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    Friday, January 3, 2020

    #FinisherFriday (1/2/20): Moonsault Styles Clash

    Welcome to the first #FinisherFriday of the year! This is Wreddit_Regal trying to kickstart 2020 with a real banger of a finisher variation.

    So far, this series has covered the cool, the sloppy, the safe, and the dangerous side of pro wrestling finishers. To kick things up a notch, let me continue the series by presenting something that defies the laws of wrestling physics.

    Spyral BKNY (rest in peace, brother) was definitely a guy who wanted to take pro wrestling's athletic side to new heights. In his prime, he was a staple of many independent wrestling promotions due to his high-risk wrestling style, and his eagerness to give the paying audience one hell of a show. That same eagerness would bite him in the end, paralyzing him for six and a half years until his death on December 2014.

    Despite his untimely demise, his athleticism in the ring is still fondly remembered by fans. This clip in particular has left many a viewer screaming at the sheer ridiculousness of actually pulling off something you would only imagine for your CAW in wrestling video games:

    Sweet mother of everything that is good and holy, that move looks like it could actually kill the performer's opponent!

    The recipient's brother, the one and only Matt Sydal, wasn't really happy about it either:

    In my previous article, I discussed how the Styles Clash is actually an effective finisher. Facial fractures, cerebral concussions, a 218-pound soccer mom Phenomenal One pressing on your chest as you go down into the mat—somehow Spyral BKNY decided to add another layer of danger to the unfortunate opponent.

    The Styles Clash is pretty effective in dealing damage because it immobilizes both of the opponent's arms, rendering them unable to brace themselves for the impact. Add to the fact that both wrestlers are on the top rope, and Spyral performs a freaking moonsault while in the Styles Clash position—the recipient could be likened to Thor being ragdolled by the Hulk in a gladiator battle:

    Now imagine how messed up Mike Sydal was after taking that move.

    And that's it chaps, my take on the moonsault Styles Clash! Do you think there's another wrestler who can replicate that feat, and who could that be? Let us know in the comment section below!


    Wreddit_Regal is the resident sports kinesiologist of Reddit's wrestling forum, r/squaredcircle. From the most basic of punches to the most intricate double-team maneuvers, he can explain them within the realm of human anatomy and physics, because when doing absolutely nothing wrestling-related, he also happens to work as an operating room nurse.
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