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    Thursday, September 20, 2018

    The MMC With Smark Henry (9/18/18): Immersing in the Experience

    Do you think you already have enough sports entertainment in your life? Wait, there's more, as WWE managed to add one more show in its already stacked schedule. Aside from your weekly doses of Raw, SmackDown Live, 205 Live, NXT, and others, we now have the second season of the Mixed Match Challenge.

    Unlike the first iteration that was a single elimination knockout tournament, this edition uses a round robin format. This is similar to how NJPW does its tournaments (yeah, I went there; but in this day and age, who's original anyway?).

    A first, at least for us fans based in the Philippines, is that the
    MMC can be viewed live via Facebook (And then proceeds to embed a video uploaded on YouTube. Oh, the irony). No more watching on bootleg streaming sites and having your system potentially getting infected by malware.

    Researching for this tournament, it appears that Facebook Watch was rolled out to the rest of the world last month. But it just feels like your typical Facebook Live video. I guess the difference now is that I can watch the Ball family reality show. In my free time, I'll get to that. For now, we have a wrestling review to go through.

    The thing with seeing the MMC on Facebook is that it's part of the experience. In this case, it's the engagement that differentiates this program from your typical WWE card. For this episode at least, I am going to compare this to my previous experiences with watching live events over Facebook.

    A major minus point that stood out for me is the lag and the buffer. All the while, I thought that it was just a third-world problem or that my home Wi-Fi was being throttled. But seeing that someone posted on the WWE MMC Facebook group (note: there is a separate group and page, and both are official) that they encountered the same problem and others concurred by replying to that message, I guess I'm not the only one.

    With a viewership count that reached in the 20,000-plus region at its peak, maybe there's a legitimate bandwidth issue. The highest viewer count I encountered prior to this was in the 8000s during an Alab Pilipinas game on the ASEAN Basketball League, and the stream was doing fine.

    My next concern is on the allocation of the different frames when watching on normal mode. You have the main screen taking a majority of the space, which is just right. It's the right side, where the description and comments are located, where I have a problem with.

    The live comments is where the fun is after you clicked on your reaction (BTW, the reaction count does not increase no matter how many times you click the 'haha', the 'heart', or the 'like' buttons. I guess it's just fun for some seeing those reactions flying around the screen) and a large chunk of the conversation gets cut off because I can't minimize the description above it. Because of that, I wasn't able to see if Carmella responded to my message to her! But then, maybe it's just a resolution issue (my laptop is set at 1920x1080). Inform me if yours is more proportionate and whether if my 14 inches is not enough (that's what she said).

    Mixes and Matches

    • Ember Moon was a last-minute substitute for Alexa Bliss, who reportedly is out with a shoulder injury. The replacement did not waste time in delivering a high spot as she pulled off an Eclipse off Braun Strowman's shoulders, giving Monster Eclipse the win over Team Pawz (seriously, Natty, why not go for the low-hanging fruit and just go for Team Canada?).
    • We should all be aware now that it's their court and it's their rules (World of Sport Wrestling employs the same rule male versus male, female versus female setup). But how come Charlotte Flair can lock Jimmy on a Figure Four and get away with it? If the men can't hit the women, shouldn't it be the same the other way around?
    • If Charlotte's partners can't 'woo', then I'm calling her out that she can't 'twerk'. In other news, Phenomenal Flair were victorious over Day One Glow.
    • I like the fact that with two matches, the episode ran north of 30 minutes. It's sufficient length as a go-home for the live audience, and it's long enough to make it feel as if the wrestlers aren't in a hurry to finish.
    Images and video courtesy of WWE


    JP Abcede, CIS, has an ongoing love-hate relationship with the WWE, depending on what Bret Hart's mood for the day is. A financial adviser and Certified Investment Solicitor (that is what the CIS stands for after his name) by profession, he catches up on his weekly dose of pro wrestling by streaming shows and using them as background noise while he is doing something else. This way, he is able to zone out the boring parts while remaining productive.
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