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    Sunday, October 7, 2018

    Live From the 205 (10/3/18): Waltzing Murphtilda

    Yes, this 205 Live review is late again, but in my defense I decided to wait and watch the Cruiserweight Championship match at WWE Super Show-Down last Saturday, just to see what happens.

    And I'm glad that I can finally say this is a cruiserweight title match result I successfully called: Buddy Murphy gets to beat Cedric Alexander's streak in his home town, no less! I don't care if they decide to have this be one of those flukey, feel-good wins that only last until the next episode or whenever the rematch is. (Knocking on wood right now, though.) It's exactly the shakeup we needed.

    For now we won't know whether this was the plan for the title all along, what with all the contenders Cedric mowed through over the past six or so months he's been champ. But it sure as hell sets up a whole new environment over on 205 Live, what with Cedric chasing a rematch and Mustafa Ali presumably winning his feud with Hideo Itami in the end, as well as the eventual rise of guys like Akira Tozawa, Kalisto and the rest of the Lucha House Party (once they're done with TJP), and Noam Dar just to name a few.

    At least I know someone somewhere realized that the cruiserweight division's been treading water for a while, and they were able to make the proper adjustments. Having Murphy change the game gives 205 Live some more legs to close out the year, especially with a burgeoning slate of stories that look much better than what we got over the summer. I can't wait for the next episode.

    205 Live 10/3/18 Grade: Going back to the actual episode of the show this week, though, it wasn't bad at all. It was just strange that there was no big go-home segment for Cedric and Murphy, especially considering the leaner match lineup and the result at Super Show-Down. Come and watch the TJP/Kalisto main event. B+

    Short stops

    • Drew Gulak brings the PowerPoint back for one night only (that's what I assume, anyway), and for the express purpose of kicking Brian Kendrick out of the Pips. 
    • So I've got one important question about all of this, and it's an excellent point mindfully raised by Percy Watson, of all people: why did Kendrick get the boot when he beat his jobber in record time, while Gallagher couldn't get it done against Akira Tozawa at all? This is the kind of weird story beat that 205's got the capacity to explain, but I'm putting it here as a reminder that they need to address this or else this story's already shot itself in the foot. I don't think it can be simply explained as Gulak being an irrational heel, because he prides himself on being smart and logical. Is it because Kendrick could only beat a local competitor that fast, and Gallagher was more handicapped because Tozawa is a roster guy? Is it because Kendrick is old?
    • I did like the little wrinkle of Kendrick striking first. He has been around the block enough to know when his group is about to kick his ass.
    • It was nice watching Tozawa wrestle on the ground, though. This would be a recurring theme of the evening with Kalisto and TJP.
    • So all we get with Murphy and Cedric, the two guys representing the division in a big event like Super Show-Down, is a video package? I would've expected a confrontation to close the show out, or at least an in-person appearance by either guy. I doubt they were already on the way to Melbourne at that time (although they probably were).
    • I really, really love this mask-ripping TJP. Yes, all bias included. He's no Eddie Guerrero, but the spirit is there and if you allow it to, it's the closest thing we've got to Eddie right now. The TJP prior to this that feuded with Noam Dar and bitched to Drake Maverick about not getting title shots was just plain annoying, but him picking a fight with the Lucha House Party to completely shit all over the lucha libre tradition of wrestling in masks? That's some gives-no-fuckery reminiscent of Latino Heat right there.

    205 Live Rankings as of 10/7/18

    We have a new champion. You know that the rankings are moving. Let's check in with the Smarkometrics Experience Xtreme:
    1. Buddy Murphy (#2 last week) — What else? I hope he can hold on to it.
    2. Cedric Alexander (#1 last week) — Cedric is finally dethroned as champion. How fast can he rebound from this setback?
    3. Drew Gulak (#4 last week) — Ya boy Drewsome is busy making enemies, and he made a big statement in kicking out Brian Kendrick from the Pips.
    4. Lio Rush (#3 last week) — Rush hasn't shown up on 205 Live after doing away with Noam Dar last week. Shame, as that's the kind of momentum they need to be following up on.
    5. TJP (no movement) — TJP may have lost the match, but he continues to win the war with the Lucha House Party. He's two-for-two in masks ripped and stolen from luchadors, so can Gran Metalik break the streak?
    6. Lucha House Party (#10 last week) — The Party shoots back up after Kalisto managed to sneak out a win from TJP, but they need to fire back harder. I have a feeling they will soon.
    7. Mustafa Ali (#6 last week) — Drake Maverick said that Ali and Hideo Itami will end their rivalry in a huge match, but hasn't announced what match it is yet. In the meantime, both men got the night off, and no appearance means a slide down.
    8. Hideo Itami (#7 last week) — See Mustafa Ali.
    9. Brian Kendrick (new) — Brian Kendrick is back as a solo entity after a long while, and I guess he's going to be added to the face side of the roster.
    10. Jack Gallagher (new) — Gallagher debuts as a solo entity below Kendrick because he's going to be the one lost in the shuffle as Gulak's sole henchman. At least Kendrick will get half of the spotlight going against Drew, but Jack won't be as lucky.
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      Item Reviewed: Live From the 205 (10/3/18): Waltzing Murphtilda Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Romeo Moran
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