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    Monday, October 1, 2018

    Good Lucha Things (9/26/18): A Quick Rebound

    Wow, can you believe we’re already on the road to Ultima Lucha Cuatro? It feels like we haven’t hit the halfway mark yet basing off last season, but we’ve already reached four months’ worth of Lucha Underground episodes at this point!

    All of this feels a little too fast, of course. We’re just coming off Marty “The Moth” Martinez’s shocking victory to claim the Lucha Underground Championship, and I feel like that should’ve been on the agenda this week. Have the Moth, fresh off his big moment, come out and address how this changes Lucha Underground moving forward. Instead, this week's focus is on setting up a whole bunch of matches for Ultima Lucha Cuatro, with the Moth’s victory party getting moved to the next episode.

    Pentagon Dark Gets Another Shot at Ultima Lucha Cuatro

    With the big show looming near, Antonio Cueto set up a four-way match to determine who would face Marty “The Moth” Martinez for the Lucha Underground Championship between Pentagon Dark, Mil Muertes, King Cuerno, and El Dragon Azteca Jr.

    The match itself was rather quick for a main event, mainly serving as a vehicle to set up three matches for Ultima Lucha Cuatro. Pentagon Dark won, making for a rather quick comeback after the previous week’s setback. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given how strong he has been booked all season long, though I did expect a much tougher road for him to get there. I expected some sort of shenanigans with the Moth's mystery woman, but it looks like that will have to wait. Instead, he ended up getting a little help from the Mack and Fenix, both of whom distracted their respective Ultima Lucha rivals from the match. It pains me to see King Cuerno continue to be that guy who falls a step short of main event glory, but I’ve gotten used to it by now.

    Fenix coming out to distract El Dragon Azteca Jr. was expected, as they’ve been going at each other for the past couple of weeks since Fenix came back. There are a couple of routes they can go with this for Ultima Lucha Cuatro, and I’m interested to see what kind of match they’re going to get.

    Mil Muertes, on the other hand, already knows what he’ll get against the Mack, after the latter challenged him to a death match. I admit I’m a little surprised at this since I thought their Haunted House match was the end of this feud, but that doesn’t look to be the case. It does seem like a bad idea to challenge someone called the Man of a Thousand Deaths to a death match, though.

    Pentagon Dark vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez is now our Lucha Underground Championship match at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, and it’s actually really poetic how this is going to be our season finale. If you remember, our very first match this season ended with Pentagon Dark breaking Marty’s arm, which put the Moth on the sidelines until the previous week. This should be a fun feud between two sick bastards who love to inflict pain, so I’m looking forward to how the next few weeks play out for them.

    Too Strong

    Meanwhile, Jake Strong finally got his hands on both Aerostar and Drago, taking on the lucha best friends in a handicap Nunchucks Match.

    If you thought that the power of friendship and some nunchucks would be enough to stop Jake Strong, then you were sorely mistaken. Strong literally took everything thrown at him—lucha libre dives, green mist, nunchucks—and brushed it all off en route to another huge win and another opponent with a broken ankle. This did not have the suspense and excitement of our previous Nunchucks Match from season two, largely because Strong never looked like he would lose this match from the start. I’m a little bummed that this is how Aerostar and Drago lose this feud, but there’s no stopping the Jake Strong hype train, it seems. Seriously, can you imagine anyone else on the roster not named Matanza getting through this match that easily?

    I’m curious to see where Jake Strong ends up on Ultima Lucha Cuatro, mainly because he hasn’t done a whole lot aside from destroying people. This feud with Aerostar and Drago has been the most relevant thing he’s done this season, and they already wrapped it up in this episode. I’d love to see Strong take on someone like Cage in a big hoss fight, especially given that the Machine has yet to come back after getting his arm broken. Failing that, there’s also the Gift of the Gods Championship, which is now once again vacant after the Moth cashed it in a couple of weeks ago. I’d much rather see the Cage match, but let’s see where Strong goes from here.

    Quick Hits

    • Not a good start for the new trios Team of Joey Ryan, XO Lishus, and Ivelisse, who came up short in their Trios Championship match against the Reptile Tribe. Daga picked up the win for his team after catching Joey in a submission, right after the challengers had all the momentum in the match. Points for a very snake-like way to win!
    • Afterwards, the Rabbit Tribe attacked Ivelisse’s team, setting up what looks to be our next trios feud. El Bunny looks and acts like your neighbor’s overly aggressive dog that barks at anything that moves. 
    • The White Rabbit got the crowd to chant a Ke$ha song. I already like this guy. 
    • Matanza and his now-signature SACRIFICE... TO THE GODS is back this week, picking off Jack Evans in what has to be the biggest sacrifice this season. Evans actually put up a fight before being overwhelmed, and Matanza is now 2/2 on Johnny Mundo allies. PJ Black better look out. 

    This episode of Lucha Underground was a step down from the previous episode, as it mostly served as a set-up for a ton of feuds heading towards Ultima Lucha Cuatro. There are some nice pockets of action here and there, of course, but there isn’t really anything that stood out. C

    Photos taken from Lucha Underground.


    Anthony Cuello is an HR professional and training designer. When he’s not sleeping or reading the Harvard Business Review, he covers Lucha Underground for Smark Henry. A psychology nut, he tends to watch wrestling looking for these small nuances of in-ring behavior. He dreams of a wrestling business with good people management practices, and hopes to help make that happen one day.
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