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    Friday, November 2, 2018

    Tales From The Impact Zone (10/25/18): "The Machine" Uncaged, Fénix Rising

    The fallout after Bound for Glory has been eventful as the newest episodes continued to deliver drama without missing a beat. Getting into the hang of how Impact Wrestling works, I have somewhat figured out how the promotion does its booking.

    One thing I noticed is that the main event gets rotated among the company's talents. In the first episode after BFG, the spotlight was on X Division Champion Brian Cage defending his title against Rich Swann. In the following week, the show closed with a title bout between newly crowned Impact World Champion Johnny Impact and challenger Fénix.

    This way, the program doesn't feel like paint by numbers since the main billing gets rotated among the members of the roster. The audience won't feel anyone is getting preferential treatment or is receiving a megapush, whether warranted or not. The wrestlers, meanwhile, won't get stale by being in the same spot on the card every week.

    Despite that, you still know who the big names are. This can be determined usually by how compelling their story is or if they hold any belts.

    Prime examples of this are the two above. Impact and Fénix book-ended the two most recent episodes, kicking off the post-Bound for Glory aftermath with a promo and a challenge, and then closing out the program a week later with a match that has a lot of flippy stuff that would make Randy Orton puke.

    Then, you have Brian Cage, who successfully retained his title after defeating Swann. This gave Sami Callihan and oVe the window to confront the "Swoleverine" before the show faded to black. The following episode then opens with Callihan and his gang making short work of Scarlett Bordeaux auditionee Trevor Lee. After the match was done, "The Machine" took the opportunity to assault the trio.

    Some personalities mentioned above would still be involved in other segments, so keep that in mind.

    Major Impact Moments

    After the violent Concrete Jungle Death Match, the bosses decided to give The OGz a part of the New York territory as long as they and LAX do not cross those boundaries. That didn't deter King, who devised a way to get to Konnan and company without setting foot in their rival's jurisdiction.

    With this in mind, they went on to gang up a weakened Fénix after his championship bout. This sent Pentagón Jr out to the ring to rescue his brother. The reigning Impact Tag Team Champions were there earlier in the night winning against the Heavenly Bodies, but they weren't around to save "The King," which means this OGz versus LAX telenovela is far from over.

    Speaking of the most gruesome match of Bound for Glory, it was for this and other reasons Eli Drake filed a lawsuit on the company, claiming unsafe working conditions. The former champion aired his gripes during LAX' match, taking over the headset from a Don Callis who doesn't want to be near Drake.

    But, wait. I'm not done yet. Killer Kross and Moose closed their chapter on Tommy Dreamer, but not Eddie Edwards, who went after Moose during their fight against KM and Fallah Bahh, another angle that started weeks before BFG. Kross somehow managed to overcome the disadvantage of being a man down in the latter stage of the bout and garnered the victory for his team, but the focus is now on the roof of the venue, where Edwards and Moose were next located.

    The former NFL player managed to lock out Edwards from the only entrance back to the building and was later found by wife Alisha talking to himself (actually, he was having a heartfelt conversation with Kenny). And then to stop his nagging wife, he planted her a deep kiss. Still following?

    Going back to Kross, we find him backstage talking to someone off camera, which then pans down as he walks away to reveal a downed Johnny Impact with the championship belt on his torso and Kross' mark.

    Other Impactful Moments

    We last saw Katarina settling her issues with Grado and Joe Hendry, the latter getting dealt with by Murder Clown back in Mexico.

    Back in the USA, Katarina served as Taya Valkyrie's fodder for the week before calling out Tessa Blanchard, claiming that she didn't lose clean at Bound for Glory and that she lost respect to the reigning Impact Knockouts Champion.

    Matt Sydal, meanwhile, is once again on a quest to enlighten the Impact roster, letting loose protégé Ethan Page on a hapless Lee before getting turned down by LAX.

    Two storylines that are in a bubble of their own are the ones involving the (former?) Desi Hit Squad and Knockouts Allie, Kiera Hogan, and Su Yung. Allie has technically turned, not as a heel, but undead. The "soulless" Allie has become a "psycho bunny", the next in a line of demented unhinged gimmicks dating back to Rosemary and Laurel van Ness, which is not a long time ago.

    Finally, Gama Singh's unconventional style of training has him pitting Rohit Raju and Gosinder Singh back in Mexico with the loser forced to return to Punjab. Raju prevailed and faced his master as his next test. In their match against each other, another character was introduced.

    Not-so-Deep Impact Moments

    • A trivia Josh Matthews shared: Cage was kicked to the head 27 times at Bound for Glory.
    • Dave Crist isn't only on imitating Sami. He's smitten to Scarlett as well.
    • Speaking of, anyone here who has submitted an entry to Bordeaux' talent search?
    • Can't wait for Jordynne Grace to finally appear on Impact.
    • Willie Mack is challenging Swann to a fight for shits and giggles.
    What I appreciate with Impact's booking is that they managed to tie together separate angles into one cohesive web. But then, maybe my perspective would be different if I review on a per-episode basis instead of two at a time.

    Being weaned on WWE's live (or at least same week) programming ever since Star Sports caught up to the latest Raw is War/Monday Night Raw episode in the late 1990s instead of airing them two or three weeks later, I'm starting to readjust how I look at wrestling for and on TV. Lucha Underground pulls it off well. The difference is, Impact goes round the year instead of being seasonal. For that, here's my A.

    Images and video courtesy of Impact Wrestling


    JP Abcede, CIS, has an ongoing love-hate relationship with the WWE, depending on what Bret Hart's mood for the day is. A financial adviser and Certified Investment Solicitor (that is what the CIS stands for after his name) by profession, he catches up on his weekly dose of pro wrestling by streaming shows and using them as background noise while he is doing something else. This way, he is able to zone out the boring parts while remaining productive.
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