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    Tuesday, October 16, 2018

    #SGQ: The New NXT UK Titles

    NXT UK is already premiering on the WWE Network this week (!) and while we already know one new champion on the brand, everything else has largely been kept in the dark. As a lead-up to the new show draws closer, the company's starting to pull the veil back bit by bit, starting with this reveal of the NXT UK Women's Championship belt.

    Wildcat Belts
    So the first thing many people will take away from this belt is that like its counterparts on RAW and SmackDown Live (and, surprisingly, unlike its NXT counterpart) the NXT UK Women's Championship belt is a palette-swapped version of the NXT UK Championship.

    Like how it did for the RAW and SmackDown Women's Championships, the white leather strap makes the black, red, and gold center and side plates pop out even more, and now we're wondering why this wasn't the case for the NXT Women's Championship.

    But that's not all this belt's got going for it.

    A closer look reveals that the NXT UK Women's Championship centerplate has slightly different details than the one on the men's title. This is also different from the main roster women's titles, which for obvious reasons don't have a lot a room for deviation. That's what you get when all you have is the giant WWE logo.

    First, and more apparent, is that the UK Women's Championship bears the NXT logo, and not the WWE logo as seen on the UK Championship. This makes one wonder whether the UK Championship will also be rebranded to carry the NXT name instead of the WWE name, but that remains to be seen.

    A smaller detail is that the crown in the center of the Royal Coat of Arms-inspired centerplate design is changed from a king's to a queen's crown, appropriate for the royal-themed (if a bit stereotypical) UK division aesthetic. It's really the little things that make these designs great, and we're glad that the designer made the effort to give the NXT UK Women's Championship its own personality through the smallest details.

    But wait, there's more! NXT UK doesn't have just one new title, but also their own tag team championship, as seen here:

    These NXT UK Tag Team Championships are also a new reveal, being unveiled on the show's tapings in Plymouth last weekend. As of today, there haven't been inaugural tag team champions crowned yet, so expect a tournament of sorts to happen down the line.

    These tag titles are simpler, and perhaps it's the lighting in this photo, but the details on the centerplate don't stand out as much. We can see the Royal Coat of Arms design of the NXT UK logo with the lion and horse on the plate. The globes being part of the plate design seem like an odd choice considering that these tag titles don't seem to be world championships, and blue instead of red for the oceans' color sort of throws the belts off when compared to the other UK titles. The only red I see here is on the five tiny jewels on the plate.

    As for the centerplate itself, there seems to be an interesting effect going on here—it looks like there's an embossed piece of leather supporting the wreath-like gold/brass plate, giving the illusion of two plates on the leather strap. (We had to look closer to see if it was a metal rim, a second metal plate, or another piece of leather. That's a great choice.)

    All in all, the NXT UK Tag Team Championships are obviously an attempt to do something different, but we wonder if the design was too safe. We're waiting for a better shot and angle of these particular titles, but so far they're not too bad, nor are they outstanding.

    What do you think of the new NXT UK Championship belts?

    Photo from WWE
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