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    Thursday, October 18, 2018

    PWR Live: Shake, Rassle and Roll—The Official Smark Henry Preview

    Hey yo! It's Migz here and I’m here to give you my take on PWR's Halloween outing, PWR Live: Shake, Rassle and Roll which will be happening this Sunday, October 21 at the 500 Shaw Events Pavillion.

    For those of you who need a little refresher (or if you missed the last show) you can read our review for PWR Live: Homefront here for a little background going into this Sunday's event.

    Now, all things aside, let's start the preview with the title matches, specifically, with the most important championship in the promotion, the PWR Championship.

    PWR Championship Match: Mike Madrigal vs. Ralph Imabayashi (c)

    With Mike Madrigal fresh off a win against former partner Vlad Sinnsyk, it was no one’s guess that he would be challenging for the PWR Championship. This, however, seemed like a logical move for PWR’s resident kupal as he’s had some success holding championships and possibly winning another one would definitely prove that he’s not one to mess with.

    Ralph Imabayashi, on the other hand, had recently fought a closely contested match with QUATRO. Imabayashi came out as the victor, albeit in a controversial finish. However, Imabayashi’s track record is not one to be questioned with wins over the likes of Main Maxx, Miguel Rosales and Chris Panzer just to name a few.

    The one thing that could be a game-changer would have to be the “always present”, Rederick “Mainstream” Mahaba, who, in the past, had always played a part in Imabayashi’s victories, whether as a distraction or a physical obstacle. Will he make a difference in this match or will their little squabble cost Imabayashi this match and the championship?

    This could be a good moment to let Ralph lose without dropping the title and setting up his next contender in the form of Mainstream Mahaba.

    Prediction: Mike Madrigal wins via DQ, interference by Rederick “Mainstream” Mahaba

    PHX Championship Match: Ken Warren vs. Chris Panzer vs. Jake De Leon (c)

    Two of the three competitors in this match have already held the PHX Championship and it would be a good choice to have Panzer get the win and the belt to advance his story with JDL while slowly moving Ken Warren on the hunt for a different title.

    Making Panzer champion would also give their upcoming 6-man tag against MWF superstars, Mr. Lucha, Robin Sane and Ninja Ryujin extra juice as I can see the PWR superstars struggling to cooperate in that match. Let’s face it, there’s a high likelihood that the MWF stars would win that match so tension between Panzer and JDL would help tell a story without making them look weak taking the loss.

    Lastly, JDL doesn’t really need the championship at this point. He is phenomenal and could elevate any feud he enters, while Panzer needs to get momentum back as he is one of the most bankable stars in the company in terms of charisma.

    Prediction: Chris Panzer over Ken Warren to become the new PHX Champion

    PWR Tag Team Championship Match: End Game (w/ The Apocalypse) vs TDTxECX (c)

    The End Game seem to be on a destructive path and their quest has led them to two title matches for the night with this one having the combination of Jan Evander and Vintendo taking on the lovable team of Trian Dela Torre and Evan Carleaux.

    A videogame simulation previously pegged The End Game to defeat TDTxECX but I see it going the other way. I do see the challengers totally manhandling the champions but like some of their previous matches, I see Trian coming out on top in a victory out of nowhere.

    Prediction: Trian Dela Torre pins Jan Evander via roll-up due to miscommunication of the End Game

    All Out War Championship Match: The Apocalypse vs Alexander Belmonte III (c)

    Alexander Belmonte III has taken and conquered all challengers for his title in all sorts of matches but, truth be told, he hasn’t faced someone like The Apocalypse yet.

    Remember that The Apocalypse was the inaugural All-Out War Champion and since losing the title, he hasn’t really made much impact. This could work in The Apocalypse’s favor. A hungry Apocalypse is a dangerous Apocalypse and this could spell trouble for the current AOW Champion.

    On a side note, could a certain Golden Boy be in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to strike back at his former Network colleague? The former PHX Champion has recently been teasing his return on social media and I find this might be a perfect opportunity to make a statement and possibly start a new feud with AB3.

    Prediction: Apocalypse wins. (If it happens, a Chino Guinto post-match beatdown on AB3)

    QUATRO vs. Emman "The Kid"

    While he lost his match with Ralph Imabayashi, QUATRO’s almost-win showed everybody that the Light Bringer can walk the walk and step up to the plate when he needs to so it seemed like a perfect choice to let him have an opportunity to face a high-level caliber opponent in the form of Emman "The Kid".

    Not much is known about MyPW’s Emman “The Kid” as this will be his first time wrestling for PWR. A recent MyPW event had Chris Panzer facing Emman with "The Kid" coming out on top so there's definitely some merit in Emman being a formidable foe.

    A quick google search reveals that he was a former Malaysia Pro Wrestling Wrestlecon Champion and has a fast and swift fighting style that only he can deliver. Mind you, Emman lives up to his name as "The Kid" as he is indeed a young star with much potential in the world of pro wrestling.

    While this seems like a match one show too late from PWR Live: Homefront, it would be quite interesting to watch because we’ve now seen QUATRO’s potential and an international star like Emman can only help elevate QUATRO’s game, if not give him an experience and a match he may never forget.

    With his stock rising, QUATRO can eat the loss here while opening up more doors for more quality matches. I eventually see QUATRO moving to the AOW Championship ladder where he’ll get his title opportunity soon.

    Prediction: Emman “The Kid” over QUATRO

    Martivo vs. John Sebastian

    John Sebastian seems like a troubled individual at the moment. His lovers’ quarrel with girlfriend (or is it ex) Crystal seems to be taking a turn for the worse with him costing the queen her match last show.

