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    Monday, August 6, 2018

    #MustWatchMonday (8/6/18): Nobody Claps Back Like Tomohiro Ishii

    Hello, and your boy is finally back after missing last week's #MustWatchMondays!

    I'll give it to you straight; the past couple of weeks have been hectic, and I haven't really found that much time to follow the entire G1 Climax. So when a certain PWR Champion corrects me, I can't help but defer to him. It is here that I must tell you Okada is still spiraling down a rabbit hole of madness despite scoring his first win, and Toru Yano being an actual serious wrestler in his earlier days. (Still, though, that last one is more forgivable.)

    So I won't be tying together running plotlines in this G1 today. Instead, let's do this the old way: here's a match from the tournament that is really, really good. Here's Kota Ibushi vs. Tomohiro Ishii from Day 10, a couple of weekends back.

    If you enjoy your wrestling being hard-hitting and brutal, one of the guys to keep an eye on is Tomohiro Ishii. If you're not familiar with him, he's a stocky dude who's straight up badass, because he will dish it way as hard as he can take it. And he can take a lot. Ibushi, on the other hand, is a handsome and charismatic high-flyer and striker as well. I bring my palm to my face every time I watch an Ibushi match because he's always going to do an unnecessary, mind-boggling bump.

    The match starts out hot: Ibushi knows he can't take Ishii down easily with his agile striking, so he tries to play the Stone Pitbull's game. Of course, Ishii can withstand a lot more and can dish out one strong lariat or forearm for every three he takes from Kota. 

    The two men go outside for a bit before everything devolves into a strong-style war. Ibushi tries his best to keep up with Ishii, to his own credit, and sometimes gets the upper hand. It's just not enough for Ishii, though, because he's always got an answer.

    Fans new to NJPW may think that these two are no-selling the painful-looking hits they're giving each other, but here's something you ought to know: they're sucking it up and letting their fighting spirit take over. They're feeling the pain for sure, but they just choose to not let it stop them. This also makes the wrestlers' real finishers (amid a sea of signature moves) mean more.

    You see it when Ibushi gets a hard-earned win with his finisher, the Kamigoye. The double wristlock knee is the only thing powerful enough to stop a granite block of a man in Tomohiro Ishii. The rest is history.

    With this being the last week of the G1 Climax (the finals are this Sunday) what's been your favorite match(es) so far? Leave it in the comments!

    Photo from NJPW
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