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    Wednesday, August 15, 2018

    2K Announces A Very Solid A+ Daniel Bryan-centric Showcase Mode for WWE 2K19

    As we draw closer to SummerSlam weekend, we get more hints and teasers for WWE 2K19 and what better way is there to top the announcement of the return of this year’s Showcase Mode than the in-game inclusion of arguably the best comeback story of this decade in Daniel Bryan’s WWE journey.

    2K had already hinted for days at an announcement involving Daniel Bryan and it was, as many speculated, a full Showcase Mode highlighting Bryan’s career within the WWE. They’re dubbing the showcase, "The Return of Daniel Bryan"—a title very timely due to the Yes Man’s return to action at this year's WrestleMania.

    This story will focus on Bryan’s career via a carefully selected 12 matches (2K hints that the 12th match is a surprise), interspersing gameplay with interviews, video clips, and match moments—all of which are told in his own words.

    In what could possibly be a surprise turn of events, the mode acknowledges Bryan’s very first stint in the company by including a 2003 match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan Danielson from Velocity. However, as I mentioned previously, this might be different from the surprise match that 2K was hinting at since this was actually announced and prevalent in the screenshots released.

    My only gripe to come out of this is that 2K mentioned having eleven different Daniel Bryan models. Maybe it’s just me, but I hated having too many similar characters in previous iterations of the game. I wouldn’t mind having Bryan Danielson, No! Daniel Bryan and Yes! Daniel Bryan, but other than that, they’re basically the same set of characters, which would probably be best set as alternate attires for a main model.

    According to 2K, the showcase will include around 20 story-centric cutscenes, 15 video interview packages, eight new entrances (of which Bryan has four new ones), and 11 new victory scenes (of which he has six new ones). So if you love Daniel Bryan, then this mode will make you all giddy inside as it promises to give a very documentary-like feel.

    I’m personally excited for the return of Showcase mode because it was a fun way to pass time without necessarily dredging in the repetitive nature of MyCareer. Here’s to hoping that more news leaks out in the coming days as this announcement has added to my interest in the game.

    Searching for Clues (Again)

    As we did last time, let's look at the screenshots and videos to dig deeper and find more hidden treasures within the provided information to come up with educated guesses and assumptions on what new features were not yet announced, but can be seen from the tiny details we're given.

    Here are some of the things I found and deduced:

    • On the gameplay HUD, new icons for what could possibly be OMG moments or skills can be seen.
    • Is the kendo stick Yes Lock a new OMG moment or is it just available in Showcase Mode?
    • I assume that the new entrances included will most likely be Dr. of Thuganomics John Cena, Jamaican Kofi Kingston, and Bryan Danielson, to name a few.
    • Likewise, the new arenas might involve Velocity (duh!), WrestleMania 30, and Night of Champions 2013.


    All in all, WWE 2K19, while mostly looking similar to WWE 2K18, is shaping up to deliver a whole lot of new (and returning) features that will surely get us excited in the coming weeks. I’m expecting more announcements after SummerSlam weekend (including the roster reveal) and I hope the surprises don’t stop from here.

    Personally, since this is a Daniel Bryan mode, I would literally froth at the mouth if the 12th surprise match was a CM Punk match—like their WWE Championship match at No Way Out 2012—or one of his ROH matches, but hey, who’s to say that’s not possible? Meanwhile, to get this off your mind, here's the official trailer for the WWE 2K19 Showcase Mode.

    What did you think of the announcement? Do you have any guesses as to what the mysterious 12th match might be? Did you find anything from the videos and screenshots that we might have missed? Hit us up in the comments section below!

    Photos and Videos from 2K, Screenshot taken from IGN


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