    Now, Martivo has had fairly positive results with him defeating a quality number of opponents from the past shows with his only recent loss having been an AOW title match against Alexander Belmonte III last PWR Live: Way of the Champion.

    I’d love to see Martivo win this match but it’s hard to predict which title the rainbow warrior could go for afterwards. I definitely see Crystal causing some sort of commotion with John Sebastian which ends up costing him this match (maybe a Spice Girls rendition to match Sebastian’s Backstreet Boys’ skit.)

    Prediction: Martivo wins via Crystal’s accidental distraction

    GrabCamus and Kapitan Tutan vs MSG (w/ Mr. Sy)

    Mr. Sy and Camus have been trading verbal (or non-verbal in Camus’ case) jabs on social media recently which adds intrigue and interest and suggests that Camus and Mr. Sy may have some kind of personal history together.

    With all four competitors coming off of losses, one has to wonder if Mr. Sy’s fiery speech from PWR Live: Homefront did enough to motivate SANDATA into getting out of his slump.

    At this point, I would think it’s too early for MSG, which had only added SANDATA to the team during the last show, to suffer a loss and handing them one would probably kill their momentum unless there’s a heel turn between the two *wink wink*. At the same time, I think CamTutan (or TutanCamus?) can afford to lose this match without much consequence and just chalk this up to experience.

    As much as I’d like to see MSG implode with Maxx turning heel, I think they need to win matches first before it happens just to prove that Mr. Sy’s managing skills have some positive impact. Maybe we could turn Mr. Sy semi-heel instead by using the usual manager tropes like distractions and slight cheating tactics.

    Prediction: SANDATA over GrabCamus via Mr. Sy interference

    Rederick “Mainstream” Mahaba vs. Vlad Sinnsyk

    Similar to my last preview, I still stand by my statement that Mahaba needs to rack up wins along with the gimmick change to warrant his new attitude.

    Though Vlad Sinnsyk shouldn’t be buried deep in losses, the smart thing to do here is have Mahaba win in a weasely heel fashion. I’m sure Vlad can recover his mojo next show.

    Prediction: Mainstream Mahaba over Vlad Sinnsyk

    YOLO Twins vs. Kakaibros

    One of the more controversial segments that began from last show was the YOLO Twins’ dissatisfaction from their position in the card. It has affected their mental state enough that they’ve resorted to (allegedly) kidnapping Mh4rckie. I say allegedly (don’t sue me, please) because, they’ve denied any sort of involvement even with (alleged) video evidence circulating social media.

    The YOLO Twins’ new attitude makes them seem more ruthless and calculating which gives them an edge to get back to the title hunt. Also, Mh4rckie may or may not appear on the show because of the (alleged) attack.

    Prediction: Any of the YOLO Twins over Kh3ndrick due to Mh4rckie showing up late in the match (or maybe not showing up at all)

    Dax Xaviera vs Bolt

    Dax Xaviera seems to be mentally spiraling out of control and it might be a good thing. The unstable warrior is becoming more and more unhinged the further we go along the year and this unpredictable outlook seems to be doing him good. Also, the presence of his trusty arnis sticks seem to be an unfair advantage which did help him win over Main Maxx during the previous show.

    I expect Dax to dominate Bolt so he can move forward with his quest for the AOW-rora. Of course, don’t expect Bolt to give up this fight easily as the Anime-zing fighter has shown that he has heart and can stand up for himself even when the odds are stacked against him.

    Prediction: Dax Xaviera wins in dominating fashion

    Samoan Papa (w/ McKata) vs. Brad Cruz

    While I’m not personally a fan of this mini-feud, I will give the nod to Samoan Papa only because I think Brad Cruz plays it better as the victim and that a Brad win would kill the feud.

    Brad’s win should be over McKata and not his lackeys, therefore the feud continues after this match.

    Prediction: Samoan Papa pins Brad Cruz via McKata shenanigans


    And now, I’d like to end this article with a list of things that I’d like to see happen in the show. It IS Halloween after all, so I do hope a lot of tricks, treats and surprises are on this show.

    • A Chino Guinto return to feud with Alexander Belmonte III
    • If the previous one happens, we have to insert James “Idol” Martinez in the story
    • If Crystal doesn’t cost John Sebastian the match, please have Robynn return to tease a tag match. I know it’s been done before but, Punk Dolls vs. Power Couple, ‘nuff said.
    • MSG heel turn. Pinoy Rudo should be a thing.
    • Also, “face” managers don’t really make sense to me. I’d like to say hello to Bad Mr. Sy for a change. 
    • A QUATRO championship run of some sort.


    This preview contains opinions and educated guesses and do not necessarily reflect any insider information nor does it contain any spoilers BUT you'd have to watch the show to see if any of these predictions do come true. So I hope I see you all on Sunday!

    PWR Live: Shake Rassle and Roll will be happening on Sunday, October 21 at 500 Shaw Events Pavillion. Don’t forget to come in your wrestling-inspired costume or gear so that you’ll be eligible to win prizes as announced on PWR’s Facebook page. For costume ideas, you may want to check our article about DIY Lucha masks.

    Photos from PWR, Screenshot from Twitter

    Disclosure: Smark Henry is independently managed and operated by a group of local wrestling fans, but includes members affiliated with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.


    Miguel “The Migz” Llado is your supposed fashion guru and not-so-young boy at the Smark Henry offices. A lover of everything music, wrestling, videogames and food, he lives his life tweeting his mind off (@the_migz) and ‘gramming random food and locations (@tha_migz) as he sets on his journey to completely do things spontaneously. You can also add him on PSN (MigzLlado) to show your Fortnite or WWE2K19 skills. When not being a smark, he lives his life being (and trying to be) an awesome architect and musician extraordinaire.
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