to launching his own YouTube channel. Liger's channel has featured a tour of the NJPW Dojo, Liger responding to fan questions, interviews with other wrestlers, and much more.

    On this episode, Liger shows us his recipe for a multi-purpose hotpot sauce, which you can use on tofu and other tasty food items. We even get a quick cameo from Satoshi Kojima, who was eating in the kitchen after practice. Don't expect any exact measurements for the recipe though. Liger wings it and creates the sauce based on his own estimation.

    Liger's sauce is very popular in the Dojo and everyone has their own version of it. There is one wrestler that makes a terrible version of the sauce, however, and that's Manabu Nakanishi. Don't write him out just yet, though, because he has his own specialties himself.

    5. Chanko with Tenzan and Nakanishi (NJPW)

    Jushin Liger can diss Manabu Nakanishi's hotpot sauce cooking skills all he wants but he can't deny Nakanishi's chanko cooking prowess.

    When you watch a behind-the-scenes video of anything involving the NJPW Dojo, there's a high possibility that you'll see chanko, which is the meal in the big bowls that Young Lions have to cook for the entire house. That means it's your food and your senpai's food as well.

    Chanko is a hotpot of vegetables and meat that sumo wrestlers and pro wrestlers consume to maintain their figures. The video consists of the two legends cooking the chanko and an interview segment after that. Bear in mind that the video does not have any subtitles. If you're not fluent in Japanese then just enjoy the view of chanko being made by one of the best wrestlers of all-time.

    Header image from Jushin Thunder Liger's YouTube channel

    Steven Tan is a data encoder by day and blogger by night. He helps manage The Geeky Juans, a geek culture website and podcast. When he's not watching the latest NJPW Videos, he's ranting and raving about comic books and video games on Twitter and Instagram (@steviesaidyup)
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